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Second Amendment: Gun Control & Red Flag Laws: Government Overreach

Maryland Gun Owners Vow They Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers And Legislators Freak Out - 2/3/2019

Why Pelosi's Gun Control Plans Won't Make Us Safer - 2/26/2019

Democrat Andrew Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation Into Law In NY - 2/26/2019

Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Radical Gun Ban, Champions Confiscation - 3/22/2019

Ocasio-Cortez Reveals How She Plans To Implement Gun, Immigration Change Without Congress - 3/24/2019

AZ State And Local Agencies Are Barred From Implementing Biden's Gun Control Agenda - 4/7/2021

NYC Wants To Implement Mass Gun Surveillance, Who's Next? - 6/2/2022

Dem Lawmaker Explodes When Faced With Push Back On Gun Control: 'Spare Me The Bulls*** About Constitutional Rights' - 6/3/2022

House Passes Extensive Gun Bill Limiting Magazine Rounds, Raising Purchase Age - 6/8/2022

Horowitz: What Supreme Court Ruling? Blue-State Dems Continue To Block Right To Carry - 7/6/2022

FBI Pressured People To Give Up Their Gun Rights, Documents Show - 9/13/2022

Tucker Carlson Left SPEECHLESS When Glenn Beck Reveals 'The Next Step In BANNING Guns' - 9/23/2022

Federal Judge Rules Law Criminalizing Possession Of Guns Without Serial Numbers Is Unconstitutional - 10/14/2022

'We're Gonna Make Felons Out Of Taxpayers': Illinois Bans Semiautomatic Rifles That Carry Over 10 Rounds - 1/11/2023

Several Illinois Sheriff's Departments Refuse To Enforce New State Law Banning Dozens Of Firearms - 1/12/2023

Treasurer Moore, Delegates Propose Bill To Block New Credit Card Gun, Ammo Tracking Scheme - 1/12/2023

New ATF Rule On Pistol Stabilizing Braces Will Effectively Ban Millions Of Rifles - 1/13/2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces 'Abolish The ATF Act' After New Rule Turned Millions Of Gun Owners Into Criminals - 1/19/2023

EXPOSED: ATF Rule Could Make 40 MILLION Gun-Owners FELONS - 1/23/2023

ATF Slapped With Multiple Lawsuits After New Pistol Rule Takes Effect - 1/31/2023

Michigan Democrats Rush To Pass New Gun Control Laws After Michigan State Shooting - 2/15/2023

Leaked ATF Documents Reveal The Biden Regime's Scheme To Close Gun Stores Across The Country - 2/19/2023

'Zero Tolerance': The Biden Admin Is Allegedly Sutting Down Gun Stores For Minor Clerical Errors - 2/24/2023

Biden's Budget Proposes Massive Funding Increase For Federal Crackdown On Guns - 3/9/2023

Document Expose FBI Secretly Working With Hospitals To Disarm Americans Without Warrants - Report - 3/12/2023

'Unconstitutional': Federal Judge Blocks Multiple California Gun Restrictions - 3/21/2023

The ATF Expansion Of The Gun Registry Turns Law-Abiding Gun Owners Into Felons - 3/23/2023

Another Federal Judge Rejects The DOJ's Argument That Cannabis Consmers Have No Second Amendment Rights - 4/11/2023

"Were You Expecting Us?": ATF Agents Go 'Door To Door' To Confiscate FRT-15 Triggers - 5/10/2023

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Ratifies Gun-Grab Law Whereby Petitioners Can Have Citizens' Second Amendment Rights Voided And Their Firearms Seized - 5/23/2023

FERBRACHE: You May Have Missed A Startling Part of Wray's Testimony On Backdoor Gun Control - 7/15/2023

Biden Mulls Exec Order ENd Run Of 2A As House Dems Rush 1,000% Excise Tax On 'Assault Weapons,' High-Capacity Mags - 8/7/2023

Democrats Demand 1,000% Tax On 'Assault Weapons,' Which They Define As Any Semi-Automatic Gun WIth 10 Rounds Or More - 8/7/2023

The 2024 Defense Bill Threatens The Future Of 3D-Printed Firearms And Basic Gun Rights - 8/9/2023

Soros-Backed New Mexico Governor Riles Conservatives With Firearm Suspension Order - 9/9/2023

Ron DeSantis Hits Back At New Mexico Governor For Suspending Gun Rights: 'SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED' - 9/9/2023

Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham 'Suspends' Open Carry Rights, Gun Owners Openly Defy Her At Rally - 9/11/2023

'We Will Not Comply!' Gun Owners Publicly Defy New Mexico Governor's Suspension Of Open And Concealed Carry Law, Gun Rights Org Files Lawsuit - 9/11/2023

Dem Sheriff Gives New Mexico Governor Blunt Reality Check Over 'Unconstitutional' Gun Order: 'Criminals Do Not Follow The Law' - 9/12/2023

Democrat AG Rebuffs NM Governor, Refuses To Defend Gun Carry Ban In Court - 9/12/2023

CNN Host Pulls Out New Mexico Constitution When Governor Insists She Has Right To Suspend Gun Rights: 'Where Is The Right?' - 9/12/2023

'It's Not For The Police To Tell Me What's Constitutional': NM Gov Defiantly Defends Suspending Gun Rights - 9/12/2023

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks New Mexico Governor's Gun Ban - 9/13/2023

Biden Grants Longtime WIsh To Gun Control Activists WIth Creation Of 'Gun Violence Prevention' Office - 9/20/2023

Biden, Whose Son Presently Faces Felony Gun Charges, To Announce Creation Of A Federal Gun Control Office Ahead Of 2024 Election: Report - 9/20/2023

California Law Capping Magazine Capacity Struck Down By Federal Judge - 9/23/2023

Feds Want SCOTUS To Let Judges Strip Gun Rights, Even When There's Been No Crime - 10/20/2023