January 13, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     Even on a short trip to the store you are likely to see a bumpersticker that promotes peace and harmony, urging all religions and philosophies to learn to live and let live.   The creator of the sticker took the word “COEXIST” and uses the symbols of these different religions and philosophies to spell out each letter of the word.

               C = Islam

               O = Peace/Pacifism

               E = Male/Female or Gay Rights

               X = Judaism

               I = Pagan

               S = Taoism/Confucianism

               T = Christianity

     It is a simple message of peace.  Unfortunately, a horrific terrorist attack in Paris last week proves just how unrealistic this concept is.

     Three Islamic extremists entered the Charlie Hebdo office, a French satirical magazine, and murdered ten employees, as well as two police officers, in cold blood.  (see I Am Garland)  The terrorists were heard yelling, "Allah Akbar," a common cry used by Islamists when doing such attacks meaning "God is great," during the massacre.  They were also heard saying, "We have avenged the prophet" referring to cartoons the magazine published over the years depicting Mohammad.

     To the Islamic extremist, the only way to COEXIST is for infidels, or non-Muslims, to convert or die.  (see A Crusade For Truth)  There’s not a lot of meeting someone in the middle, or accepting others for their beliefs. It’s a “my way or death” mentality.  The Islamic State (ISIS) has made this abundantly clear to Iraqi Christians after four young boys were beheaded for confessing to love Jesus.  Christians all through Muslim countries are being kidnapped, raped, enslaved, and murdered for refusing to convert to Islam.  (see Holocaust: Then And Now)

     But it’s not just Jews or Christians that Muslims have issues with.  Every group on the COEXIST sticker would be wiped out if they had their way.  Homosexuals are executed on site in Muslim countries.  However, listening to gay rights activists, one would think Christians are the most suppressive group towards homosexuals simply because we do not agree with gay marriage.  (see We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service and What Is Love?)  Christians are called hateful, bigoted, and intolerant for defending their beliefs but Muslims are protected when they murder.  When a massacre like Paris happens in the name of Mohammad, liberals race to the microphone to again proclaim Islam is a religion of peace.  (see Washington, Adams & Mohammad-Our Founding Fathers and To The Shores Of Tripoli)  Muslims use these pacifists to degrade Jews and Christians but have no issue slitting their throats once their usefulness is over.  Anyone of any other religion such as a pagan, Taoist, or Confucianist falls under the conviction of an infidel and is sentenced to conversion or death.  It literally is them against the world, and they are determined to win.

     Liberals and the media argue that Muslims are misunderstood. They have been harassed and bombed, justifying the attacks on civilians.  They desperately try to claim these terrorist strikes have nothing to do with a particular religion.  To do this they completely ignore the shouts of "Allah Akbar", the demands of "Convert or die" and the praises to Mohammad during these attacks.  Major newspapers even scrubbed articles that originally reported one terrorist telling a female magazine employee at Charlie Hebdo that she would not be killed, but she should convert to Islam, read the Qur'an and cover herself.  Why would that quote be removed from an article? The only reason is to hide the truth of the religious basis behind these terrorist attacks.

     Two days after the Charlie Hebdo attack, while two of the terrorists tried to flee authorities, another extremist took several hostages in a Kosher deli near Paris.  He demanded police let his "brothers" go or all the hostages would be shot.  He assassinated four Jews before the incident was over.  This terrorist proudly proclaimed his allegiance as a “soldier of the Islamic State” in a video filmed prior to his deli attack.  (see The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back)  While some question whether a Jewish shop was specifically targeted, others are proving the unmistakable growth of anti-Semitism in Europe in just the past few years.  While American toddlers learn their A,B,C’s, Al Jazeera, an Islamic controlled television station, uses children’s programming to instill hatred and distain for the Jewish people in the hearts and minds of young Muslims.  Hostility is ingrained in their souls from the earliest of ages.  Until this stops, how will these two religions ever coexist?

     The truth is they won't.  

     To be fair, not every Muslim subscribes to the hatred and violence of the terrorists. One Muslim employee at the Kosher deli did take action, leading several hostages to a freezer and hiding them inside until the ordeal was over.  She should be commended and applauded for her bravery.  However, within the Muslim world, she will be seen as an infidel as other Muslims are not immune to the utter savagery of the terrorists if they do not support the extremist view.  As the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred, an officer outside the building was filmed begging for his life before being mercilessly executed with a bullet in the head.  He was a Muslim yet the terrorists had no sympathy, no connection, no humanity for someone who was a fellow believer.  If they would do this to another Muslim, how can any non-Muslim coexist with them?

     Most Muslims, even those who don’t support these attacks, live under Sharia Law and believe all peoples should be beholden to it.  Sharia Law allows males to kill any female relative who disgraces the family for wearing the wrong clothes, being in public alone or being too Western.  They refer to this act as an “Honor Killing”.  Husbands are commanded to hit their wives if they disobey.  Anyone with the audacity to leave the Muslim faith is ordered to be put to death and it is Sharia Law that calls for the execution of homosexuals.  These rules apply for even the most moderate Muslim.

     Like militant Islamists, many atheists show a similar hostility towards Christians.  At every turn atheist groups are demanding Christians remove their faith and values from every aspect of their lives.  Yet, no matter how many crucifixes people urinate on, how many pictures of Mother Mary have elephant dung smeared on them, or how many times Christ is degraded in our movies and TV shows, not one Christian has ever responded by massacring the perpetrators.  However, there is very much an attitude amongst many atheists that Christians should convert to unfaithfulness or die in the public eye.  It is political correctness in full swing and at its most destruction.  Anytime you have any group of people trying to suppress and control another group, there is no chance of coexistence.

     Liberty, we are Christians.  Our prayer is that everyone would receive the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, but we will not force that belief on others.  We will not kill them if they choose to be Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist or even Muslim.  But there are groups out there who insist their way is the only way.  We must fight their grab for ultimate control but realize it will never go away.  God has given Satan dominion over this world and because of that he will use every means possible to corrupt God's children any way he can.

     So arm yourself with His Word, wrap yourself in His grace, and march forward in faith that Christ has already won the war.  He has secured victory and one day He will return to take us home to live in that perfect world of peace and harmony.

That’s my 2 cents.