May 27, 2016

Dear Liberty,

     Once again President Barack Obama has taken the Constitution of the United States and used it as a rag.  With zero authority, Obama recently signed an executive order demanding public schools grant transgender students access to the bathrooms and locker rooms they choose or risk losing Federal funding.

     Over the past 100 years, progressives have removed God, prayer, discipline and common sense from the public school system.  (see "Higher" Education, Eluding The Old Deluder, Separation Of Church And State, and It Just Takes Common Sense)  They have replaced reading, writing and arithmetic with global warming, political correctness and everything LGBT. (see The Science Is Settled, Part II, Everything Free But Speech, We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service, and The Rainbow Connection)   It is exactly why you are not in public school.

     The left is claiming this is a civil rights issue.  Could they be any more insulting to African-Americans?  Black Americans cannot change the color of their skin whenever they feel like it.  Being denied access to a lunch counter, water fountain, school, or seat on the bus is in no way comparable to a man being denied access to a woman’s bathroom.  The left, once again, is demeaning and diminishing African-Americans and the struggles they have faced and overcome in this country.

     Obama, a confessed "constitutional scholar", forgot two important facts with his executive order.  First, he doesn't control the purse strings.  It is the House of Representatives' responsibility to administer the allocation of federal dollars. (see The New Trinity) Not only that, it is unlawful to punish schools or businesses for not complying with his desired behavior.

     Second, and more importantly, the president is forbidden to write legislation, which is exactly what this is.  He has determined schools have to operate under his personal ideology or their funds will be withheld.  Obama is now officially a dictator.

     God was very clear that He created man and woman.  "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."  Genesis 1:27

     This has been understood since the dawn of time, even among atheists.  We have not evolved into a species whose gender can change like the weather.  It is irrational for a man to decide, “Today, I feel I need a bra and a skirt to cover my privates.”  But, isn't that exactly what Satan needs for us to believe for him to separate us from the truth of God's Word?

     When you boil it all down, Liberty, that is what this fight is all about: our souls.  Progressives, in their misguided view of superiority, are nothing but unsuspecting soldiers for Satan.  This obsession with gay and lesbian rights, which only affect around 8% of the population, is nothing more than the destruction of God's plan for us.  They broke apart the family unit with their New Deal in the 1930s (see Is Justice Blind?) and War on Poverty in the 1960s (see At Ease In Our Poverty).  Now that the families have been destroyed, progressives are focused on annihilating the only thing left; one's self-identity.  They are ripping apart proven social norms, thousands of years of accepted practice, and quite frankly, common sense.

     It is nothing short of insanity to demand schools allow pre-pubescent boys an unquestionable excuse for access to the girls' locker rooms.  Some college campuses adopted this demented privilege but are now resending it due to its abuse.  Woman have been photographed, harassed, and assaulted by men using this opportunity to gain access to them.

     Even worse, this is the golden ticket for child molesters.  At this point, why not just take the children straight to the homes of these sick, deranged individuals?  Studies have proven that those tempted by this affliction take full advantage of liberties such as this.  What progressives love to ignore is others’ rights end where mine begin and we have the right to use a restroom without fear of being molested.

     Some states, thank goodness, are fighting back.  Eleven states, led by Texas, are suing Obama over his order.  They are telling Obama it means as much to them as the Constitution means to him.  That is exactly what needs to happen here.  Unfortunately, some Democrat controlled states are embracing Obama's directive as the country use to embrace the Bible.  And that is PRECISELY our problem.

     Liberty, this country has chosen to venture down a well-traveled road that always leads to a dead end at the edge of a cliff.  Most civilizations go ahead and jump right off.  America, up until recently, has always been different.  When the warning signs got bright enough, she woke up and turned around.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure we are that concerned anymore.  Progressives have so saturated our education system with their destructive ideology, from kindergarten through graduate school, I'm afraid they view the warning signs as nothing more than encouraging billboards.

     You, Liberty, will be instructed in God, the Constitution, and the meaning of true freedom.  When this poor country falls like Rome, you will need to be there to rebuild it.  So if you ever wonder why your parents kept you home and taught you themselves, read this letter.  It could not be more plain than the breasts on your chest.

     That’s my 2 cents.