August 20, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Fact - Michael Brown and his friend robbed a store, stole cigarillos, and Michael assaulted the worker.  

     Fact - Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street with his friend after the robbery.

     Fact - 10 minutes later an officer saw Michael and his friend and asked them to get off the street. 

     Fact - The officer may have been unaware that Michael Brown had just robbed a store.

     Fact - However, Michael was perfectly aware that he had just robbed the store by assaulting the employee. 

     Fact - The officer’s face is fractured, indicating a struggle. 

     Fact - Two autopsy reports show that the bullets entered Michael from the front. 

     Fact - Autopsy report also shows marijuana in Michael's system. 

     Fact - Over 12 witnesses have now corroborate the story that Michael Brown pushed the officer into his cruiser, a scuffle over the officer’s gun ensued, causing a shot to be fired.  Michael then got out of cruiser and began to run.  When the cop followed him Michael turned around and charged the officer.     

     Liberty, these are the facts that are finally coming out regarding the recent shooting of a young man by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  Unfortunately no one in the mainstream media cared to wait even a second to find the facts. Instead they started making their own assumptions, their own conclusions, their own narrative, and putting the blame on the cop.  All we were told was a young, unarmed black man was walking down the street from his grandma's house back to his apartment when a cop pulled up and started harassing him and his friend.  The young men raised their hands when the officer approached, but the officer shot Michael in the back anyway.  As a result of this disinformation we have another set of facts.

     Fact - People are looting local stores and setting some on fire claiming they are angry.

     Fact - Protesters threw Molotov cocktails at officers (again, which the media failed to report) and officers had to tear gas the protesters (which the media vigorously reported)

     Fact - The agitators in the uproar are largely coming from Oakland, California, including but not limited to the New Black Panthers, Communists and the Justice Department.

     Fact - The peaceful protesters of Ferguson do not want the violence and are telling the agitators to go home.

     We are being told again and again how common it is that cops are shooting innocent, young black men for no reason.  But what no one is asking is if this really were so common, why don't we hear about it more often?  If this happens regularly all over the country, shouldn't there be stories like this in the news every week?  This event is being compared to the Rodney King incident in LA.  That incident occurred 20 years ago. Is that what they mean by common?

     Once again a minority group is being used to promote a lie and a radical agenda.  These people have been made to believe, without waiting for any evidence or facts, that an officer decided to just go out one Saturday afternoon and shoot a black man.  If that’s true, why wasn’t his companion, who has since changed his story, also shot?  As the truth is coming out bit by bit, the same agitators causing the unrest are doing everything they can to spin that truth to keep their pawns angry, continue the chaos and give themselves power.  

     Liberty, incidents like this are going to affect you more than most by the simple fact that your dad is a cop.  The truth is most people are just trying to live their lives and not bother anyone.   The people your dad deals with daily are the people that say they don’t trust the police, but are the first to call the police to solve their problems.  Despite that, your father always treats people with respect, even those that have committed a crime.  However, if someone gets aggressive with him he is expected by society to use enough force to stop the threat.  That might entail shooting someone.  Not because of his beliefs, or the race of the person, but based solely on the offender’s actions.  

     I am sure without a doubt that there are many, many very concerned people in Ferguson who want to know what really happened with Michael Brown.  Unfortunately there are those who see this as an opportunity for political gain.  What they fail to realize is that when the country and the world see the young, ignorant men and women looting in the streets using this man's death as an excuse for theft and violence, they are hurting their cause more than they will ever help it.  

     Some have even been interviewed on the news and claim they are taking what they deserve.  How do they deserve a TV because the young man was killed?  What is even more telling is while Al Sharpton is in Ferguson talking about how unacceptable and horrible this is that another young black man was taken, there were about 40 shootings in Chicago alone this weekend resulting in at least five dead young black people.  If he was that concerned about the death of young African Americans, he would be in Chicago every day preaching to those people.  But he is not. He is a race baiter, looking only to profit from circumstances. The only black man that has benefitted from his presence on the national scene the past 25 years is Al Sharpton.

     Liberty, you cannot allow your emotions to overpower your intellect.  That does not mean that you should not be concerned for people, that you should not stand up for people, or that you should not try to change wrongs when you can.  But you cannot let someone manipulate those feelings into anger and violence because they have another agenda.  It is up to you to learn the facts, know the facts, and wait for the facts before you make a judgement.  

     I am not saying at this point that the cop was guilty or innocent.  But as our Founding Fathers wrote, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Which goes for Michael Brown as well.  Referring to the facts stated above, though, the incident is shaping out to look like a completely different story than what we were originally told at the beginning.

     The best weapon you have is your mind.  Once you stop using it and blindly follow a voice, any voice, without exercising your responsibility to do your own research, then you have handed over your liberty and freedom to someone else.  Who, by the way, will joyfully take it from you.

     That's my 2 cents.