June 30, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     As people are celebrating the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, social media is on fire proclaiming, “Love wins.”  I join with those embracing the hashtag of the day, gladly declaring, “Love wins,” showing the example of true love.

     The Bible clearly defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman while revealing that homosexuality is one of the sins that is reprehensible to God.  (see We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service and Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today)  By unrepentantly practicing what God has deemed damaging to one’s soul, which is more loving, for Christians to express their views to protect individuals, or keep their mouths shut and willfully allow participants to potentially damn themselves to eternal darkness?

     In a similar fashion, for those who support gay marriage, does it show love to allow those who disagree with them to continue to hold their religious beliefs, not bullying their churches or businesses? Or is it loving to force others to reject their own conscience by threatening them with lawsuits, loss of businesses and loss of freedom of speech?

     It’s fairly easy to explain this by looking at the word bigotry. Bigotry is defined as the intolerance of those who share different views than you.  It does not mean people can’t disagree with you, it means you are intolerant of that disagreement.  Even if you don’t believe one word of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic view of marriage, many people do.  Please keep that in mind when bakers, florists, photographers, churches, synagogues and mosques say, “I’m sorry, but my beliefs prevent me from participating in your ceremony.”  If this offends one to the point of taking action against that person’s beliefs, then who is the true bigot?  No one should be forced to participate in a ceremony that goes against their religious doctrine.  It is not discrimination; it is practicing their faith.  They are not preventing gays from having a ceremony; they are just declining to be a part of it. If we follow the LGBT agenda of forcing compliance against one’s beliefs, then naturally an atheist could be forced to have a Christian burial.

     Marijuana is legal in Colorado but that doesn’t mean I have to smoke it if I go to Denver.

     Open-carry is legal in Texas but that doesn’t mean I need to strap on a sidearm if I walk the streets of Dallas.

     Abortion is legal countrywide but that doesn’t mean I have to murder my unborn baby if I don’t want to.

     Same-sex marriage is now allowed in all 50 states but businesses and religious organizations do not have to participate in the ceremony if their conscience tells them otherwise.  Likewise, they should not be forced to, no more than one should be forced to smoke pot, carry a gun, or kill their unborn baby.  (see Separation Of Church And State)

     The LGBT community should celebrate their victory. However, the ball is now in their court.  They should enjoy the freedom to marry whomever they choose.  On the other hand, if they decide to suppress and punish those who continue to uphold traditional marriage, they will become the very bigoted and intolerant group they claim persecuted them.  

     Why is it so outrageous if a church declines to marry a same-sex couple?  Should we insist that every doctor perform an abortion on demand?  There are churches and public officials that are happy to perform a same-sex marriage without question.  The same applies to bakers, florists or any other wedding related business.  (see We Reserve The Rigth To Refuse Service)  What is the true motivation of suing that business if they decline to provide services to a same-sex wedding?  Is it out of love?   Or is it because they can’t tolerate someone saying, “No?”

     Those who feel suppressed eventually rise up, as the LGBT community did, and overpower those doing the suppressing.  (see The Rainbow Connection)  The LGBT group has a choice to make; tolerance and acceptance for those with differing opinions, or totalitarianism.  Can we all now live and let live, or must we continue with divisive, anger-filled behavior?

     Now that the 6,000 year old definition of marriage has been eradicated, the door is open to anyone wanting to express their love to whomever or whatever they desire.  It will not be long before polygamists and pedophiles will demand their day in court.  They will be calling for the same dignity and equality that homosexuals just received.  There will be no reason now to deny them their free expression of love.  Priests can finally be celebrated for their special bond with altar boys instead of stigmatized and all pedophiles cheered for the strong physical attraction they have towards little children.

     So, yes, I embrace the term, “Love wins,” because love is an amazing and powerful force.  But love is more than who you sleep with.  It is a simple acceptance of others that can change hearts, minds, and lives.  It can unite people, overshadowing even the most intense hurt, anger, and disagreement.  Love nearly stopped Dylann Roof from massacring nine wonderful Christians two weeks ago as they openly embraced him with no regard to the color of his skin. Unfortunately, for the families and himself, he allowed his bigotry to overpower his humanity. But love won out. Love gave the victim’s families, still dealing with the ultimate pain of the murder of their loved ones, to face the killer and say, “I forgive you.”  (see Their Deaths WEre Not In Vain)  That is true love. And, yes, love wins.

     If we want love to win, then allow me to express my love to the LGBT community.  You don't ever have to agree with me, or my faith, nor will I force you to.  But, as you argued, don’t I have the right to express my love?  I want everyone, EVERYONE, to share in the eternal blessings given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I desire this so much and love you so deeply that I plan to continue my commitment to spread the Gospel of salvation through Christ’s sacrifice regardless of the persecution and discrimination that might come my way.  In this manner I am very much like the LGBT community that has been fighting for this ruling for so long.

     If love is a right, then I have the right to love whomever I choose.  I love humanity.   A humanity that lives in a fallen world, plagued by sinful desires and selfish ambition. Because of that love I have no choice but to expose everyone to the forgiveness, compassion and tremendous love of Jesus Christ.  As He states in John 15, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.”  Yes, I want love to win.  I want the amazing love of Christ’s sacrifice, dying for the sins of the world so we may have eternal life, to touch everyone’s heart.

     "Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13