June 1, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Last weekend there was another tragic mass killing in California.  The killer was a 22-year old college student whose father was the director of the movie Hunger Games, a story about an oppressive government that forces children to kill each other for sport.  He had nice clothes, $300 sunglasses, a BMW, expensive toys, and a famous father; yet he was miserable.  

     Despite all the trappings of success, he felt isolated from society and held an animosity towards everyone around him.  He became a self-centered loser, angry at everyone who failed to worship him.  Since people failed to respect him, he had to get even.  To carry out his deadly act of vengeance, he planned on using hammers, knives, guns and an SUV to fulfill his scheme of carnage, described in gory detail in his manifesto.  

     Despite his mental state, and both his plans and actions of using multiple weapons, the gun control soldiers started their march, hitting the spotlight right on cue.  They claimed they were looking out for people’s safety, while advocating taking freedoms and liberties away from citizens.  They deliberately ignored his 141-page proclamation that revealed the root cause of his actions was a decline in society, not an access to guns.  It is additional proof that those attempting to ban guns, by claiming to do so out of concern for society, is a blatant lie used to push forward their harmful agenda.  While politicians blame everything from the 2nd Amendment to the Tea Party, arguing that the only solution is to remove guns from society, they refuse to truly look at the honest root of the problem - our removal and denial of God.

     While reading excerpts from his manifesto it dawned on me how incredibly lost this man, and our society as a whole, is.  In both his written statement and a YouTube video, this very disturbed young man confessed he was taking revenge on his classmates for refusing him.  He revealed that his social life completely died when he got high-speed internet and became obsessed with violent video games, where killing can become a high to players as addictive as any drug.  He claimed they filled the void of loneliness in his life.  Burning anger towards women consumed him because they denied him sex while a deep hatred for the men getting sex compelled him to violence.  His self-delusional utopia placed him as supreme ruler, where he could deny women the right to choose mates and starve them in concentration camps.  Yet, he still longed for a girlfriend.  Though he developed one of the most unhealthy, nauseating views of women, deep down, in his own words, he revealed how much he simply wanted someone to love him.

     The spate of recent mass shootings consistently show one thing; the perpetrators are anti-social people.  Most claim they are trying to fill an emptiness inside and too often they are filling that void with violent, destructive video games.  Once violent games, movies, music, drugs, alcohol, or pornography turns into a steady diet, the person can’t help but be be influenced by what he takes in, often leading to destructive results.  

     At the same time we have an overwhelming push to remove God from any and all parts of our lives.  We see it in the turn from God in our movies, memorials, schools, courtrooms, government, and in some cases, churches!  While a small group want to blame the guns, the truth is, too many people have nothing else to hold on to.  We have so devalued life with the worship of abortion and evolution that some, when they commit these atrocities, feel absolutely no remorse.  Why should they?  There’s no eternal consequence and the person they killed was just an accident of nature anyway.

     Guns have been around since the forming of this country with a very low number of deaths occurring at schools.  For most of our history the shootings that did occur were acts of passion or anger and only resulted in 1 to 2 deaths.  Today, we have mass killings where the suspects plan their path of destruction for weeks or months in advance,  consistently revealing they want to kill as many as they can, wanting to induce as much pain as possible.  What has changed?  These people are hurting, searching for something in their lives to make them feel worthy. They live in a very real Hunger Games, hungering for the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ. However, rather than addressing this issue, it is easier to blame the gun. By doing so, the gun control advocates can steal your freedom without fixing the problem, an abandonment of God.  

     Liberty, Satan is working very hard to destroy every soul on the face of this Earth and he will use every means possible to do it.  Are Christians perfect?  Absolutely not.  But when you study God's Word you will learn of the overwhelming love He has for you.  You will know that before you were even conceived God had a plan for you.   Everyone is loved by God and He desires that every soul be with Him in paradise. You will also acknowledge that we are to love others as we love ourselves.  If you appreciate the preciousness of life and the value that God puts on each and every one of us, than you will know that using a deadly weapon can only be done in the defense of life.  These poor souls are so lost and feel so worthless, there is no way they can view the value in others because they see no merit in themselves. As you go through this life, continue to study and understand the Word of God.  Share it with others so the voids they feel might be filled.  

     There is a woman right now in Sudan who has been convicted and sentenced to die.  Her crime?  She’s a Christian.  She is married to an American and gave birth to their second child while in prison.  The judge gave her several chances to spare her life if she would renounce Christ and convert to Islam, but she would not recant.  That is the faith you must strive for, Liberty.  Because of that faith, she is already free.  She has hope.  She has courage.  She has love.

     That’s my 2 cents.