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Holodomor Facts and History:

Mao’s Great Leap Forward ‘killed 45 million in four years’

Obama’s Friend Ayers: Kill 25 Millions Americans

May 1st, International Workers Day: Remembering The Truth Of Communism


The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

Forced Sterilization in the United States

George Bernard Shaw, Hitler, and Margaret Sanger

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Goes Global with Political Ambitions

Free Press, Robert McChesney & the “Struggle” for Media

Tracing The Marxist Roots Of The Assault On The Family

Castro's Funeral Jeep Breaking Down Perfectly Demonstrates His Failed Political System

Ted Cruz: Alfie Evans' Plight 'Grim Reminder' Of Reality Of Socialzed Medicine

Plea From A Former Socialist And Castro Supporter


Segregation was Liberal Policy

Progressive Segregation

Democrats’ Horrible Racist Past (Video)

The Democrats Gave Us The Confederate Flag, But Don’t Expect Them To Get Exposed Us Hypocrites

Take Down Darwinism and Planned Parenthood...Not The Confederate Flag

The long-forgotten racial attitudes and policies of Woodrow Wilson

The Truth About Margaret Sanger

10-Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

How Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks and Hispanics

The Hypocrisy of Radical Feminists

Liberals Finally Admit that Media Matters Exists to “Misinform,”, “Misdirect” and “Obfuscate”!

Political Correctness: The Only Thing Liberals Won't Tolerate Is The Truth

Modern Feminists Have No Idea What True Feminism Is

The Left Has Failed A Gerneration: The Perpetually Victimized Can't Be Heros

Science Says Liberals, Not Conservatives, Are Psychotic

The Obama Administration LIED To The American People.  Repeatedly.  Here's The Proof.

35 Times Men Were Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

Five Teenage 'Mean Girls' Falsely Accused A Boy Of Sexual Assault.  They Weren't Punished.

WATCH: How Feminism Ruined Marriage

Breaking: Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional By Texas Judge - Here's What He Said

Mitch McConnell: Behold The Democrat Politician Protection Act