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Second Amendment: Good Guys With Guns

11-Year-Old Girl Nearly Kidnapped Walking To School, 2nd Amendment Hero Shows Up To Even The Odds - 4/9/2019

'Hero' Customer, A Licensed Gun Owner, Shoots 2 Robery Suspects At 7-Eleven: Reports - 7/26/2019

Off-Duty Firefighter Holds Armed Suspect In Body Armor At Gunpoint At Missouri Walmart - 8/8/2019

Armed Walmart Customer Saves Lives By Taking Out Active Shooter Inside Store - 9/7/2019

Dad Says God Bless The 2nd Amendment After Killing Naked Man Found In Daughter's Room - 5/17/2020

Armed Teacher Stops Alleged Kidnapping Attempt On School Playground - 5/27/2021

Intruder Tries Breaking Into Home Through Child's Bedroom Window. Homeowner Fires One Shot, Hitting Intruder In Head And Ending Threat. - 4/8/2022

Intruder Enters Home Wielding Large Stick, Locks Door, Orders Homeowner And Child To Get On Floor.  But Homeowner Grabs Gun, And The Tables Quickly Turn. - 4/25/2022

Intruder Breaks Into Texas Home With Mother And Her Three Children Inside.  But Mom Has A Gun - And Ends Threat With Deadly Shots. - 4/29/2022

Go Ahead And Shoot That Intruder - Its Okay - 5/11/2022

Crazed Man With AR15 Sprays Graduation Party With Bullets - Is Shot Dead By Woman With Pistol - 5/27/2022

'I Just Heard Screams': Mass Shooting In Philadelphia Leaves 3 Dead And 11 Wounded; Fast-Acting Cop Engages Shooter To Prevent More Deaths - 6/5/2022

Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 To Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter - 6/6/2022

Second Amendment In Action: Woman's Suspected Stalker Kicks In Front Door, She Shoots Him Dead - 6/7/2022

'It Was Me Or Him': Gun Owner Stands His Ground When Man Allegedly Tries To Break Into Home, Pulls Firearem - 6/9/2022

Two Teens - 15 And 16 - Force Their Way Into Home, Physically Attack Resident. But Victim Is Armed With Handgun And Shoots Intruders Dead. - 6/20/2022

'He's Back There Screaming': Homeowner Shoots One Of Two Intruders, Tells 911 'They Fell Out The Back Of The House Through The Sliding Glass Door' - 6/23/2022

Armed Philly Carjacker Pulls 59-Year-Old Man From Vehicle. But Victim - An Off-Duty Corrections Officer - Turns The Tables, Fires Multiple Times At Crook. - 6/26/2022

Two Homeowners In Same Florida City Engage In Shootouts With Intruders On Consecutive Days; One Suspect Charged WIth Attempted Murder, Another Is Shot Dead - 7/1/2022

Texas Dad Shoots Two Teens As They Try To Enter His Family's Car - Which Is Carrying Two Infants In Rear Seat - 7/12/2022

Video: It's All Smiles Before Crooks Invade Home; Seconds Later It's All Backsides As They Run For Their Lives From Homeowner Firing 'AK-47-Style Gun' At Them - 7/15/2022

Armed Homeowner Ends Neighborhood Crime Spree With Deadly Aim, Police Heard Just One Shot - 7/20/2022

Man Notices Something Wrong At Gas Station, 4 Shots Later He's A Hero - Another Good Guy With A Gun Saves The Day - 7/20/2022

As Afghanistan Vet Defends Home With AR-15-Style Rifle, Invaders Realize They Chose The Wrong House - 7/23/2022

Knife-Wielding Robber Attacks Texas Store Clerk. But Clerk Has A Gun, And She Fights Back - Shooting Her Attacker Multiple Times. - 7/29/2022

'He Shot My Arm Off': 80-Year-Old Shotgun-wielding Store Owner Prevents Armed Robbery - 8/2/2022

Researcher Alleges FBI Seriously Undercounts Armed Citizen Responses To Active Shootings, Real Number 3x Higher - 8/13/2022

Mom In Shower When Her Kids Start Screaming About Intruder. She Grabs her Gun, Faces Him Down, And Fatally Shoots Him When He Won't Stop Advancing. - 8/19/2022

Concealed-Carry Hero Takes Out Shooter Who Seriously Wounded Him, Killed Two At Party: 'If I Didn't Have My Gun, Everyone In The House Would Have Died' - 9/8/2022

Texas Mom Shoots Home Invader Through Door Of Debroom Where She And Her Kids Locked Themselves. Sheriff Says Mom 'Did What She Had To Do, And We Support Her.' - 10/27/2022

'Let Me In, I Will Kill You All': Armed Hasband Saves Barricaded Wife And Child From Knife-Wielding Menace - 10/29/2022

4 Armed Men Attempt To Carjack Young Woman, She Sends Them Running When She Puts Bullet In One's Head - 11/30/2022

Burglar Breaks Through Home's Second-Floor Bedroom Window Just Before Midnight - But Homeowner Has A Gun And Shoots Burglar Dead - 12/17/2022

Robber Pointing .45 At Store Clerk's Head Runs Into Big Problems When 3 Gun-Toting Customers Come To The Rescue - 1/11/2023

El Paso Mall Shooter Stopped Cold As Bystander Pulls His Own Weapon And Fires: Police - 2/19/2023

Man Allegedly Puts Woman In Choke Hold At Gas Station; She Excapes To Home, Where He Kicks In Doors. But Armed Homeowner Opens Fire, Ending Attack. - 2/27/2023

New Mexico Business Owner Shoots, Kills Alleged Robber Who Tunneled His Way Through Store's Wall - 4/28/2023

Would-Be Carjackers In Chicago Pick The Wrong Victim - A Concealed Carrier Who Turns The Tables By Pulling His Own Gun, Returning Fire, Wounding One Suspect - 5/30/2023

Gun-Toting Pregnant Woman, Her Husband Turn The Tables On Armed Felon Who Attacked, Threatened Them: 'I've Never Been Happier To Be A Gun Carrier' - 6/29/2023

Armed Man In Ski Mask Tries To Rob 3 Men In Chicago, But One Pulls Out A Gun And Puts Him In Critical Condition, Police Say - 7/6/2023

Wife Reportedly Sees Man Drive Through Her Yard, Exit Car, Force Her Husband To Ground, And Point Gun At His Head. So She Grabs Her Own Gun And Ends Threat Permanently. - 8/9/2023

Video Shows The Moment Hero Customer Guns Down Robber While Holding A Six-Pack Of Miller Lite Beer - 8/19/2023

Armed Thugs Try To Bust Down Apartment Door Until Texas Man Pulls Out His Gun: 'You The Dumbest F***ers!' - 8/23/2023

Armed Homeowner Forced To Make Split-Second Decision When Man breaks Into House: 'I Didn't Want To Kill Him' - 9/4/2023

Homeowner Shoots Intruder, ANd He Responds, 'You're Gonna Have To Kill Me.' So Homeowner Shoots Him Again, Police Say. - 9/14/2023

Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Saves The Day After Robber Pistol-Whips Family Dollar Clerk And Grabs Cash, Police Say - 9/21/2023

Gun-Toting LA Homeowner Who Opened Fire On Intruders Says His Concealed Carry Permit Was Just Revoked - 11/17/2023

The Houston Grand Jury That Cleared Taqueria Hero Knows Good Guys With Guns Stop Crime - 1/5/2024

Check Out 14 Times Regular Folks Turned The Tables On Violent Crooks Over The Last Year: 'Thank God We Had Our Guns' - 2/2/2024

Texas Woman Who Was Drugged, Kidnapped Shot Her Attacker Dead: Police - 3/17/2024

Intruder With Previous Aggrevated Battery Charges Won't Leave Home's Doorway, Says Homeowner Has To Shoot. Homeowner Obliges. - 4/3/2024

Violent Home Intruder Handcuffs 85-Year-Old Woman, But She Grabs Her .357 Magnum Revolver And Shoots Him Dead, Idaho Police Say - 4/11/2024