November 3, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Tomorrow is an Election Day. After months of confusing, deceptive and outright misleading political ads, I would like to dispel some falsehoods that have saturated the progressive political agenda over the past 50 years. I hope to expand on some of the claims in later letters to you, but here is a quick look at several charges made against the Republican Party and the truth regarding the issue.

     Charge - The Republican Party is racist.

     Fact - The Republican party began in the 1850’s by a group of abolitionists, including both Whigs and Democrats, who were tired of their respective parties claiming they were going to solve the slavery issue but never acted. Their main goal was to end slavery. It is important to note that during the Civil War the anti-slavery North elected a Republican as President while the pro-slavery South elected a Democrat, Jefferson Davis. (see The Birth Of A Movement and Constituting Slavery)

     Charge - The Republican Party still wants slavery.

     Fact - President Lincoln, the first Republican President, gave his life to free slaves. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a Southern Democrat, who was furious that Lincoln ended the South’s way of life.  (see Civlity War Ends and Conspiracy Theories) Lincoln knew his life was on the line because of his actions on slavery. However, knowing it was the right thing to do, he stood firm in proclaiming freedom for all.

     Charge - Republicans don’t see African-Americans as whole people.

     Fact - The Constitutional Convention of 1787 designed the census procedures which would determine the number of House members for each state.  Southern Delegates wanted slaves to be counted even though those men and women were considered property and weren’t allowed to vote for elected officials.  Northern delegates recognized this strategy by the slave owners to pack the House with Southern representatives.  This would ensure the leadership, legislation, and votes in the House would be almost completely controlled by the South.  It was essentially taxation without representation.  Slaves were going to be used to increase representation in the House, but that representation would be for slave owners almost guaranteeing ongoing enslavement.  Trying to avoid this possibility, Northern delegates resisted counting the slaves.  The Southern delegates would hear nothing of it.  A compromise was reached counting slaves as 3/5ths of a person.  Not because the North didn’t believe they were fully human, but in attempts to give abolitionists a fighting chance to end slavery through a political process.  (see The New Trinity)  After the Civil War, it was the recently formed Republican Party that pushed through the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery.  This eliminated the 3/5ths rule and counted the newly freed slaves as equals to the whites.

     Charge - The Republicans have always kept minorities down.

     Fact - President Lincoln, the first Republican President, not only signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed Confederate slaves, he put in motion law after law giving freedoms and liberties to recently freed slaves.  (see Freedom Day)  After his assassination, Vice President Andrew Johnson, a Southern Democrat, immediately started revoking all of Lincoln’s advancements for the black population.  While Republicans fought for control of the Reconstruction era and rights for the newly freed slaves, Johnson argued the future of the slaves should be left in the hands of the Southern slave owners.  (see Views And Vetoes)  Fortunately the Republicans won out and the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were passed ensuring inalienable rights and liberties to all blacks.  (see America's Voting Record, Inalienable Rights, and Civil Rights...And Wrongs)

     Charge - The Republicans would still have lynchings if they could.

     Fact - Lynchings were performed on a routine basis by members of the Klu Klux Klan.  The KKK was started and populated by Southern Democrats who were furious that Republican President Lincoln made the black man the same as the white.  In fact, lynchings were not just for blacks.  25% of those lynched in the South were white conservatives who supported black rights.  (see There's Nothing Right About The Alt-Right)  As recent as 2010, a former KKK leader was a predominate Senate Democrat.  Congressman Robert Byrd claimed he left the KKK to pursue politics, but his true feelings were revealed on multiple occasions.  Several times he was recorded using the word nigger on the chamber floor.  Not one Democrat (including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) flinched or criticized him or dared to ask him to apologize.  Furthermore no Democrat minded that at the time of his death he was longest serving congressman in history.  In fact, they celebrated it.  (see How The South Was Won)

     Charge - Republicans would return to segregation if they could.

     Fact - After the Civil War Republicans made amazing strides in desegregating America during the Reconstruction years.  (see Civil Rights...And Wrongs)  When Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson entered office he turned back the hands of time a half-century by separating blacks in federal departments, including the military.  He went so far as to keep any blacks in the forces in non-combat roles out of fear of teaching them how to handle a gun.  He was afraid they might actually gain the ability to defend themselves against racial attacks once the war was over.  Wilson claimed it was all for the good and prosperity of the Negro.  He removed blacks from federal posts replacing them with whites and allowed the IRS official in Georgia to fire all black employees, claiming the Negros’ place was in the corn field, not the government. Segregation was started and supported by liberal/progressive Democrats, not Republicans. (see The Birth Of A Nation)

     Charge - Republicans are Nazis.

     Fact - The Nazi Party represents the National SOCIALIST Party of Germany. Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, believed not only in Government control, but killed 6 million Jews out of hatred.  He started his reign by removing God and guns from his citizen’s lives.  (see Gun Control: The First Steps Of Tyranny)  This is the complete opposite of the supposed “Nazi-like” small government Tea Party. (see Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh My and Tyrants And Tea Parties)

     Charge - Republicans want to put minorities in camps and restricted areas like Hitler did.

     Fact - Andrew Jackson, the first Democrat president, pushed through the Indian Removal Act of 1830 authorizing the government to essentially propose deals that eliminated the Indians’ rights to the lands in the southeast.  The result was the brutal and deadly removal of the Cherokee tribes of the east to west of the Mississippi, otherwise known as the Trail of Tears.  It was because of this Act that Native Americans still live on reservations today and as a result, in poverty.  (see Satan's Manifest Destiny, America's Ongoing Civil War, and Doctrinally Sound)  A little over a century later another beloved Democrat President and progressive champion, Franklin D. Roosevelt, ordered the round-up of over 100,000 Japanese and Japanese-Americans.  He placed them in concentration camps for the duration of WWII with no evidence of spying or conspiracy every happening.  Roosevelt defended his actions due to national security after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  (see A Date Which Will Live In Infamy)  His executive order also affected German-Americans and Italian-Americans.  (see Forgotten Atrocities Of WWII)  Perhaps if we had been blessed with a Democrat president following September 11th, those with Arabic backgrounds could have been round up.  (see Never Forget)  However, with a Republican, that never happened and the people never demanded it.

     Charge - The NRA wants to kill blacks.

     Fact - When the KKK began their tormenting and murdering campaign, they were often met with resistance by free blacks who armed themselves for personal protection.  The Democratic Party in the South, who was often one and the same with the KKK, passed laws denying gun rights to former slaves.  (see Separate But Equal?)  This allowed the KKK to perform their “duties” without threat of a serious fight.  They even victimized white Republicans that supported black rights.  (see Gun Control: The First Steps Of Tyranny)  The NRA took action to make sure those being targeted, regardless of race, had the rights to defend themselves.  The NRA is accredited with playing a significant role in the civil rights movement, fighting for the rights of all.

     Charge - The Republican Party just wants all blacks dead.

     Fact - Planned Parenthood, a major proponent of abortions, was founded by activist and feminist Margaret Sanger.  Supporters tout her as a predominant voice for birth control.  The truth is her goal was not for a woman’s choice, but "to create a race of thoroughbreds."  A huge champion of eugenics, she believed that if society could eliminate the undesirables, such as Blacks and Immigrants, then the perfect race would emerge.  (see Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh My and Finishing The Master Race)  To gain support for her efforts she often spoke at KKK meetings.  "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population," she said, "if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."  According to a recent study, “79% of all Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic neighborhoods, or both”.  Conservative Republican/Tea Party members are fighting to expose the evils and despicable ramifications of this practice.  Democrats continue to promote that women should be proud if they wish to kill their baby and Obamacare pays for them to do it. (see The Axis Of Evil, Evil Is As Evil Does, and Suffering In Utopia)

     Charge - The Republican Party hates women.

     Fact - Condoleezza Rice is an amazing, historical woman.  She was the first black woman appointed in two separate top government positions, U.S. National Security Advisor and U.S. Secretary of State.  She earned a Ph.D, is a concert pianist and speaks five languages.  She should be hailed as the poster woman of the Feminist movement, except she is also a Republican.  So instead of the liberal media covering her as an accomplished black woman, political cartoons used every racial stereotype they could come up with to degrade her while she was in office.  When Democrat President Bill Clinton was charged with sexual harassment and rape, the Democrats rallied around him claiming the women were whores, gold diggers, and liars.  They destroyed Linda Tripp, who brought the Monica Lewinsky ordeal to light, all while praising Clinton for being able to get a little on the side.  (see Suffering In Utopia)  The “fairness to women” Democratic Party still continues to rip Sarah Palin apart yet if any Republican says anything about a female liberal they are charged and convicted of sexism.  Former Obama Administration Green Czar Van Jones recently admitted to the left’s hysteria about Sarah, confessing she had them “shaking in their boots” but now that they have destroyed her, “the truth can be told.”  The facts clearly show that it is the Democrats who wage a War on Women while the Republicans fought for Women's Rights.  (see The Right's Fight For Rights)

     Charge - Republicans are all about big business.

     Fact - Some of the most influential businesses are run by Democrats.   Apple, Microsoft, the film industry, General Motors, Costco, Goldman Sachs, Comcast and AARP to name a few.  They have flooded the Democratic coffers with donations to make sure policies are passed to help keep them in the monopoly while destroying mom & pop businesses.  (see Net Neutrality: The Tie That Binds)  Small government Republicans obviously wouldn’t be supported by big businesses that need a big government to prevent competition.

     Charge - All Republicans want to do is just go to war.

     Fact - During the first 75 years of the 20th century, all of the major wars and conflicts America participated in were entered by Democrat presidents.  After campaigning never to go to war, Woodrow Wilson committed America to WWI a month after being inaugurated.  (see The Day America's Neutrality Sank)  Franklin D. Roosevelt entered WWII.  Due to the Pearl Harbor attack one could argue he had no choice.  (see A Date That Will Live In Infamy)  Harry S. Truman committed our soldiers to Korea and John F. Kennedy sent our boys to Vietnam.  It is true that Republicans did lead many of the conflicts with Islamic terrorists during the last quarter of the century but they are hardly the lone instigators in military use.

     If politicians and activists are lying about such important issues as these, what else are they lying about?

     Now, all this being said, Liberty, I believe the Republican Party has gravely lost its way and has abandoned its roots and principles over the last 25 years.  It is the very reason for the birth of the Tea Party conservative movement.  You must remember that as much as I can argue the problems in our political parties, we were never meant to put our faith and trust in them anyway.  

     God is our King.  God is our commander.  But more importantly, God is our Father.  His Word should be our guide and our moral compass.  Do we need government?  Unfortunately it is a “necessary evil”, but when it falls away from God’s loving direction for us, we must listen to our Father.  Do we purposely defy the government?  There are times, though few and far between, that we may have to do that, but we are also told that we must respect government as God has put our leaders in control.  We must pray for their safety and for wisdom even if we completely disagree with them.  We must also do our best to educate and inform ourselves and then our fellow citizens of the truth and become good and moral individuals.  If we do that we will demand moral, honest men and women to serve in our government offices, including local, state and national.  That is how real change starts, with knowing the truth and changing ourselves.

     That’s my 2 cents.