August 13, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     As you grabbed your toothbrush from my hand and said, "Let me, mommy”, I began to realize how you have been striving from the beginning to have your freedom and independence.  You started pushing yourself up on me and strengthening your legs at just a few months old.  You were eager to start feeding yourself and worked hard to crawl and then walk.  Your verbal skills are developing so well you’ll probably have your own talk show by this time next year.  But most interesting is your favorite phrase for some time now, "Let Liberty do it".

     Independence and self-reliance is in our blood, Liberty.  It is in all living DNA.  It is fascinating to me that people who claim to be evolutionists argue and demand that animals not be kept in captivity.  They should be left alone in the wild to live as they were meant to be understanding that animals learn to take care of themselves from extremely early ages.  Even signs at our local park warn:

     Feeding Wildlife Can Be Harmful

     Feeding Can Cause:

          Dependency on people for food.  

          Loss of survival instincts.

     Yet, many of these same people insist that there are large parts of the human population that must be taken care of by the few that are fortunate enough to be successful.  If we evolved from animals, wouldn't it be consistent that humans should be able to take care of themselves, too, especially since evolution is a process of becoming better, not weaker?  That giving people handout after handout will make them dependent?  And those who are trying to increase their survival skills are called “extreme”, “crazy” and “preppers” as if they were backwoods hicks and not as brilliant as the elitists who have everything done for them.  Basically, we are suppose to believe that the most intelligent species on earth is the least self-reliant.  

     So ask yourself, does the raccoon ask where she can build her nest or does she do what is best for her and her family?  Does the mare keep her colt down or does she gentle nudge him until he is standing and then walking shortly after birth?  Does the robin sit in her nest waiting for someone to find her worms or does she provide for her own?  Does the stingray refrain from using his stinger because his opponent is not equally equipped, or does he defend himself as he sees necessary?  Just as God designed the birds of the air, the fish in the sea and the creatures of the land to provide for themselves, He planted that same desire and instinct in man to not be beholden to anyone.  Our only King is Christ.  

     Liberty, God gave each of us not only the ability but the yearning to take care of ourselves.  Our Founding Fathers understood this and made it the backbone of our country's founding documents.  It was a brand new concept as never before had people had the right and the responsibility to govern themselves.  

     This was the only country where one could move up or down the social status ladder by their own effort and hard work or lack there of.  A person was no longer born into a position of poverty or wealth where they were guaranteed to remain for life.  They had the freedom to lift themselves out of the slums, get an education, and pursue whatever career or dream they desired.  No King, no dictator, no emperor putting the shackles of predetermined destiny around ones ankles with a future no better than their ancestors before them.  Likewise, no one was guaranteed a high social or political position just because of their parent’s status.  This is, until now.  

     America has been invaded by the ideology of communism / socialism / progressivism, which insists people need to be controlled and ruled.  The best way to do that is to make them dependent, which goes against the basic fibers of our being.  The ruling class, politicians and the elites are actively trying to force America into a hierarchal society keeping them in power and the people their servants and impoverished.  When I was a teacher 15 years ago, I had students who were 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients.  Many  already had babies, resigning themselves to lives of poverty for them and their children by age 16.  

     On the other side, we have people today believing Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama should be president.  Why?  Just because their husband’s were?  I’ve even heard some mention Chelsea Clinton should be in line for it too.  It’s just as bad on the Republican side.  The GOP elites are actually pushing a third Bush for office with other little Bushes waiting in the wings.  No more!  We are not a monarchy.  

     With every new welfare recipient, with every new government food card and with every new illegal immigrant that signs up for ObamaCare, we are one step closer to a majority of dependents in this country that dangerously outweigh the producers.  They will have no choice but to vote in those who promise to keep the money coming thus virtually securing permanent political power for anyone willing to give the country away.

     As Winston Churchill once said, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."  Though progressivism and socialism started creeping in over 100 years ago, the biggest push came with the radicals of the 60’s.  Those extremists are now in charge of our country.  We are trying socialism.  We are trying communism.  We are trying progressivism.  We’ve tried “everything else.”  It doesn’t work.  Liberty, let’s pray Prime Minister Churchill was right and your fellow countrymen are on the brink of doing the right thing.  (see The British Bulldog)

     That’s my 2 cents.