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Public & Private Schools: Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda: Parental Pushback

Graphic Warning: Horrified Crowd Shouts As Parent Shows School's Predophilia Comics At Board Meeting

VIDEO: NC Schools Commit Felony Offense: Dad Busts School Board For Illegal 'Elicit Materials' His Son Found

Parents Protest After Student Who Posted 'Up-Skirt' Photos Of Female Schoolmates Is Allowed To Return To Class - 11/19/2021

Illinois Parents Fight To Ban Sexually Explicit Book From Schools - 12/14/2021

Parent Says Daughter Was 'Coached' On LGBTQ Identity At California School - 12/17/2021

Parents Of 12-Year-Old Girl Take Action After School Student's Gender - 12/27/2021

California Mom Takes Legal Action Agatinst School District 'After Two Teachers Secretly Manipulated Her Daughter, 11, Into Believing She Was A Transgender Boy And Gave Tips On How To Bind Her Breasts' - 1/21/2022

Outraged Parents Demand Answers After "Non Binary" Male Counselors Were Allowed To Sleep In Fifth-Grade Girls' Cabins At School-Sponsored Science Camp - (VIDEO) - 2/20/2022

Grieving Mother Claims LA County School Pushed Transgender Treatments On Her Teenage Daughter Who Ultimately Committed Suicide: 'Why Did They Play With Her Life?' - 3/19/2022

Angry Parents Reads Sexually Charged Passage From HS Library Book To School Board.  Board Member Cuts Her Off, Says Children Could Be Listening. - 3/23/2022

Mom Suing School Over 13-Year-Old Daughter's 'Protected' Secret Gender Transition Issues Stark Warning To Parents Across The Country - 5/2/2022

Mom Says Middle School Invited Daughter To Secret LGBTQ+ Club, 'Did UNTHINKABLE Things With The Children' - 5/16/2022

Mom: My Kid Was COERCED Into SECRET  Sexuality Club At School - 5/17/2022

VIDEO: Mother's Mic Cut At School Board Meeting While Reading Obscene School Assignment Allegedly Given To Her 15-Year-Old Daughter - 5/18/2022