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Schools & Mass Shootings: Covenant Christian School

Female Shooter Kills 3 Children, 3 Staff Members At Nashiville Christian School (UPDATE) - 3/27/2023

Nashville School Shooter Identified By Officials As 28-Year-Old Former Student - 3/27/2023

Nashville Christian School Shooter Identified As Transgender: Authorities - 3/27/2023

Police: Christian School Shooter Considered Two Locations, Chose One With Least Security - 3/27/2023

Transgender-Identifying Nashville School Shooter Had Manifesto, Map, Multiple Firearms: Police Chief - 3/27/2023

HORRIFIC: 3 Students, 3 Adults, And Female Shooter Dead After School Shooting At Christian PreK-6 School (UPDATED) - 3/27/2023

Dems, Media, Celebrities Call For Gun Control Hours After Nashiville School Shooting - 3/27/2023

Police Release Footage Of Nashville Christian School Shooter - 3/27/2023

Joe Biden Opens With Ice Cream Jokes before Addressing Nashville Shooting - 3/27/2023

Mother Of Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale Shared Several Gun Control Posts On Social Media - 3/27/2023

'EnoughIs Enough': Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Republicans For Nashville Shooting - 3/27/2023

Nashville Christian School Shooting: Leftists Mock Prayer As Community Reels From Tragedy - 3/28/2023

Pastor Issues Brief But Powerful Statement After His 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Identified As One Of The 6 Killed In Nashville School Shooting - 3/28/2023

Here's What We Know About The Covenant School Shooting Suspect - 3/28/2023

Police Say Nashiville School Shooter Identified As Transgender, Left Behind Manifesto - 3/28/2023

Nashville Police Refuse To Release Trans School Shooter's Manifesto - 3/28/2023

Liberal Media Issues Corrections with Transsexual Child-Killer's Preferred Pronouns After School Shooting, Prompting Outrage - 3/28/2023

Six Minutes Of Heroism: Watch Nashville Cops Race Through School To Neutralize Shooter - 3/28/2023

"These Men Are Absolute Heroes": Nashville Police Body Cam Footage Goes Viral As Officers Hailed Online - 3/28/2023

Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards - 3/28/2023

'They Weren't Praying Enough': Progressive Radio Host Goes Viral Over Vile Reaction To Christian School Massacre - 3/28/2023

Covenant School Shooter Scrawled A Sick Message On Her Murder Weapon, But Her Plan Was Thwared By Jesus Himself - 3/28/2023

DOJ Won't Say If It Will Investigate Trans Shooter's Attack On Christian School As Hate Crime, But We Can Guess The Answer - 3/28/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Nashville Mass School Shooter Audrey Hale Was Rejected By Her Christian Parents Who 'Couldn't Accept' She Was Gay And Trans - As Cops Reveal She Also Planned To Shoot Relatives - 3/28/2023

Jean-Pierre Doubles Down On Blaming Republicans For Nashville Mass Shooting By Transgender Artist - 3/28/2023

Newsweek Retracts 'Hideous Lie Of A Headline' Claiming Candace Owens Said Transgender Surgery Turned Nashville Shooter Into Monster - 3/28/2023

Media Blame Right For School Shooting, Then Prove What Really Matters To Them After Suspect ID'd As Trans - 3/28/2023

Daily Wire Reporter Suspended From Twitter Over Story About Trans 'Day Of Vengeance' Scheduled For Same Week As Nashville Shotting - 3/28/2023

Musk Has Literally No Words After It's Revealed What 4 Mass Shooters All Had in Common - 3/28/2023

Trans Activists Criticize Right-Wingers, Christians In Aftermath Of Nashville School Shooting - 3/28/2023

'I'm Planning To Die Today': Nashville School Shooter's Final Messages Revealed - 3/28/2023

GOP Senator Urges FBI, DHS To Launch Probe Of Nashiville Shooting As A 'Hate Crime' - 3/28/2023

Covenant School Shooter Was Under Care For Emotional Disorder And Hid Guns At Home, Police Say - 3/29/2023

LGBTQ Groups Warn Of 'Serious Consequences' If Police Release Trans School Shooter's Manifesto - 3/29/2023

Trans Activists Call For More Blood After Nashville Shooting - 3/29/2023

Liberal Media Pivots School Shooting Response To Defend, Advocate For LGBTQ Community - 3/29/2023

Demonic Liberals In Media Blame Christians For Mass Shooting At Christian School - 3/29/2023

Media Mockery Of Prayer, 'Subtle Smears' Against Christianity Marks Coverage Of Nashville Massacre - 3/29/2023

Trans School Shooter Reached Out To Former Treammate On Instagram Minutes Before Attack - 3/29/2023

9-Year-Old Evelyn Dieckhaus Hailed As A Hero - Died Trying To Pull Fire Alarm To Warn Others Of Transsexual Shooter Stalking Halls Of Christian School - 3/29/2023

Hero: Katherine Koonce, Head Of Nashville Christian School, Ran Toward Transgender Murderer's Gunfire - 3/29/2023

Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis For Reproting On 'Trans Day Of Vengeance' Following Nashville Shooting - 3/29/2023

Fixed It for You: Here's What The Vilest Headlines About The Nashville School Shooting Should Have Said - 3/29/2023

EXPOSED: Far-Left 'Religion' SACRIFICES REALITY For Power - 3/29/2023

Message To America After The Nashville Massacre: We Are Worshiping A FALSE GOD - 3/29/2023

How Our 'SICK SOCIETY' Is Causing Tragidies Like Nashville - 3/29/2023

2 Of The Nashville Child-Killer's Victims Were Friends Of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee And His Wife, Marie Lee - 3/29/2023

Shooter 'Clearly' Tried To Enter Barricaded Classrooms At Nashville Christian School - 3/29/2023

Dem Screams At 'Gutless' Repubicans In Halls Of Congress Over Guns - Then Rep. Massie Confronts Him With Truth - 3/30/2023

Chilling Nashville Shooting 911 Calls Reveal Terror During Massacre - 3/30/2023

Shouldn't 'Transitioning' Have Filled The Nashville Shooter With Joy And Happiness? - 3/30/2023

CBS Banned Employees From Using 'Transgender' When Referring To Nashville Shooter: REPORT - 3/31/2023

Biden's 'Assault Weapons' Ban Would Not Have Stopped Nashville Mass Shooting, Experts Say - 4/1/2023

Nashville Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Cops Heroically Taking Out Transgender Shooter - 4/1/2023

Prominent Leftist Mocks Christian School That Was Attacked, Then Retreats And Plays The Victim - 4/2/2023

Days After Nashville Shooting, Wyoming Dem Sides With Antifa, Implies Supporting Gun Violence Against Those Who Oppose 'Trans' Agenda - 4/3/2023

Here Are My 20 Post-Nashville Observations... Tell Me Where I'm Wrong - 4/3/2023

When It Comes To The Nashville Shooting, Leftists Suddently Ditch Their Identity Obession - 4/3/2023

Trans Nashville Shooter Planned For 'Months' To Target Christian School, Police Say - 4/3/2023

Nashville Christian School Shooter Planned Massacre Months In Advance, Considered Previous Mass Murderers: Police - 4/3/2023

There Is One Word The White House Hs Refused To Say Since The Nashville School Shooting - 4/3/2023

Here's Why Gun Control Would Not Have Stopped Nashville Transgender Shooter - 4/3/2023

Female Pastor Who Identifies As 'Trans' Compares Nashville Shooter To Jesus - 4/5/2023

Ruling Class Sides With Transgender Shooter Who Murdered 6 At Tennessee Christian School - 4/6/2023

Tennessee Gov. Risks Second Amendment WIth Red Flag Capitulation - 4/14/2023

Officials In Tennessee Say Release Of Trans Nashville Shooter's Manifesto Is Being Stalled By The FBI - 4/20/2023

'Blueprint On Total Destruction ... Astronomically Dangerous': FBI Delaying Release Of Nashville Shooter's Manifesto, Officials Say - 4/21/2023

Nashville Official Says School Shotter's Manifesto Is 'Astronomically Dangerous' - 4/21/2023

'Nobody Trusts The FBI': Fox Business Panel Rips FBI Over Hiding Nashville Shooter's Manifesto - 4/21/2023

School District Enacts Massive Safety Measure In Wake Of Nashville: Teachers Can Now Carry Guns - 4/21/2023

WHY Won't The FBI Release The Nashville Shooter's Manifesto? - 4/25/2023

California's Rainbow Color Revolution Just Felled Tennessee, And It's Not Stopping There - 5/2/2023

Nashville Police Refuse To Release School Shooter's Manifesto, Citing Pending Lawsuit - 5/3/2023

Elon Musk On Jordan Neely Protests: "Why Didn't They Protest The Children Who Were Murdered At The Christian School?" - 5/7/2023

'White Supremacy' In Hispanic Shooter But Not Trans Murderer's Anti-Christian Hate? - 5/8/2023

TN House Republicans Ask For Release Of Nashville Shooter's Toxicology Report, Writings - 5/16/2023

ICYMI: Pastor Preaches Powerful First Sermon Since Daughter Died In Christian School Shooting - 5/31/2023

Autopsy Of Christian-Hating Nashville Shooter Elizabeth Hale Released - But Authorities Still Refuse To Release Her Manifesto - 6/12/2023

Nashville School Shooter's Clothes Covered WIth Mysterious Notes - 7/28/2023

Blocking Release Of Nashville School Shooter Manifesto Would Introduce 'New Equation' into Tennessee Law, Expert Says - 7/29/2023

Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen, And Other Music Artists Unite For The Covenant School Benefit - 8/8/2023