October 13, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Today we celebrate the 522th anniversary of Columbus discovering the New World.  Although Leif Eriksson and his vikings landed in the Americas 500 years before Columbus did, it was Columbus’ travels that brought steady communication and trade between the New World and the Old World and eventually colonization.     

     Columbus began sailing as a teenager on a merchant ship.  In 1470 his ship was attacked and sank.  He survived, floating to shore on a piece of wood.  Once on land he traveled to Lisbon where he studied navigation, map making, mathematics and astronomy.  Carefully analyzing wind patterns, he noticed that they traveled east to west in the northern Africa area, now known as trade winds.  Further north, along the coasts of France and Spain, winds traveled west to east, known as westerlies.  Believing the circumference of the earth was smaller than generally accepted, Columbus was positive one could sail west directly to Asia driven by the trade winds instead of having to travel completely around the African continent.  He could then sail back riding on the westerlies.

     A devout Catholic, Columbus was convinced he was chosen by God to discover this new route to Asia. It would allow not only for easier trade, but more importantly, it would allow the spread the Gospel to the eastern World.  Queen Isabel of Spain shared Columbus’ desire for both trade and mission.  While other benefactors rejected his plan, she took a gamble in supporting his dangerous voyage.  In return, Columbus would collect gold, pearls, and other fine jewels and riches for Spain.

     Columbus and his crew left on their journey on the evening of August 2, 1492, after the fiesta of Our Lady of Angels.  It was a day of thanksgiving and prayers, a very special tradition to the sailors and their families.  Columbus felt it was extremely important to have this time of worship before setting off on this unprecedented voyage.  They sailed for 70 days, spotting land in the Bahamas on October 12th.  Thinking he landed in the Indies, he referred to the natives as “Indians”, a name which remains even to this day, though many have adopted the term Native Americans.

     The only island that proved to benefit the explorer in gold production was the island the Spanish called Hispaniola, now known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  It was inhabited by peaceful natives called Taino, or Arawaks.  Taino formed a friendship with Columbus and his crew.  Columbus set up a fort and colony on this island populating it with several crew members.

     Progressives, actively trying to rewrite history, claim that when Columbus arrived the natives of Central and Northern America were all living in harmony.  Progressives idealize the native people as all being like the Taino, living in a coveted utopia that the white man destroyed.  They believe this so much a Seattle school has decided to celebrate Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day as a statement of their rejection of Columbus. What progressives fail to reveal is among these peaceful indigenous people were the savage, cannibalistic Caribs who moved from island to island in the Caribbean conquering, slaughtering, and eating every Taino in sight.  During a later voyage Columbus even lost crew members to the savage behavior of the Caribs.  

     Another example of the "peaceful" indigenous people in the area were the Aztecs of Mexico.  Though more advanced than most other native cultures, they worshipped the god Huitzilopochtli that required 1000 human sacrifices yearly at each of the 300 temples built for his worship.  It has been estimated that 1 out of every 5 children in Mexico was sacrificed to their god.  It is also believed no less than 50,000 Mexicans were sacrificed every year.  In a special ceremony dedicating the temple in modern day Mexico City, 80,000 Mexicans were sacrificed over a four day period.  Sounds a lot like the practices to the pagan god Moloch in the Old Testament.  (see "Soylent Green Is Made Out Of People!") This is who the progressives want us to celebrate instead of Columbus?  Is this what they want our country to be?

     It has been recorded in numerous studies the violence and war-like tendencies of Native American tribes all over the North American continent before Europeans ever set foot on land.  Yes, there were friendly and nice tribes that Europeans did treat horribly.  There were also violent tribes that attacked and slaughtered peaceful whites as they settled in villages.  There is blame on both sides, each claiming just righteousness in killing others. History is overflowing with such  violence with one nation or tribe attacking another.  Knowing this, why should we give up our freedoms and liberty for the mistakes of men 400 years ago?

     Columbus is criticized for bringing disease to the Americas and devastating the natives living here.  Yes, it was a horrible, dreadful result of the European arrival to the area but it was in no way intentional.  Because of that “sin”, though, this administration claims we must therefore accept the illegals coming across the southern border with all types of infectious diseases.  The CDC just informed us that it is our duty to allow people to enter from West Africa that may be infected with the Ebola virus.  Apparently we are racist if we don’t.  

     It’s laughable the contradictions in the progressive theology.  We are to abhor the Italian Christopher Columbus sent by Spain for the destruction, disease, and conflict that he and his fellow Europeans brought to America.  However, we are suppose to open our arms freely to the Hispanics coming to America bringing destruction, disease and conflict.  We are to hate one and embrace the other without complaint, all in the name of political correctness.  Progressives in both parties are so busy trying to present themselves as not being racists that they willingly put the lives of every American at risk of deadly diseases.

     It is true Columbus did have his faults.  If Columbus had been perfect, he wouldn’t have been human.  He planned to sail around the world based on his scientific examination of the winds.  He failed, but in doing so he discovered a new land and people unknown to the Western world.  He was not a great administrator which is where his negative image originated.  Out of frustration and illness, he made the horrible decision to enslave many natives, sending 500 back to Spain for Queen Isabel.  She was outraged, claiming the natives were her “subjects” and that enslavement of citizens was against Spanish law.  She released them immediately.  This whole incident did force a debate in Spain that concluded with the highest officials in both religious and governmental positions to agree that the natives’ souls were not only equal to the white man’s soul in the eyes of God, they deserved the same rights as any Spaniard in the eyes of the law.  Unfortunately, Europe did not afford this consideration to other nationalities and continued their practice of slavery, which they brought to America.  Over the years, Columbus was reprimanded repeatedly for his actions or lack there of, such as failing to control the Spaniards in his command, and was eventually arrested and returned to Spain where Queen Isabel relieved him of his governorship duties.  

     Despite all that, Columbus’ mistakes as a civil leader does not diminish the amazing contributions he made as a sailor and explorer.  Because of his efforts he ended cannibalism and human sacrifice in the area and brought Christianity to a world that had never enjoyed the freedoms of faith in Jesus Christ.  If he had not discovered America, then America would not have been here to have the ongoing debate and discussion on the morality of slavery which eventually ended in war. A war that not only ended slavery in the US, but also signaled the death chime of slavery in Europe, where it came from.  America would not have been here to fight the Germans and save millions of Jews.  America would not be here to send aid and comfort to billions all over the world.  I would not be here.  You would not be here.  



     Though there were other instances of abuse and forced labor from the Spanish onto the natives, many worked voluntarily on the farms and in the mines on Hispaniola.  Those who wished to remain absolutely and completely free of Spanish rule did so undisturbed in the mountains.  Many native women happily married the Spaniards coming to the area and lived willingly in the colonies with their husbands.  Their lives did change, but one could argue for the better.  Any enslavement that did occur ended after the original settlers were gone.

     Progressives are constantly proclaiming that we need to move forward, chart new courses and invariably force their beliefs on those all over the world.  In the same way, Columbus set out to chart a new course and move in a new direction in his own time.  However, progressives crucify him for forcing the Western world on people who did not want such progress.  In a liberal’s eyes, Columbus and America must pay for Columbus’ sins forever, even as they follow in his same path.   They charge him with bringing disease from another nation and accuse he should have known better.  Today we are doing exactly the same thing.  Our current administration promotes policies of allowing open borders without attempting to prevent the spread of diseases such as ebola or even terrorists threats.  However, unlike Columbus, if a liberal policy has negative consequences they will never be held accountable because their intentions are promoted as good and that’s all that matters.

     Liberal/Progressive logic dictates that we must condemn Columbus for bringing disease, slavery, and other European issues to the Americas.  Apparently, they claim the only way to redeem ourselves is to become exactly like Europe.  Wouldn’t logic dictate that if progressives were really angry with Columbus, shouldn’t they reject the philosophy that brought him here in the first place?  And our country did do just that.  It was called the Revolutionary War.  

     Yes, the vast majority of our ancestors came to this country from Europe, bringing their culture and traditions, but they eventually desired separation from the ruling elite.  Those coming to American after it won its independence were largely fleeing from the oppressive, tyrannical, binding governments of the countries the liberal/progressives want us so desperately to return to.  They should be celebrating our independence and separation from the imperial Europeans.  Instead, they want us to go back to a time of slavery, suppression of women and minorities, and monarchies.

     As much as they hate Columbus for finding America, they are desperate to cling to the benefits this country has granted them.  But as I have told you before in previous letters, for progressives, it’s not about our past and the mistakes America has made.  It’s not even about repenting and repaying for those sins.  It’s about power.  And how do they get that power?  They find a way to make you feel guilty and then use that guilt to control you.  Don’t fall for the trap, Liberty.  Educate yourself.  Find the truth, learn the truth, live the truth and spread the truth.

     Happy Columbus Day, Liberty.  Thank you, God, for giving us America.

     That’s my 2 cents.