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Pedophillia: Arrests & Cover-Ups

Chris Cuomo's Producer Arrested For Soliciting Children For Sex - 12/13/2021

Biden Labor Secretary Linked To Disgusting Pedo Cover-Up - 5/20/2022

Biden's Justice Department Decides Not To Press Charges Against FBI Agents In Botched Larry Nassar Case - 5/27/2022

Former Disney Actor Ssentenced To Two Years In Prison For Child Sex Crime - 6/7/2022

Drag Queen Who Also Works As Youth Counselor Charged With 25 Counts Of Child Pornography - 6/27/2022

Sex Offender Convicted In 2006 Rediscovered With Big Hand In Far-Left Kids' Event - Soon He'll Be Off The Registry Completely - 7/5/2022

Ten Convicted British P*dophiles Are Deported From Poland After Traveling To Country Pretending To Be Helping Refugees From Russia-Ukrainian War - 7/23/2022

Georgia Couple Arrested For Allegedly Using Adopted Children To Make Child Porn - 8/7/2022

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's Frightening For Society.' Thousands Of Convicted Pedophiles In California Are Being Released From Prison In Less Than A Year For Horrific Acts, Including Rape, Sodomy And Sexual Abuse Of Kids Under 14, DailyMail.com Investigation Reveals - 12/28/2022

California's Early Release Of Convicted Pedophiles Leads To More Victims: Former DA - 1/18/2023

Owner Of Coffee Shop Covered In 'Love Is Love' And Pride Flags Arrested, Accused Of Heinous Crimes Against Children - 2/15/2023

Buttigieg 'Buddy' Just Got Arrested - He Gets Slamed With 56 Despicable Charges - 3/3/2023

Bruce Hensel, Medical Correspondent At Los Angeles NBC Affiliate For Over 30 Years, Avoids Jail Time Despite Coliciting Nude Photos From Child - 3/7/2023

'Absolutely Damning' NPR Report Accuses Rolling Stone Of Covering Up Child Porn Charges In Article On FBI Raid Of Star Jounalist's Home - 3/21/2023