November 11, 2016

Dear Liberty,

     The 2016 presidential election has finally drawn to a close.  This country has spent a good part of the last 18 months arguing, name calling, insulting and fracturing its citizens to a dangerous level.  At around 2:30 am Wednesday morning, November 9th, America finally had the weight removed from her shoulders as Donald Trump was declared president-elect.

     Millions of Americans are mourning.  Their dreams are dashed.  Though I don't agree with their politics, I do empathize with them.  I felt the exact same way in 2008 and 2012 when President Barack Obama won.  I also understand their reservations about Trump.  As a person who railed against Bill Clinton's behavior during his presidency in the 90’s, my conscience would not allow me to turn a blind eye to the Republican nominee’s conduct.  After denouncing Hillary Clinton’s endless parade of lies, how could I then excuse Trump’s list?  Nonetheless, I am very content with a Donald Trump presidency because of one thing: faith.

     At the beginning of this entire election cycle, I prayed that God’s Will would be done.  When Sen. Ted Cruz exited the race on May 3rd, I felt America was left with two incredibly horrible candidates.  I could find positives and devastating negatives with both.  I, personally, listened to Jesus and laid my burdens at the foot of the cross.  I put the election in God’s hands.  Analyzing both a Trump and Clinton win, I could actually justify how God could use either for His good.  Knowing that God sometimes uses discipline to bring His children back to his fold, I also prayed for mercy from our loving Heavenly Father.

     After King David repented for committing adultery with Bathsheba and indirectly murdering her husband, God still disciplined him.  While David and Bathsheba’s baby was ill, David fasted and prayed for a miracle.  Once their baby died, David cleaned himself up, ate, and moved on.  God’s Will was done and David accepted it.  

     During the primary, and even through the general election, I felt very much like David.  I had grave concerns about Trump and prayed for a miracle.  Looking at Trump’s past history, I saw multiple indicators as to what he might do as president.  I could not support that behavior.  That being said, now that Trump has won the election, I am accepting it.  I still have concerns but Trump deserves a chance to do the job.  For me to do otherwise after putting it in God’s hands says more about me and my faith than it does about Trump.

     In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump extended his hand in unity. I, in return, am extending my hand to him as well.  Americans have been very divided during the election cycle but now that the country has spoken, it is time to be civil for America’s good.

     Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.  I will support and encourage him when he puts forth policies that are for the betterment of the country.  Just the same, I will hold him accountable if he reneges on his promises as well as for his decisions and policies that I believe harm America.  He will not get a free pass just because he’s Trump.  

     Trump has proven many Americans who didn't think he could pull this off wrong.  Being one of those skeptics, I am now anxious to see if he will continue that in the way he governs.

     Liberty, this is how America, a republic, works.  We have campaigns.  We debate and then we vote.  After the election is over, we have a peaceful transfer of power.  This is a privilege we often take for granted that so many other nations pray they could experience.

     I congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.  I wish them a successful presidency that does “Make America Great Again.”  I will cheer them when they do right and I will call them on the carpet when they go astray.  

     But there is a bigger picture here to remember, Liberty. All this still relates to an earthly kingdom.  It is not our home.  No matter what happens in the country’s future, our lives should never hinge on Washington DC the way they have been for the past two decades.  Our focus should always and forever be on our heavenly kingdom.  

     We should constantly pray for our leaders and always try to choose ones that are God pleasing.  It is our Christian duty.  But we can't let politicians control our lives.  

     I am comforted that so many voters came out to reject the ungodly policies President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been shoving down our throats.  The left’s rejection of Christianity and the acceptance of homosexuality finally pushed the American people to the edge.  I find hope in the fact that American voters outwardly repudiated the left’s attempt to completely undermine our Judeo-Christian heritage.  

     There is a tilled field out there, Liberty, just waiting for us.  Americans have not completely closed the door on God yet.  Our job is to continue to plant the seeds of the Gospel, feeding and nourishing it with God's Word and promise of eternal life.  Our work is just beginning.  

     That’s my 2 cents.