While Muslims on the other side of the world celebrated the death and destruction on September 11th, Christians did take comfort that day in the fact that considering how many people could have perished in the demolition of the Twin Towers, most were able to escape the burning tombs.   Of all the sides and sections the plane could have entered the Pentagon, it hit at a spot that was actually relatively unoccupied due to recent reconstruction.  We don’t know where the fourth plane would have hit, but how many lives were saved due to the courage and unselfish sacrifice of the passengers of that plane?  As the world burns, Liberty, we must hold to the promise that God is in control.  He does not promise there will be no trials, tribulations or evil but through the blood of His son Jesus Christ we have already achieved victory.

     That’s my 2 cents.



September 11, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     The talking points are out and the left is falling in line as ordered.  Not only has the president pushed numerous times that climate change is our greatest crisis, Secretary of State John Kerry also recently said that Biblically we are suppose to protect the Muslims from global warming.  

     The Middle East is on fire but not due to global warming.  America’s economy is in the tank, Russia is on the verge of overtaking Ukraine, race riots are flaring up in Ferguson, Missouri, terrorists and other illegals are flooding over our border and global warming is our greatest threat?  Either these people are incredibly clueless or extremely dangerous.

     In 2007, Al Gore told the world that the Arctic ice caps were melting so fast they’d be gone in 7 years which is...well, now.  Reality is the Arctic ice caps are having a surge in growth at this time, increasing at unforeseen rates.  Not only is global warming proving to be not as bad as predicted, those predictions are proving to be the total opposite of reality.  (see The Science Is Settled, Part II)  Funny how we are suppose to hold science as the end all and be all, unless the results completely decimate the left’s agenda.  Instead of looking at the facts and admitting their theories were wrong, they are desperately holding on to what they want to be true and trying hopelessly to find reasons to explain the cause of the discrepancy.  The earth hasn’t warmed in 18 years, Liberty, yet they still believe their unreliable computer models are the truth and the evidence of the actual weather is not reality.

     To top his speech off, Kerry said the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion.  Well, I’ll be sure to tell the two journalists who were just beheaded by ISIS, the four Americans that were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, as well as the 3000 people who were massacred on September 11, 2001.  (see Wolves In Sheep's Clothing)  Many people want to bury the truth about September 11th so they can make idiotic claims that climate change is our biggest threat.  With this being the anniversary of the 9-11 attack I think it is important, Liberty, for you to be told what really happened that day.  Let me give you some of the facts and events of that day so you can decide what is more threatening.

     The morning of September 11th we were on our way home from visiting relatives in Houston, Texas, and were about to start our second day of driving. I turned on the TV to see what was on while we got ready to leave, mostly intent on checking out the weather.  I turned on the TV to an image of the 1st World Trade Center tower falling, followed shortly by the 2nd tower.  I just sunk onto the bed with my mouth open trying to call for your daddy.  We had about 8 hours to go and it was the longest 8 hours I’ve ever had in the car.  We barely talked.  We listened all day to the radio commentators reviewing the latest news.  We, like the rest of the country, were trying desperately to figure out what was happening.

     We heard facts about the 58,000 people the World Trade Center towers employed.  The speculations of how many flights were hijacked.  The reports of the other planes going down in Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.  The plans for vigils at churches all across America.  How many planes did the terrorists have?  How many places were going to be hit?  Would this be happening all day?  What could we do?  


     The last plane’s final destination is still not known, but we do know it was heading to Washington D.C.  It is speculated that the intended target was either the Capitol Building or the White House.  Passengers aboard Flight 93 contacted family members  via cell phones and said they were hijacked, only to learn of the three other crashed planes.  The brave patriots aboard Flight 93 harnessed the courage to take back the plane.  The last thing heard from the passengers was, “Let’s roll.”  The terrorists responded by crashing the plane in Pennsylvania while shouting, “Allaha Akbar!”, the Islamic phrase used by Islamists as they slaughter infidels.

     Liberty, you might be wondering why I am writing this letter.  There are a few reasons.  One is because there are too many people these days trying to shield Americans from the evil that exists in this world.  Some do it because they honestly think they are protecting the people.  Others do it so they can make statements like, “Islam is a peaceful religion” to further their own agenda.

     If we do not continue to study the past and heed the warning signs of former events then history will inevitably repeat itself.  For example, on February 26, 1993 the World Trade Center was attacked with a car bomb in the parking garage.  There was damage, but loss of life was minimal.  The administration at the time, under President Bill Clinton, refused to look at this as a terrorist attack, prosecuting those involved as simple criminals rather than the terrorists they were.  They were trained by al-Qaeda with ties to Osama Bin Ladin, the mastermind of the 9-11 attack.  America was attacked several more times overseas but the administration turned a blind eye, continuing to believe there was no threat even though the terrorists warned they were coming.  

     We are back to that same mentality today. The current administration warns of the imminent threat of global warming, while Muslims are executing Christians at will in Egypt, Iraq,  and other Islamic states, beheading journalists, and terrorizing Israel.  They are forcing Sharia Law in Germany and telling America “We’ll see you in New York.”  Just last week it was reported that there are eleven missing airliners from Libya with a picture recently surfacing of terrorists with one of the aircraft.

     With this information, Liberty, please ask yourself, are the Islamic Extremists who are forcing a caliphate a pretty important threat, or is the left correct that the philosophy of global warming, which is constantly being disproved and shown as inaccurate, our biggest challenge?  Don’t trust politicians. Trust your own reason, Liberty.

     Soon the facts began to reveal themselves. Nineteen young men, mostly from Saudi Arabia but all affiliated with al-Qaeda, came to America with destruction on their minds and evil in their souls.  A few attended flight school, while most were to simply act as “muscle” to overpower the crew members and passengers.  They spent a few months in the states making their final plans as to which day, which flights and which targets.  The chosen flights were all long distance flights, meaning the tanks were full of aviation fuel to cause the most damage and death.  They seized the planes with box cutters and plastic knives and forced their way into the cockpits.  Two of the planes headed for the World Trade Center twin towers, one plane headed for the Pentagon and the fourth plane never made it to it’s destination.  Your aunt that lives in the area was working in her garden and saw a low-flying plane that morning, realizing later that she witnessed the doomed flight moments before it crashed.     

     The two planes that went to the World Trade Center were used as manned missiles to attack each tower.  The passengers on both planes were killed instantly along with hundreds in the towers upon impact.  The planes did explode, igniting intense fires and causing hundreds of gallons of jet fuel to pour down the framework only to escalate the fires.  The fires were so hot people actually jumped out of the 110 story buildings to escape the horrific inferno.  At the same time, fire fighters and police officers put aside their own lives, running into the buildings to rescue whoever they could.  Most didn’t make it.  

     I remember seeing the video of when the towers fell and the dust and debris that rolled through the streets of New York City.  It only took seconds for the streets to become black as night due to the dust and rubble.  People were running frantically down the streets diving into shops trying to avoid being overrun with dust.  Can you imaging the fear on that day?

     The airliner that was used to strike the Pentagon was flying so low and slow that people on the ground could see the faces of the passengers before they hit the building.  Can you imagine the terror those people must have felt knowing their imminent fate?