August 13, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     In a recent interview, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo attempted to play the “gotcha game” with Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio.  Cuomo insinuated Rubio’s “no exception” view on abortion in the previous night’s debate was contradictory to a bill he presented that allowed abortions in cases of rape and incest.  He arrogantly stated, “So, it seems that you had your own record wrong,” before inviting Rubio to correct himself.  As Rubio pointed out, Cuomo was completely wrong on his assessment.  Rubio patiently explained how he compromised on a bill that included exceptions, something Democrats demand Republicans do no matter what the issue, because the bill stopped some abortions even if it did not go as far as Rubio wanted.  

     At this point the conversation turned to the question of the beginning of human life and science.    Cuomo argued, “you're deciding when it is human life,” apparently not realizing that he is doing the same thing.  While Cuomo maintained scientists don’t know when human life begins, Rubio again gracefully explained the truth.  Ignoring the facts, Cuomo turned to a tiresome liberal talking point and insisted Rubio abandon his faith and support science, as he said he does as a Catholic.  Except, the science is pretty definite on this one.  There is no doubt when the human egg and human sperm meet, there is one thing and one thing only it can be - a human life.  It’s been that way for over 6000 years.  Until empirical evidence demonstrates it can became anything else, then science has proven it is a human life.

     Cuomo continued to demand that Rubio forget faith and follow science, apparently believing the two are mutually exclusive.  What he fails to realize is anyone exploring real science is actually open to every possibility.  Cuomo, by his own admission, refuses to even consider the possibility of life beginning at conception, labeling it as strictly a religious understanding.  That is the true definition of a science denier.  

     But before we completely dismiss Cuomo, let’s go ahead and look at the science.

     An egg by itself does nothing.  After it’s release from the ovary, if it is not fertilized, it breaks apart and is expelled from the woman.  Likewise, if sperm are not ejected by the male, they naturally break down and are absorbed back into the body.  Apart, neither the egg nor the sperm evolve or develop into anything else.  

     When an egg and a sperm meet though, and the sperm successfully fertilizes the egg, an immediate biological reaction happens.  It’s important to note that the voyage alone the sperm needs to travel to get to the egg is an enormous feat in and of itself.  Also, because of a thick layer surrounding the egg, those tired little guys still have to get through the tough coating to penetrate the egg.  So it takes a very healthy and determined sperm to make the trip and break through this wall.  This process is not an easy, effortless, insignificant task that should be thoughtlessly discarded like an unwanted toy.  Pregnancy is a miracle, plain and simple.  

     Once fertilized, the egg begins dividing and multiplying and a new life, called a zygote, has started.  Within days, the baby’s DNA is mapped out.  After 6 weeks, the heart is beating, arms and legs are formed, and the brain, spinal cord, eyes and lungs are well on their way.    By 11 weeks the baby is almost completely formed.  Vital organs are functioning, bones are hardening, and it’s genitalia are beginning to develop.

     Through scientific study of DNA, we know how a person’s hair color, eye color, height, and other physical features are determined by the merging the information obtained from the mother and the father.  I remember learning that in 8th grade science class.  These traits begin formulating as soon as the egg and sperm unite.  Just because we don’t know a baby’s sex until the 20th week does not mean that’s when it is determined.  The sex of a baby is defined by whether an X- or Y- chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg.  It’s that simple.  It’s science.

     A few months ago when Bruce Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for coming out as a transgender named Caitlyn, Cuomo praised him for his braveness in denying his identity that was determined by science.  Bruce was designed as a man.  Cuomo was so proud society seems eager to accept those who defy the science regarding their gender.  For Cuomo to approve of Bruce’s identity change because he “feels” like his is a woman is completely unscientific.  Science is not about feelings, it’s about evidence.  To insist Bruce be referred to as a “she” even though he still has his male genitalia is a complete denial of science.  If Cuomo wants to play “gotcha” with someone’s inconsistencies, he needs to look in the mirror.

     Pro-abortionists like Chris Cuomo insist that human life does not begin until late in the pregnancy if at all.  Many consider a baby just tissue until the moment it is born.  One feminist blogger even dedicated an article to contending a fetus is actually a parasite.  If at 11 weeks a baby is almost completely formed with functioning organs, with what scientific reasoning can you say it is still just tissue?  If science doesn’t know when life begins then how can they be so confident as to when it can end?

     It’s not that people like Cuomo are purposely denying science while at the same time trying to claim it as a basis for their argument.  They do it because they have chosen to deny God, even some of those who proclaim to be Christian.  Many say they are believers, but then insist most Biblical teachings are mythical and folklore.  Which causes me to ask, what is their faith truly based on?  If they were to honestly open their minds to the facts about the creation, then they would have to accept that there is a creator.  That would then undoubtedly prove God existed, which would completely destroy their whole world view and their ability to act like a god themselves.

     Cuomo continued to insist that Rubio was using faith and not science to influence his political decisions.  Rubio unashamedly confessed his faith "teaches me to care for the needy, my faith teaches me to respect and love even my enemies. People should hope that my faith influences my political position."  He went on to profess that faith, “teaches me that God knew us when He formed us in the womb."  Rubio concluded "the science is clear that when there is conception, that is a human life in the early stages of its total development and it's worthy of the protection of our laws. I'm not in favor of destroying human life because people somehow are going to obscure human life.”

     Amen, Senator Rubio!

     That’s my 2 cents.