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Activism & Punishments

Former Olympic Medalist Says Biological Men Shouldn't Compete In Women's Sports - And Gets Blasted As 'Transphobic'

Heterosexuals Who Reject Dating Transgenders Now Dubbed "Transprejudice" - Re-Education To Follow

WATCH: Teen Girl Suspended For Posting Bible Verses In Response To Pride Flags Explains Herself In Viral Video

Christian Adoption Agencies In Michigan Will Lose State Funding If They Turn Away Same-Sex Couples

Parents Refuse To Facilitate 'Sex Change' Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care

Feminist Grad Student Says Biological Men Can't Be Women. Now The University Is Investigating Her.

Politician Pushing 'Gender Neutral' Toilets Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Christian Teacher Suspended After Declaring He Won't 'Lie' To Students And 'Affirm That A Biological Boy Can Be A Girl, And Vice Versa'

'Chardonnay Antifa': Community Rips School Board For Suspending Teacher Who Opposed Trans Pronoun Policy

Vendor Attacked During NYC Pride Event Claims He Was Beaten After Refusing To Replace American Flag With Pride Flag

God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question On Internal Message Board, Gets Attacked And Cancelled By Woke Airline

Catholic Student Suspended From Football After Allegedly Insisting There Are Two Genders.  Now He's Suing The School District - 11/16/2021

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

California Sued Over Law Forcing Appointment Of Minorities And LGBT To Corporate Boards - 11/26/2021

Rape Victim Is Forced To Quit Her Therapy Sessions Because She Feels Threatened By A 6ft Trans Woman In Men's Clothes Who - A Woke Charity Insists - Has As Much Right To Be There As She Does - 11/27/2021

WATCH: Is This 4-Year-Old Really Transgender, Or Is Mom After TikTok Fame? - 1/3/2022

WOW...UPenn Threatens To Sue If Trans Swimmer Can't... - 2/4/2022

Trans Child Molester Gloats, Laughs About Lenient Sentence Issued Thanks To Progressive California DA: Report - 2/21/2022

'The ONLY Clip You Need To See': Viral Video Sums Up UNT 'Anti-Trans' Protest In Less Than 10 Seconds - 3/4/2022

A Kansas Public School Teacher Is Suing School Officials For Requiring Her To Address Students By Their Preferred Names And Pronouns - 3/13/2022

Twitter Bans More Big-Name Conservatives Critical Of Biological Males Winning Awards Meant For Women - 3/22/2022

SICK: NBC Doctors Photo Of 'Transgender' Swimmer 'Lia' Thomas To Make The NCAA Champ Look More Feminine (Photo) - 3/29/2022

Medical School Student Says She 'Missed' Vein On Patient After He Laughed At Her 'Pronoun Pin' - Then 'He Had To Get Stuck Twice' - 3/30/2022

Mom's 'Goodbye' Message To Disney Goes Viral: Disney Has 'Transformed Into A Political Propaganda Machine' That 'Grooms Children For Abortions And Sexual Promiscuity' - 4/1/2022

Woke NBA To Hold Preseason Games In UAE Where Homesexuality Is Punsihable By Death - Canceled Game In Charlotte In 2016 Over Transgender Bathroom Law - 5/10/2022

Disney's 'Strange World' Animated Film To Include Openly Gay Teen Romance - 6/22/2022

Schools' New Misgendering Rules Will Create Compliant, Fearful Children Perfect For Totalitarianism - 6/23/2022

'I Just Couldn't Lie Anymore': Conservative Disney Producer Explains Why He Finally Left The Ultra-Woke Company - 7/18/2022

Merriam-Webster Bends Knee To LGBTQ Radicals, Changes Its Dictionary Definition Of "Female" To Include Those Who Identify As "The Opposite Of Male" - 7/20/2022

Chicago Mother Loses Custody Of Daughter After Denying Child Is Transgender: 'My Child Is A Girl' - 7/29/2022

It's 'Not Moral' To Request Abstinence To Stop Monkeypox: LGBT Activists - 8/8/2022

Former Kansas Teacher To Receive $95,000 From District That Disciplined Her For Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns, Lie To Parents - 9/1/2022

Christian Teaher Thrown In Jail: 'I Am Here Today Because I Said I Would Not Call A Boy A Girl!' - 9/6/2022

Valedictorian Could Lose License To Practice Over Graduation Speech Bucking Radical Gender Theory: Report - 9/13/2022

Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Blast Vanderbilt For Mutilating Children, Threatening Doctors Who Objected - 9/29/2022

AMA Leads Push For DOJ, Big Tech Action To Quash 'Disinformation' About 'Gender Affirming' Care - 10/6/2022

Embattled Christian Baker Appeals Ruling Over Gender Transition Cake Request - 10/6/2022

We Have The Video: Children's Hospital Deleted Outrageous Footage Of Doctor Dealing With 'Transgender' Babies - 10/11/2022

University Of Michigan Medical Professional Fired For Resisting Gender Ideology Demands: Lawsuit - 10/12/2022

Parents Lose Appeal For Custody Of Teen identifying As Transgender, Told They Can't Discuss Gender Identity With Child Outside Of Therapy - 10/27/2022

Judge Hands Down Huge Ruling On Two Arkansas Women Fired For Refusing To Wear LGBT Colors - 11/8/2022

'Radical Feminist' Elementary School Counselor Sues District For Firing Her After She Denounced 'Gender Identity Ideology' At Public Rally - 11/17/2022