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Religion in American History

Our Christian Foundation And The Birth Of America

The Legacy Of The Declaration: Our Rights Come From God, Not Government

The People's Bible Goes to Washington

Lunar Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Celebrated Communion on the Moon

Politics From The Pulpit Myths

The Black Robed Regiment: Preachers Who Fought


World-Famous Physicist Drops Bombshell "God" Discovery...Atheists Will NOT Like This

The Coptic Christians of Egypt

Who is St. Nicholas?

The True Story Of How St. Nicholas Became Our Santa Claus

Crusades - Facts & Summary

How a ‘Sign From God’ Led Martin Luther to Spark a Revolution That Forever Transformed the Christian Faith


Confessing Church German Protestant Movement

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

He Hated Christianity And Decided To Covertly Attend A Bible Study To 'Dismantle' Biblical Arguments.  Then, This Happened

More Jesus, Less Crime

Abraham Lincoln Once Explained What America Needs In 2016

Scientist Reveals The 'Big Fundamental Truth' That He Says Shows That Science And The Bible Are Compatible

As The GOP Turns Its Back On Christians, Christians Must Become Ever More Vigilant

This Modern-Day Noah Is Standing Up For Freedom Of Speech And Religion

Christianity Spreads Through Iran Due To Visions Of Jesus

The Christian Roots Of The Mardi Gras Celebration

Major Biblical Discovery Rocks The World

Atheists Say They 'Put An End' To Coach Praying With Players--And Students Send A Huge Message Back

Toronto Professor Shares '12 Rules' For Fighting Chaos In The World

Here's Every Event And Individual In The Bible We have Physical Evidence Of

The Difference Between Jesus And Muhammad In One Easy-To-Read Chart

Newly Revealed Discovery Provides Scientific Evidence For Biblical Account Of Jesus' Crucifixion

Where Was God During The Santa Fe School Shooting?

Researchers UnCover History-Defying Facts About The Bible.  Doubters Dumbfounded

Indian Christians Refuse To Deny Christ Despite Persecution From Hindu Radicals

What Non-Religious People Get Wrong About Religious People

Judism/Old Testement

10 Prophecies Fulfilled in 1948

Isaac and Ishmael Opportunities for Peace Within Religious Narrative

The Conflict Between Jews and Arabs Started in Biblical Times

The Middle East Problem

The Temple In Jerusalem Was Not Located Over The Dome Of The Rock

'Prohecy Is Being Fulfilled': Ancient Biblical Jerusalem Was Hidden For 2,000 Years Until Archeologist's Incredible Find

Fantastic Find In Israel: Proof Of The Prophet Isaiahs Existence

Great Find in Israel: Seal Impression That Validates Biblical Record 2,700 Years Old

Push To Rebuild Jerusalem Temple Has Earth-Shaking Implications

New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger

The Story Of David And Goliath Gets Archaeological Evidence Backing It Up

Bible Revisited: Alleged Sodom Site Thought To Have Been Hit By Cosmic Blast


The Birth of Islam

Compare Sunni and Shia Muslims:  What’s the Difference?

What ISIS Really Wants

ISIS Reportedly Beheads Four Christian Children in Iraq for Refusing to Convert to Islam

Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia is Bad for All Societies

Hey Obama! Here's How Islam was Woven Into the Fabric of Our Country - It's Called the Barbary Wars

'Kill all Jews and annihilate Israel!' Iran's supreme leader lays out legal and religious justification for attack

What Must a Woman Do to Prove Rape?

ISIS Purposefully Blows Up Infant Child During Explosives Training

The Myth Of The Radical Muslim Minority

Muslim Religious Leader Says "Muslims Have The Right To Kill Anyone Who Does Not Respect Islam"

Muslims Round Up 16 Christians, Including Young Boy, Who Begs For His Life - They Show No Mercy

Islam Is Part Of American History - Just Not The Way Obama Pretends

Why Did President Jefferson Read The Koran?

Shrine Destoryed By ISIS Reveals Biblical King's Palace