April 27, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Phil Hartman made this line popular in the 1990’s on Saturday Night Live while mocking a 1973 movie in which the world’s food source turns out to be made from people.  In 1999, “The Matrix” went further by turning humans into batteries to power artificial intelligence. Both of these stories where set in the distant future with far-fetched concepts that could never happen.

     2014.  We have just discovered that not only has a hospital in the UK been using aborted babies as fuel for 13 years, but a British Columbia company has been sending human tissue waste, including aborted babies, to Oregon for the same purpose. If the mere thought of that doesn’t warm you, just toss another baby in the furnace.

     When you remove the preciousness and value of human life from society’s foundation, then is it really that far-fetched to accept that it’s reasonable to slaughter your own offspring for your convenience and to use them as fuel as well?  (see The Axis Of Evil and Evil Is As Evil Does)

     God warned the Israelites to not worship like the pagans who sacrificed their children to the fire god, Moloch.  Live babies were placed into the arms of the statue of Moloch and as the arms were raised the baby would roll into a fire burning inside the statue. The worshipers sang and played music to drown out the cries and screams of the baby being burned alive.  Today those worshipers sing “pro-choice” and “global warming”.

     Liberty, we are living in a time right now where people are again championing the sacrifice of their children for convenience, for birth control, and now for fuel.  Those who worship the Earth, or the creation, over the creator will burn babies without regret, but decry the use of nuclear, clean coal, or natural gas.  

     The Bible and history have recorded the horrific rituals done to both animals and man, oftentimes for the gods to provide rain or provide for the harvest.  Many would argue that we are so much more advanced and ‘evolved’ now.  Really?  How are we any different from the pagans of Biblical times? We are sacrificing our children to appease the gods of climate change.

     Liberty, you will hear and see many disturbing things in your life.  You will wonder how the people who preach tolerance are willing to accept such evil that we do to each other.  These things are not happening because there is no God, these things are happening because we have made ourselves gods.

     That’s my 2 cents.