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January 6, 2021 Protest: Select Committee: Witnesses

Jan. 6 Witness Calls Out Jamie Raskin For Opposing 2016 Election Certification - 6/16/2022

Capitol Police Chief Debunks Key Accusation That Democrats Made Against Republicans Regarding January 6 - 6/16/2022

'Is That Intentional?': CNN's Dana Bash Grills Adam Schiff Over Avoiding Witnesses Who'd 'Challenge' The January 6th Narrative - 6/19/2022

J6 Committee Ignores Witness's Ties To Zuckerberg-Funded Group That Manipulated 2020 Election - 6/25/2022

New J6 Narrative About Trump And Secret Service Collapses Hours After Turesday Hearing - 6/29/2022

Liz Cheney's Jan. 6 Committee Witness Could Find Herself In Jail After Trump WH Attorney Drops Bomb - 6/29/2022

After Jan. 6 Committee Witness Accuses Trump Of Assault, Secret Service Source Issues A Denial - 6/29/2022

Cameras Catch Telling Moment Between Liz Cheney And Cassidy Hutchinson Right After Hearing - 6/29/2022

Liz Cheney Defends Cassidy Hutchinson After Reports Of Secret Service Agents Disputing Her Testimony - 6/29/2022

HERE THEY ARE: "Surprise Witness" Cassidy Hutchinson's NINE Confirmed Lies From her Debunked Congressional Testimony Against Trump - 7/2/2022

Text Messages Reveal Jan. 6 Committee 'Witness' Cassidy Hutchinson Called The Sham Committee 'BS' - 7/4/2022

Secret Service Says DHS Inspector General Probing Hutchinson's Jan. 6 Claims - 7/14/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Cassidy Hutchinson Kept Working For Donald Trump For 9 Weeks After He Left The White House, Government Records Show - 8/1/2022

Hutchinson Exposed: Kept Working For Trump 9 weeks After He Left WH, Gov't Records Show - 8/2/2022

Secret Service Agent, 48, Who 'Claimed Trump Grabbed The Limo Steering Wheel To Go To The Capitol On January 6' RETIRES: Comes Two Months After Cassidy Hutchinson's Explosive Testimony - 8/30/2022

President Trump Praises Ginni Thomas For Her "Courage And Conviction" After She Tells J-6 Committee She Still Believes Election Was Stolen - 10/1/2022

Presecutors Present Flaky Witnesses And Questionable Evidence In Day 3 Of Oathkeepers Trial - 10/7/2022

Ginni Thomas Transcript From J6 Panel Reveals Witch Hunt Operation Without A Witch - 12/30/2022

January 6 Panel Alerts White House About Anonymous Witnesses - 1/2/2023