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Second Amendment: Gun Control & Red Flag Laws: Court Rulings

Judge Tosses Gun Control Law, Rules That Town Cannot Enact Ban - 3/23/2019

Federal Judge Strikes Down California's 'Unconstitutional' Assault Weapons Ban, Torches Media - 6/5/2021

9th Circuit Court Rules Against Blue California - It Just Shut Down Their Unconstitutional Closure Of Gun Stores - 1/21/2022

Breaking: Supreme Court Strikes Down New York Gun Control Law In Major Gun Rights Victory - 6/23/2022

Breaking: Newly Leaked Documents Reveal NYPD Assume Carrying A Firearem Illegal Until Proven Otherwise Despite SCOTUS Ruling - 9/1/2022

Federal Judge Strikes Down Law Barring Gun Sales To Young Adults - 5/15/2023

Supreme Court Ruling Means NYC's Restrictions On Gun Licensing Are Unconstitutional: Federal Judge - 10/28/2023

Appeals Court Rules Against 'Limitless' Biden ATF Rule Changing The Definition Of Firearm - 11/11/2023

Supreme Court Declines To Block Illinois 'Assault Weapons' Ban - 12/14/2023

Federal Judge Blocks California Law Limiting The Carrying Of Firearms In Public - 12/20/2023

Mother Of Michigan School Shooter Found Guilty Of Involunatry Manslaughter - First Parent In American History To Be Convicted In Mass Shooting Carried Out By Child - 2/6/2024

Mother Of Michigan School Shooter Found Guilty Of Manslaughter - 2/6/2024

Hawaii Supreme Court Controversially Rejects Second Amendment Right, Rules "In Hawaii, There Is No State Constitutional Right To Carry A Firearm In Public" - 2/8/2024

Hawaii Supreme Court Bucks SCOTUS, Says 'Spirit Of Aloha Clashes' With 2nd Amendment Right - 2/9/2024

Illegal Immigrant Can Carry Guns: Federal Judge - 3/18/2024

Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns, Obama-Appointed Judge Rules - 3/19/2024

Judge Sentnces Parents Of Michigan School Shooter To 10-15 Years In Prison - 4/9/2024

Parents Of Michigan School Shooter Ethan Crumbley Both Sentenced To 10-15 Years For Involuntary Manslaughter - 4/9/2024

Michigan School Shooter's Parents Sentenced To 10-15 Years In Prison - 4/9/2024