May 28, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     Liberals and Progressives like to promote themselves as the enlightened people of choice while painting Conservatives as the political movement of control.  They pridefully insist a woman has a right to choose what she does with her body.  But are they really that open to allowing women that freedom?  As a Conservative woman, here's what I choose to do with mine.

     When I found out I was pregnant with you four years ago this week, concerned about a pregnancy over age 40, I had one major choice to make, whether or not to have an epidural.  Really not a tough decision if you think about it for more than a minute.  We also had to choose a name for you, but again, not a really tough decision.  We chose a middle name, Grace, which glorified and honored God.  After you were born, your father and I chose to have you baptized.  Every Sunday I choose to get up and take you to church.  I then choose to stay after for Bible Study while you are in Sunday School.  To be fair, these are not so much choices I make, as they are actions the Holy Spirit leads me to do.  My sinful nature would much rather stay in bed asleep.

     I have chosen to homeschool you.  In preparation, I chose to start doing my own homework and preparing myself to be able to teach you about history, science, both creation and evolution, social issues, current events, our founding, and more.  I choose to spend hours researching topics and then I choose to spend more time writing a letter to you about what I learned.

     I also choose whether we go out for dinner or eat at home as well as what the meal will be.  Some nights it’s baked chicken at home, sometimes it’s pizza at CiCi’s.  Fast food restaurants have been under attack for years by people who insist on a woman’s right to choose.  They’ll let it slide if I decide to not to kill you in the womb, but I’m not smart enough to decide if you should have chicken nuggets.  They must determine that for me.

     Healthcare, education and food are some of the choices I have the freedom and liberty to make.  Progressive and Liberal “pro-choicers”, on the other had, are very adamant that they need to be made for me.  Yet I am supposedly the close-minded, enslaving one.  They are content if I would have chosen to murder you in the womb but they go berserk if I let you eat McDonald's fries, claiming they are not healthy for you.  

     When your quad screen test came back with an increased possibility of you having downs syndrome, many “pro-choicers” would have argued the responsible thing would be for us to abort you.  In fact, a mandatory abortion bill in this circumstance would be widely supported by those who otherwise insist on the woman’s right to choose.  As Progressives always eventually reveal, they are happy with your right to choose as long as you select their choice.

     If it were up to “pro-choice” Progressives, I wouldn’t have to worry about whether to homeschool you or send you to the church because nothing but state run public schools would be allowed to provide education.  Many also agree with Bill Nye "The Science Guy" that creationism is “not appropriate” for children and want to remove that choice from me as well.  They want to follow the German model that allows authorities to take children if their parents do not send them to the state run schools.  

     I choose to hug and kiss you as much as I can and I choose to discipline you when needed.  I choose to give you treats when you are good and take away your scooter when you aren't listening.  Many believe their way of discipline is best while others disagree with any form of punishment at all.  Their children are often called bullies, divas, thieves, drug addicts, and murderers.  They have every right to have their opinion but too many have decided it’s their right to force me to follow their ways.  

     The federal social worker program has grown into such an enormous strong-arm for the government, some citizens are actually scared to say anything negative to their child in public in fear of having their children taken from them.  Some government bureaucrats even believe they have the right to decide what the appropriate medical choice for their child is.  

     Fourteen year old Justine Pelletier was held captive at Boston Children’s Hospital for 16 months because an emergency room doctor claimed the parents were “too aggressive” in caring for their daughter’s illness.  After being successfully treated for years for mitochondrial disease, a quick exam led an ER doctor to change her diagnosis to mental illness basically because he doesn’t believe mitochondrial disease is real.  He called the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and escorted the parents out of the hospital without their daughter.  

     Four days later the DCF took custody of Justine.  She was denied her medication, her siblings, her parents and her freedom while her health quickly deteriorated.  As her family fought for her release, the government dug in their heals.  Finally after over a year of captivity, Justine was given back to her parents in June of 2014 but at an amazing price to her health.

     Two months after Justine was confined to Boston Children’s, a five month old was taken by Children’s Protective Services (CPS) from a young Russian couple in Sacramento.  Sammy had some flu-like symptoms so the parents took him to Sutter Memorial Hospital.  After he was given unprescribed antibiotics from a nurse and then told their son needed immediate open heart surgery, the couple gathered their child and quickly rushed him to another hospital for a second opinion.  Kaiser Parmanente Medical Center concluded he was fine to go home.  

     Sutter called CPS because the parents took Sammy without being discharged, which they had every legal right to do.  CPS came and took the child the next day.  A week later a judge moved him from protective custody to Stanford Medical Center for a second opinion but required the CPS visit the house and monitor the situation.

     With these two examples, loving, caring parents only wanting the best for their children were denied their choice in the child’s care.  As it turned out in both cases, the parents were absolutely right and the government entities were absolutely wrong.

     Liberty, you will find that you will never agree 100% with anyone.  Many times you can’t find even one thing to agree upon with someone.  We are all allowed our opinions and the freedom to try to persuade others to our point of view.  Where the danger lies, and hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head, is with those who demand I view the world exactly the way they do.  

     The majority of “pro-choicers” are happy to champion a “woman’s right to choose” but only when it comes to killing my baby.  Other choices like food, education, religion, and medical treatment are too important for me to make.  I’m free to snip your spinal cord while you are being born but I should be flogged and imprisoned if I give you a Twinkie or, heaven forbid, teach you that God created the universe.

     Liberty, I am a staunch conservative and I am overwhelming pro-choice.  I believe all people have the right to determine the direction their life takes, even if it means they might get hurt.  I am vehemently opposed to abortion, but that’s because I oppose murder.  I believe in trying to educate people and let them make an informed decision.  

     The reason this is important is that over 90% of women wanting an abortion decide to keep their baby after seeing the ultra-sound.    That’s why abortion activists reject any effort to make it a prerequisite for abortion.  Instinctively a woman knows that image is not only a human life, but their child.  A woman, whether Liberal or Conservative, would do anything to defend her child.  However, they are told it is not a life and won’t feel anything.  You must change hearts and minds, Liberty, not laws.  

     Liberals like to control the argument by controlling the language.  It is time to take that advantage away.  When the issues are looked at one by one, facts reveal that Conservatives are far more “pro-choice” then Progressives could even dream of being.

     That’s my 2 cents.