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January 6, 2021 Protest: Political Prisoners & Targeted Opposition: Trials

- See: Rioters & Protesters: Jauary 6, 2021: Political Prisoners & Targeted Opposition: Hypocritical Treatment

UPDATE: Second 'Oathkeeper' Pleads Guilty While Pre-Trial Proceedings Continue This Afternoon - 5/6/2022

One Honest DC Attorney - Incredible Opening Statement Made By Progressive Democrat Public Defender At J-6 Trial: "THEY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO COME TOGETHER - AND OBJECT THE CERTIFICATION OF THE ELECTION!!" - 8/19/2022

Crying Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell HUMILIATED AS HE IS CAUGHT IN LIE AFTER LIE UNDER OATH! Likely Committed Perjury At January 6th Criminal Trial! MUST-SEE VIDEO Of Officer TROLLED Outside Courthouse! - 8/20/2022

Podcast: *Unbelievable* Jeremy Brown Trial Update. A Complete Overview Of Entire Case - 12/10/2022

LIVE UPDATES: The Proud Boys Trial-Jury Selection In Washington DC Continues - The Persecution Of Innocent Americans - 1/4/2023

Former CIA Agent Qualified As Juror On Proud Boys' Trial: Wife Of J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezolla Sounds Alarm On Tainted Jury Pool And Explains Exactly How Her Husband Is Being Starved To Death - 1/6/2023

One More Day Of Jury Selection For Proud Boys Leadership Trial - Defense Team Is Still Sounding The Alarm ON Stacking Antifa Supporting Jury: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like It' - 1/10/2023

"I Am Treated Poorly, Harrassed And Physically Abused" - J6er Todd Gardner Writes Open Letter After DC Courts Delay Hearings For Seven Months - 1/11/2023

Man Who Put Feet On Desk In Pelosi's Office On Jan. 6 Found Guilty On All Counts - 1/23/2023

Four Oath Keepers Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy By DC Kangaroo Court For Marching Up US Capitol Steps In A Stack And Singing National Anthem On Jan. 6 - 1/23/2023

Oath Keepers Found guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy - 1/23/2023

JUDGE DENIES Non-Violent January 6th Defendant Time To Review New Evidence Obtained By Speaker McCarthy - Trial For NYPD Retired Policewoman Starts Today DESPITE HER PUBLIC DEFENDER'S PLEA FOR MORE TIME - 3/6/2023

Jan. 6 Proud Boys Trial Paused As Defendant Attorney Alleges FBI Altered Evidence - 3/9/2023

FBI Informant Was Embedded In Jan. 6 Defense Team, Lawyers Allege - 3/22/2023

DOJ Tries To Stonewall Records Request On FBI Informant Embedded In Jan. 6 Defense Team - 3/23/2023

Jeremy Brown Sentenced To 7 Years And 3 Months In Prison For Refusing To Work As An Undercover Operative For FBI On January 6 And Then Later Releasing Audio Of His Meeting With FBI - 4/7/2023

Attorney For J6 Defendant Alleges About 40 Under-Cover Law Enforcement Officers Were Amid Protesters - 4/7/2023

'Entitled To A New Trial': Jan. 6 Defendant Alleges Even More Undercover Informants - 4/10/2023

'Hope For A Hero' Is Fading: US Army Veteran Chris Alberts Pleads To God As Jury Trial Begins - Faces Charges For Same 'Crime' As Antifa Trans Activist Who Was Caught And Released That Day - 4/13/2023

Proud Boys Leader Tarrio, Three Others In Group Found Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy For Jan. 6 - 5/4/2023

Regime Seeks 25-Year Prison Sentence For Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes For Standing Outside US Capitol On Jan 6, Telling Members To Not Bring Weapons And Committing No Violence - Sentence Is 4 Times Avg Time Served For Murderers - 5/6/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Here's What J6 Political Prisoner Ethan Nordean Told The Gateway Pundit Moments Before He Was Found Guilty By The Antifa-Loving Jury (VIDEO) - 5/6/2023

Matt Braynard Claims J6er Was Offered A Plea Deal That Included "Condemning President Trump" Saying "President Trump.. Made Him Do It" - 6/6/2023

EXCLUSIVE | This J6 Defendant Tried To Stop The BRUTAL POLICE BEATDOWNS And Won 'THE BEST J6 VERDICT SO FAR': 'It Was A Miracle!' [WATCH] - 6/9/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Prisoner Takes His Obstruction Charge To The Supreme Court - 7/15/2023

"Everything That Is Hidden Will Be Revealed" - Recently Acquitted J6er James Beeks Sends A Message Of Hope In Exclusive Interview With TGP - 7/16/2023

Obama-Appointed Judge Overseeing Trump's Criminal Case Developed A Reputation As 'Toughest Punisher' Of Jan. 6 Protesters - 8/2/2023

Judge Presidding Over Trump's Jan. 6 Trial Has Track Record Of Politically Charged J6 Rulings - 8/25/2023