Frustrated with the imperial family’s oppressive rule, Russians turned to Lenin’s promises of “peace, land, and bread.”  However, they removed the chains of an autocratic monarchy only to replace it with the yoke of an authoritarian tyrant.  To follow was over 70 years of abject poverty, starvation, imprisonment, massacres, and executions as supposed communist Utopia’s are never built on revolutions, but on mass graves.

     Liberty, unfortunately that same diseased movement infected our shores over 100 years ago.  However, Democrat Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with activists like Margaret Sanger, realized Americans in a free and capitalistic society would not outright embrace communism or its weaker brother, socialism.  (see Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh, My)  Therefore, its proponents sold their ideology wrapped in a package labeled “progressivism,” claiming they are “progressing” towards Utopia.  Nevertheless, whether you get there right away or slowly move towards it, as history proves communism is a godless doctrine of death.  (see Gun Control: The First Steps Of Tyranny)

     In the 1960s, progressives pushed for a revolution in America.  Echoing Lenin, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers casually admitted, “Innocent people have to die in a revolution.”  Despite his history with the Weather Underground and bombing government buildings, the left rewarded him with a college professorship and board member positions.  In addition, in 1995, then upcoming Democrat politician Barack Obama announced his political career in a fundraiser at Ayers’ home.  (see Everything Free But Speech)  As Lenin did with the Romanov executions, Obama vehemently denied his relationship with Ayers until Ayers confirmed it in 2011.  These radicals have to deny what their philosophy brings as they know that people would outright reject them otherwise.

     Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, America’s progressive education system has hidden communism’s atrocities while praising its ideology.  As a result, many young people are openly embracing Communism and Democratic Socialism because they honestly know no better.  

     Recently Democrat Representative and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi railed against Republican President Donald Trump, again, lamenting, “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend.”  The media ignored it, but this was an obvious call for revolutionaries to revolt.  Soon after, fellow Democrat Representative Maxine Waters went even further, outright calling for her supporters to confront and harass their political opponents.  

“For these members of [Trump’s] Cabinet who remain and try to defend him...The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them...Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up, and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere...God is on our side.”

     It is interesting that Waters invoked God as her party voted three times to remove God from their platform in 2012.  Likewise, current Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing the very same thing.  Like Lenin, Putin despises the monarchy, but he appreciates their power.  Admiring how Tsar Nicholas II used the church to unite, Putin is manipulating people while pretending to be a devout Christian.  He also has his own modern day Rasputin, named Aleksandr Dugin, who espouses using religion to purposely misguide people in what he calls the Fourth Political Theory or the Fourth Turning.  (see A Dynasty’s Fall)  Besides pulling the strings behind the scenes in Russia, Dugin is conducting America’s alt-right movement through white separatist leader Richard Spencer and his wife, who is the official English translator of Dugin’s work.  (see There’s Nothing Right About The Alt-Right)  Together they are purposefully causing chaos in America in hopes of reuniting the Soviet Union.

     As more and more Americans are seduced by the deceitful promises of Communism and the so-called “Democratic Socialism,” how are they any different than Lenin and the Soviet Communists?  While insisting Republicans are Nazis, liberals, including many in Hollywood, are calling for the assassination of President Trump and his family.  Yet who here is actually acting like Communists and Nazis?  Where the left can always vilify the errors of the United States and the right, they are incapable of seeing their own faults or those of the ideologies and policies they follow.

     Liberty, democrats are being led down the same road Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler trod, while honestly believing the Republicans are the Bolsheviks and Nazis.  It is why it is so imperative we continue to beat the drum of truth as history once again rhymes with the past.  

     However, we can find wisdom and comfort in the words of Tsarina Alexandra, Tsar Nicholas II’s wife, in a letter she penned during what would be her last Christmas.  

“[Jesus] will manifest His mercy when the time comes, and before that we have to wait patiently. We cannot change what is happening - we can only believe, believe and pray and never lose love for Him.”

     Even while imprisoned, Alexandra was free.  It is the same comfort the Apostle Paul had during his confinement and the same feeling of liberty Jesus won for us.  While we must continue to educate and fight against the plagues of Communism and Socialism, in the end, “we can only believe, believe and pray and never lose love for Him.”

     That’s my 2 cents.



July 25, 2018

Dear Liberty,

     Vladimir Lenin proclaimed, “Revolutions are meaningless without firing squads.”  It is why he so easily, but secretly, commanded the death of the Romanov family.  Last week’s letter described the climate in Russia leading up to the brutal murders of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their children, and four servants on July 17, 1918.  (see A Dynasty’s Fall)  Moreover, this massacre and what immediately followed perfectly exemplifies the callousness, ruthlessness and mercilessness of Communism.

     Killing the Romanov family was only half of Yakov Yurovsky’s assignment.  The other half, devising a plan to secretly dispose of the bodies after making sure they could never be identified, he charged to Peter Ermakov.  However, Ermakov’s inebriation that night forced Yurovsky to command this task as well, of which he mishandled as badly as the executions.

     More important to the Bolsheviks than brutally massacring the imperial family was properly disposing of the evidence.  To avoid repercussions from the family’s relatives ruling throughout Europe, they needed to keep the deaths quite.  So, as they publicly announced that only the Tsar was killed, Yurovsky desperately tried to hide the eleven bodies.  

     The original plan was to burn the victim’s clothes, mutilate and burn the bodies, finally depositing them in a mineshaft in Koptyaki forest.  However, as with the massacre, things did not go as planned.  With only one shovel brought to the burial, and Ermakov and his 25 diggers drunk, Yurovsky took control, retaining only five workers to help him.

     As the bodies were removed from the transport truck, workers undressed them so their clothes could be burned after Yurovsky collected the family’s jewels concealed inside.  He retrieved 18lbs of gemstones as the bodies were tossed into the mineshaft.  To prevent recognition, workers spread sulphuric acid over the victims.  However, the mineshaft proved too shallow.  Therefore, Yurovsky spent the next two days colluding with authorities and making arrangements for a new burial site.

     The bodies were retrieved and placed on the truck again for the move.  On the way to deeper cooper mines in a remote, swampy site, the truck became stuck in the mud.  Now the early morning of July 19, it was decided to bury the bodies right there.  After they were thrown into the newly dug grave, sulphuric acid was again tossed on the bodies.  Reiterations that "no one must ever know what had happened” prompted Yurovsky to take extra precautions to fulfill the order.  Workers used rifle butts to crush the victims’ faces before covering them with quicklime.  To conceal the grave, railroad ties covered the bodies and were pressed into them and the ground as the truck repeatedly ran over the site.

     In efforts to mislead investigators if the mass gravesite was ever discovered, Yurovsky set Alexei and a sister aside to be buried separately.  After being burned, these children’s bones were completely shattered with spades before their remains were thrown into a smaller hole 50 feet away from their parents.

     On July 25, 1918, a week after the assassinations, the anti-communist White Army overtook Ekaterinburg.  An investigation into the murders began immediately, but ended a year later when Bolshevik forces recaptured the town.  Jewels and personal items were found at the original, yet abandoned, burial location by Nikolai Sokolov, a legal investigator, which he kept in a box.  While fleeing the town, Sokolov grabbed the box, which remains today at the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Job in Uccle, Brussels.  

     Coining his ideology “Democratic Socialism,” Lenin convinced the people they would be in control with their votes.  Once in power, after the people supported his big government and progressive policies, the truth came out and democracy was lost.  Renaming themselves the Communist Party, the Bolsheviks united with other communist republics, becoming known as the Soviet Union under the leadership of Lenin.  Sokolov’s work forced the Bolsheviks to admit to all the murders.  However, once Josef Stalin gained power, he banned discussion of the tragedy, as well as Sokolov’s report, in 1938.  He tried to hide the atrocities of his movement, just as progressive do today, while insisting their ideology can bring Utopia, just as progressives do today.

     Nine bodies were discovered on May 30, 1979, yet the closed Soviet rule prevented study of the remains.  Russian President Mikhailovich Gorbachev’s administration, which brought down the wall in Germany, was open to the discussion, allowing the bodies to be exhumed in 1991 and the remains to be studied.  Renewed theories and conspiracies as to what happened to the family, especially the two missing children, prompted monarchists to dream that they survived.  The world became reacquainted with the Romanov’s following the release of the 1997 film “Anastasia,” even moving some to believe Anastasia was still alive and living in America.  

     Hopes were finally put to rest when Alexei and Maria’s remains were eventually discovered in a bonfire pit on July 29, 2007, almost exactly 89 years after their burial.  DNA has since proven these children, along with the previously discovered nine bodies, were the Romanov family and their servants.  Investigations concluded at least 70 bullets were fired to kill just eleven people in a small, enclosed and confined room.  While monarchists mourn the loss of their imperial family, Communists still celebrate and honor their executioners.

     Massacres such as this set the American Revolution apart from the French and Russian Revolutions.  While some might reason Patriots couldn’t massacre King George III since he was on another continent, many prominent leaders were here, such as Lord Dunmore, who could have easily been assassinated but weren't.  (see The Forgotten Battle and Give Me Liberty)  Nevertheless, there is another major aspect one could contribute to this crucial difference.

     Reasonable Patriots never called for the head of King George and General George Washington would have never stood for it if they had. (see The Man Who Refused To Be King)  Washington and other Founding Fathers put their faith in God and looked to him for guidance.  Therefore, they only called for their independence from the King.  (see The Forgotten Midnight Ride, God’s Divine Providence and Who Among You Is With Me?)

     The Crusades started as Holy Wars for Christians as they began as a response to centuries of attacks and brutality from Muslims.  However, as the leaders turned from God’s guidance to coveting their own power and desires, the Crusades and Inquisitions turned just as atrocious while hiding under the guise of the Church.  (see A Crusade For The Truth and The American Inquisition)  Fortunately, the Protestant Reformation ended them, turning the focus of the Church back to Christ.  (see The Knock Heard ‘Round The World and Here I Stand)  Unlike American Patriots, French Revolutionaries openly rejected religion, however not God, as they massacred thousands.  (Storming The Bastille and Reign Of Terror)  Communism, by definition, outright denies God, therefore removing all accountability to a higher being.  Without that, such acts like the Bolsheviks are not only tolerated, they are supported, encouraged and celebrated.

     The Bolsheviks also successfully killed roughly 27 extended Romanov family members and friends, including Grand Duchess Elizabeth and four others on July 18, 1918.  Upon hearing of her demise, Lenin commented, “virtue with the crown on it is a greater enemy to the world revolution than a hundred tyrant tsars.”  The Bolsheviks terrorized, tortured, and exterminated their political opponents while conducting mass killings throughout the country.  Known as the Red Terror, estimates conclude they massacred upwards of 200,000 innocent people by the end of the Russian Civil War in 1921.