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January 22, 2019

     "In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in this own eyes." Judges 21:25     

     On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is a fundamental right.  It was a ruling that has sent America down an amazingly destructive road.  

     In June of 1969, already the mother of two, the divorced 21-year-old Norma McCorvey realized she was once again pregnant.  Her first child was being raised by her mother and she had no contact with the second child as it was being raised solely by the father.  Scared and uncertain what to do, Norma returned to her roots in Dallas.  Texas law at the time permitted abortion in pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.  As a result, Norma lied about being raped to obtain an abortion.  Since there was no police record of the rape, authorities denied her request, prompting Norma to attempt to terminate the pregnancy illegally, which also failed.

     With nowhere else to turn, Norma was referred to attorneys Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, who were waiting for someone in her circumstances to challenge Texas' abortion law.  So not to void the lawsuit, Norma was advised from traveling to another state to obtain a legal abortion.  For anonymity, the lawsuit was filed under the pseudonym Jane Roe with the Dallas County's District Attorney Henry Wade named as the defendant.

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“Hitler did not have to destroy democracy; he merely took advantage of the decay of democracy and at the critical moment obtained the support of many to whom, though they detested Hitler, he yet seemed the only man strong enough to get things done.”

- The Road to Serfdom

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