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History vs Hollywood: Sound Of Freedom -

Anti-Child-Trafficking Thriller 'Sound Of Freedom' Clears $10M In Presales Before July 4 Opening, Signaling Continued Strength Of Anti-Hollywood - 7/4/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Shocks At July 4th Box Office, Beats Woke 'Indiana Jones' Sequel - 7/6/2023

Sex Trafficking Drama 'Sound Of Freedom' is A Heartbreaking And Hopeful Call To Action - 7/7/2023

Leftist Media Outlets Attack 'Sound Of Freedom' Movie, Claim Anti-Child Trafficking Film Is QAnon Fantasy For The 'Conspriacy-Addled Boomer' - 7/8/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Expected To Hit $40 Million After First Weekend - 7/9/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Pushes 'Eras Tour' From Top 10 - 7/9/2023

MacIntyre: The Real Reason Journalists Hate 'Sound Of Freedom' - 7/10/2023

Anti-Child-Trafficker Whose Story Is Told In 'Sound Of Freedom' Explains That The Trans Agenda And Biden Administration's Border Policies Benefit Pedophiles - 7/10/2023

'This Is Not Left Or Right': Singer Jewel Defends 'Sound Of Freedom' Amid Backlash - 7/10/2023

Corrupt Media Care More About 'Qanon' Than Human Trafficking - 7/10/2023

The Left Is Desperate To Make 'Sound Of Freedom,' A True Story, Into A Conspiracy Theory - 7/11/2023

By Bashing 'Sound Of Freedom,' The Media Is 'Hurting REAL Children Who Want Their Stories Told' - 7/11/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Actor Jim Caviezel Responds To Media Attacks: 'They're Scared. Quaking In Their Boots' - 7/12/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Dominates Box Offices Across The Country - 7/12/2023

Jim Caviezel Blasts Fake News Media Of Being A Tool Of Satan, Calls Out 'Three Letter Agencies' For Being Complicit In Societal Wickedness (VIDEO) - 7/13/2023

Senate Republicans Acknowledge Biden Has 'Created The Largest Child Trafficking Ring In US History' - 7/13/2023

Tim Ballard Shares How Mel Gibson Helped Him Save Children In Ukraine From Sex Trafficking Rings, Expoess Ukrainian Pedophile "Harvest Time" Network - 7/14/2023

Powerful: Jim Caviezel Responds To Fake News Smears In Interview With General Michael Flynn "I Do Not Fear You At All, You Should Fear God" - 7/15/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' Estimated To Hit $100 Million Mark - 7/17/2023

God's Children Are Not For Sale - 7/19/2023

The Left Attacks 'Sound Of Freedom' Because It Exposes An Uncomfortable Truth About Moral Boundaries - 7/21/2023

Trump Hosts Actor Jim Caviezel And Tim Ballard At 'Sound Of Freedom' Screening - 7/21/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' To Get Major Boost At Box Office After Studio Reveals Huge Plan For Film - 7/27/2023

'Sound Of Freedom' To Be Played On Hundreds Of Additional Screens In 4th Week Of Release - 7/28/2023

Hollywood Just Got Utterly Umiliated - Ultra-Patriotic Movie Hits 2 Massive Milestone - 7/31/2023

Military Command Plans, Then Cancels, 'Sound Of Freedom' Showing On Base - 9/6/2023

DISTURBING Move? YouTube DEMONETIZES Russell Brand After Allegations - 9/19/2023

After Liberals Accuse New American Hero - He Breaks His Silence With Fire - 9/21/2023

Blaze News Investigates: What Really Happened With Tim Ballard And Operation Underground Railroad? - 10/6/2023