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Miracle Babies

Mother Now Has Healthy Twin Toddlers After Doctors Told her To Abort Them At 4 Months Pregnant - 2/18/2019

WALSH: Doctors Can Now Operate On Babies In Utero To Repair Birth Defects.  Science Is Rendering Abortion Obsolete. - 6/19/2019

I Was Supposed to Die in an Abortion, But I Survived Because God Had a Much Bigger Plan - 12/11/2019

Mom Refused To Abort Boy Born With Only 2 Percent Of His Brain - Now He Can Play Music - 8/27/2020

Mom Of Baby Without Forearms Pens Letter To Doctor Who Advised Abortion: 'I Remember You' - 6/9/2021

'1 Percent Chance' Baby Whose Mom Refused Abortion At 20 Weeks Thrives: 'Raise Awareness' - 11/23/2021

Boy With Less Than 1 Percent Survival Odds Breaks Record As World's Most Premature Baby - 12/6/2021

Baby Girl Born 13 Weeks Early Was Too Small For Doll Clothes, Now Thriving: 'Our Little Fighter' - 12/19/2021

Baby Born 14 Weeks Early Is Now A Thriving 5-Year-Old Inspiring Millions - 12/21/2021

Parents Chose Life For Baby With 3 Heart Defects And Organs Growing Outside Of Her Body - 1/13/2022

Mom Of 8 Says Advocation For Son With Down Syndrome Is Her 'Biggest Achievement' In Pro-Life Outreach - 2/16/2022

VIDEO: How This Uncle With Down Syndrome Cares For Sister's Kids, Proves Haters Wrong - 3/25/2022

Miracle Boy Celebrates Milestone Birthday After Doctors Told His Family He Wouldn't Live Past 12 - 4/17/2022

Girl Born With Heart Outside Her Chest Defies All Odds - 5/6/2022

3-Minute Story: Baby Whom Mom Tried To Abort Helped Save Millions Of Lives Once He Grew Up - 6/13/2022

Multiple-Abortion Survivor Says God Helped Her Forgive Birth Parents Who Did Everything To Abort Her - 6/16/2022

'She Is Just Perfect': Girl With '1-In A Million' Hair Disorder Embraces Resilience, Inspires Others - 7/17/2022

Newborn Stops Breathing For 20 Minutes But Makes Miracle Recovery, Leaving Doctors Baffled - 7/29/2022

When I Got Pregnant At 14, I Thought My Life Was Over. Then I Saw My Baby's Face - 9/21/2022

Parents Who Chose Adoption Over Abortion Stay Close To Their Son And His Loving Adoptive Family - 10/6/2022

Woman Who Conceived Twins In Rape Rejects Abortion, Shares How Her 21-Year-Old Twins Saved Her Life - 10/11/2022

Abortion Activists Don't Speak For This Rape Survivor Who Loved Her 'Innocent' Unborn Child - 10/28/2022

This Book Publisher Is Lucky He Wasn't Aborted - 11/18/2022

'Little Fighter' Preemie Baby Thrives After Surgeons Remove Spinal Tumor That Was Twice Her Weight - 12/3/2022

Baby Born 16 Weeks Premature With 10 Percent Survival Odds Is Now A Happy 2-Year-Old - 12/7/2022

Girl Born Blind With Neurological Condition Amazingly 'Cures Herself,' Learns To Walk,  Talk, Leaves Doctors In Disbelief - 12/15/2022

Healthy Twin Saves Her Sister's Life By Sending Out Distress Signals Forcing Doctors To Deliver Them Early - 12/17/2022

Mom Was Told Baby Died in The Womb, Gives Birth To Son 4 Weeks Later: 'My Christmas Miracle' - 1/5/2023

Mom With Heart-Shaped uterus Defies The Odds To Give Birth To One-In-500 Million Twins And They're Now 16 Months Old - 1/11/2023

Preemie Who Died At 21 Days Old 'Saved' His Twin And Mom After Pushing To Be Delivered Early - 1/25/2023

'Life Is A Miracle': Twin Abortion Survivor Shares Her Story Of Survival And How She Forgave Her Birth Mom - 1/27/2023

Baby Born Weighing Less Than A Loaf Of Bread And Given Only 10 Percent Survival Chance, Celebrates First Birthday - 4/17/2023

'Gift Of Faith': Pregnant From Rape, Mom Rejects Abortion, Places Son With A Family That Gives Priority Of God - 4/28/2023

Baby Born 12 Weeks Early Fits Entirely In Dad's Hands, Returns Home After 4 Months In NICU - 5/6/2023

Salt-N-Pepa Singer Rejected Demand To Have Abortion To Save Her Singing Career - 5/9/2023

In Their Short LIves, Anencephalic Children Give And Receive Love Like The Rest Of Us - 5/19/2023

Baby In The Womb Undergoes First-Of-Its-Kind Surgery To Place 23 Coils In Her Brain, Is Now Thriving - 5/29/2023

God's 15 Miracles: Abortion Survivor Tells How Her Dad's Prayers Doomed Her Mom's 6 Abortion Attempts - 6/22/2023