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Joe & Hunter Biden: Administrative Policies Resembling Fascism

Definition of fascism (merriam-webster.com)

1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control early instances of army fascism and brutality

— J. W. Aldridge

Biden Goes Full Hitler, Demands Americans Turn In Family Members Who Oppose Regime

Obama, Biden, Comey, Yates, Rice And Brennan Discussed Flynn-Kislyak Calls In January 2017 Secret Oval Office Meeting - 5/7/2020

Big Mistake? Biden Says He'll 'Transition' From Oil Industry, Twitter Explodes: 'Might Have Sealed The Deal' - 10/23/2020

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Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid - 1/22/2021

New York Times Exposes Biden's Plan To Raise Taxes On Low- And Middle-Income Americans To Pay For Massive $6 Trillion Budget, Breaking His Repeated Promises - 5/28/2021

Biden Dumps Trump Insulin Pricing Program, Cost Of Life-Saving Medication About To Skyrocket - 6/12/2021

Biden CANCELLED A Trump Program, And Now Americans Are In GRAVE Danger! - 8/20/2021

White House ADMITS It's Colluding With BIG TECH To Censor YOU?

White House Urges Social Media To Universally Ban Every User Biden Doesn't Like - 7/17/2021

REVEALED: National School Board Association Coordinated With Biden Regime Before Garland Classified Parents "Comestic Terrorists" - 10/21/2021

Emails Show Frustration Within NSBA, Resistance To White House Letter Comparing Parents To Domestic Terrorits - 11/12/2021

Explosive Docs: AG Garland Lied To Congress, Whistleblower Shows FBI Flagging Parents As Possible Terrorists - 11/16/2021

Biden Tells Extravagant Tale In Desperate Bid To Convince Americans The Infrastructure Bill Is Good - 11/17/2021

Resurfaced Report: Joe Biden Burned Away Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars During Delaware Disappearing Act - 11/17/2021

'It's SO DANGEROUS What She Said': Press Secretary Psaki Makes STUNNING Claim About 'Long-Term' Rise In Gas Prices - 11/18/2021

Watch: Biden Slammed Trump Over 'Fear Mongering' For COVID Restrictions, Now He Does Same Thing - 11/28/2021

5th Circuit Sharply Rebukes Biden Administration For Illegally Ending 'Remain In Mexico' Policy - 12/14/2021

Liberal Media Deafeningly Silent On Report Indicating Biden Admin Was Behind Letter Describing Parents As Domestic Terrorists - 1/12/2022

What Are You Hiding, Joe? Biden Admin Begs Court To Bury Bombshell Report On Dominion Voting Machines - 2/15/2022

J-6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks: Joe Biden's Democratic Regime Could Set America's Race Relations Back One Hundred Years - 2/21/2022

Biden Brags He Picked SCOTUS Nominee With 'Strongest Credentials.' Jordan Peterson Logically Destroys That Argument. - 2/25/2022

BREAKING: Biden's 'Personal Gestapo' Demands Big Tech Turn In Publishers Of COVID 'Misinformation' - 3/4/2022

13 States Bring Legal Action Against Biden - They're Demanding FBI Records Of Surveillance On American Parents - 3/4/2022

Biden DOJ Appeals Navy SEALs' Vaccine Mandate Compliance To Supreme Court - 3/7/2022

Ted Cruz Hammers Biden For Claiming The Russian Invasion Is Solely To Blame For High Gas Prices: 'This Is A Flast-Out Lie' - 3/8/2022

Blue-Collar Worker Reveals The Warning He Gave Biden Last Year Is Finally Being Realized - 3/9/2022

Biden Admin Invents 'Securities And Environment Commission' Out Of Thin Air To Force Climate Agenda On US Businesses - 3/28/2022

Report: Biden Administration Considering Pulling Health Care From Veterans To Treat Illegal Aliens - 3/31/2022

Republican Attorneys General Sue Joe Biden For Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Information On Hunter's 'Laptop From Hell' And Covid - 5/5/2022

Louisiana, Missouri AGs File Suit Against Biden Admin Officials For 'Colluding' With Big Tech - 5/6/2022

Sen. Rick Scott Fires A Warning Shot: Biden Admin Is Giving China And WHO National Sovereignty Over US Healthy Policy - 5/15/2022

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill To Use The FBI To Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them (VIDEO) - 5/19/2022

Biden Regime Pushes World Health Assembly To Providing WHO Power Over The US During Pandemics - While Smaller Member States Are Objecting Its Passage - 5/25/2022

Visitor Logs Show That Biden's White House Has Hosted Several 'Defund The Police' Activists - 6/13/2022

Biden's Bid To Expand Obamacare Via IRS Is Illegal - 6/15/2022

Pete Buttigieg Brags About $48K EV To People Who Can't Afford Gas, Looks Even Dumber When Ford Recalls EV - 6/16/2022

Buttigieg Says Feds Have Power To Force Airlines To Hire More Workers Amid Travel Delays - 6/19/2022

While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage - 6/20/2022

Biden Celebrates His Green Policies That Will "Take Millions Of Cars Off The Road" (VIDEO) - 6/22/2022

Missouri Attorney General Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden For Colluding With Big Tech - Evidence From The Gateway Pundit Plays Major Role In Case - 6/22/2022

Stung By Gun And Abortion Rulings, Biden Undermines Supreme Court In Ways Unlike Predecessors - 6/25/2022

Biden's Abuse Of Defense Production Act Will Drive Gas Prices Even Higher - 6/25/2022