February 10, 2017

Dear Liberty,

     It started out as a quiet morning in western Washington State.  On May 18, 1980, at 8:32 am, the ground began to shake.  Volcanologist David A. Johnston was camped out on a ledge monitoring Mount St. Helens.  Over the radio he shouted, “This is it!” before conveying important data he recorded.  It was the last anyone would ever hear from him.  Within minutes the air was filled with smoke, ash and other debris.  Johnston’s ledge was in the direct path of the blast.

     Scientists continue to carefully monitor the volcano’s activity. It erupted several more times until 1986, and remained somewhat active until 2008.  Each time it exploded, more layers of lava, fine and course debris, and ash were laid down and then covered up.  Measurements and samples were eventually taken and calculations were performed.  Yet, many scientists ignore the results as the evidence turns conventional science on its head.

     Ever since the Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925, progressives in public education have successfully pushed God out of our schools.  (see Inherit The Truth )  Evolution and the old earth theory have been promoted from hypothesis to proven fact, primarily on the basis of claiming there is no other explanation.  (see Is There Any Intelligent Life Out There? and Leap Of Faith)  Whether one believes in the Bible or not, old earth theory is not indisputable.  In fact, Mount St. Helens questions it entire validity.

     When Mount St. Helens initially erupted, a large portion of its north side was blown away.  From this opening, material containing rock and other substances slid down the side of the volcano.  This debris settled as a natural dam, preventing Spirit Lake from draining into the Toutle River.  

     Almost two years later, on March 19, 1982, another eruption caused a thick patch of snow to melt and mix with debris to make mud.  As this mixture oozed down the mountain, it became a huge mudslide going 40 mph.  When this mudslide hit the 2-year-old blockage, it tore right through it. As the mudslide traveled on, it began carving out individual canyons 140 feet deep.  Side canyons also appeared.  As a result, in one day, a major mudslide sculpted out a 1/40th scale replica of the Grand Canyon, which supposedly took millions of years to create.  It so resembles the Grand Canyon that it earned the nickname “Little Grand Canyon of the Toutle River.” It even includes a river flowing through its base.

     Under today’s accepted scientific parameters, anyone without prior knowledge of Mount St. Helens’ eruptions could look at the “Little Grand Canyon” and conclude it took thousands, if not millions, of years to fashion those canyons.  However, their formation was witnessed and documented as occurring in one day by people still alive today.  Evidence that a flood of water can drastically change and alter an area in a matter of moments has been handed to us.  Yet, it is still taught in public schools that the Grand Canyon took millions of years to erode with no other explanation allowed to be considered.  If a small flood of water could create the “Little Grand Canyon” in an afternoon, then a global flood could easily produce the Grand Canyon.  (see The Rainbow Connection)

     In June of 1992, samples of the rocks in the new lava dome, formed from seventeen episodes of volcanic activity, were taken for analysis.  When scientists radiometrically dated them, the results concluded the rocks were 350,000 years old.  Minerals from the samples were dated as old as 2.4 million years.  We know for a fact these rocks were at most 12 years old.  Yet scientists who insist in old earth theory still maintain that their dating methods are valid.  

     One more area of interest is the layers of rock, sand and debris around Mount St. Helens.  As the volcano continued to erupt over the next six years, several layers were deposited on top of each other ranging from a minute fraction of an inch up to 3 feet.  These layers varied in thickness, substance and direction.  In several cases, they were laid down within hours, minutes or even seconds of each other.  Therefore further contradicting the notion that the layers visible at the Grand Canyon took millions of years to accumulate and be formed.

     These lessons from Mount St. Helens are fascinating scientific studies into the formation of the earth.  They are just a tiny snippet of the issues that question today’s accepted science.  (see Leap Of Faith )   Since they primarily do not support accepted old earth theory, scientists and therefore, science teachers, continued to promote the notion that the only possibility for the formation of the earth is millions of years of evolution.  

     Many contend that until another valid possibility is presented, then evolution and old earth is it.  (see The Science Is Settled)  Yet, the refuse to even entertain the idea of creationism.  They have been programmed to not even allow it to have a voice in the conversation.  Professors and teachers mock and ridicule any student even suggesting creationism, let alone trying to present evidence of it.  To keep their lie going, they have to force others to believe that lie.  They can only do that by shutting down the other side.  To allow even the possibility of a young earth would be admitting creationism is valid.  And that, Liberty, is too impossible for some.  So, instead, they fervently cling to unprovable and questionable theories.  

     Liberty, as Bible believing Christians, we should refrain from claiming Mount St. Helens proves the Bible.  The Holy Spirit reveals the inerrancy of the Bible to us through faith.  We already know the Bible to be God’s true word.  However, we should promote that the evidence gathered because of this volcano is consistent with the Bible and a global flood, where as the old earth theory is not.  God reveals himself to us daily when the sun rises, when a baby is born, as the seasons change, and in the aftermath of catastrophes.  As Paul tells us in Romans 1:20:

“For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

     Mount St. Helens is filled with empirical evidence, which questions every aspect of old earth theory.  Nevertheless, many willingly continue to believe a scientific theory they know has been discredited, because the alternative is not an option for them.  We put our faith in God while they put their faith in everything else.  (see Leap Of Faith)  They hide the evidence from the rest of the world so their religion does not fall apart.  If the earth did not take millions of years, but is actually only 6000 years old, then evolutionary theory dies.  If evolution is disproven, then God and creationism are the only alternative, and that is unacceptable.  But then again, they can always claim aliens did it.  And Christians are suppose to be the science deniers!

     That’s my 2 cents.