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Censoring, Fake News & Propaganda: Social Media

Facebook 'Fact Checker' Worked At Wuhan Biolab; Ruled Out Virus-Leak While 'Debunking' Articles - 4/17/2020

TECH TYRANNY: Twitter Suspends Account and YouTube Removes Video of Biotech Company That Created COVID-19 Treatment Using UV Light In Lungs - 4/25/2020

YouTube Removed The Viral Video Of Frontline Doctors Calling For An End TO Quarantine And Comparing COVID-19 To The Flu - 4/28/2020

YouTube Deletes Video 'Plandemic' With Dr. Mikovits Accusing Dr. Fauci Of Corruption And Suppressio - Not Approved By Thought Police - 5/6/2020

Ghoulish Fact-Checkers At Twitter Slap 'Misleading' Label On Obituary Of Mom Who Died From Vaccine-Induced Blood Clot - 10/4/2021

Biden Regime To Monitor Private Communications, Calls On SMS Carriers To "Dispel Misinformation About Vaccines That Is Sent Over Social Media And Text Messages" - 7/12/2021

Federal Judge Gives Facebook, Twitter & Google Terrible News...Turn Over The Evidence! - 10/25/2021

Key Scientist Behind mRNA Vaccines Kicked Off Twitter After Speaking Out Against COVID Vax - 12/30/2021

BREAKING: Biden's 'Personal Gestapo' Demands Big Tech Turn In Publishers Of COVID 'Misinformation' - 3/4/2022

Federal Pressure On Big Tech To Censor COVID-19 'Misinformation' Violates Constitution: Lawsuit - 3/26/2022

Twitter Won't Explain Throttling Tweet On FDA Limiting J&J COVID Vaccine For 'Blood Clot Risk' - 5/6/2022

Creepy Bill Gates Plans To Hire A 3,000-Person Social Media Team To Push Vaccines And Suppress Any Differing Information - 5/7/2022

Censorship? Website Pulls 'Potentially Harmful' Study That Goes Against COVID Narrative - 6/22/2022

Twitter 'Silenced' Physicians Who Posted Truthful Information About COVID, Lawsuit Alleges - 7/1/2022

Censored Doctors Join AGs' Lawsuit Against Feds For Big Tech Collusion, New Officals Sued - 8/3/2022

Twitter Threatened With Class-Action Suit For Censoring Doctors Who Question COVID Vaccines - 8/4/2022

Judge Orders Fauci To Cough It Up - 9/8/2022

Twitter Blocks FL Surgeon General's Disputed Warning Of 'Increased Risk Of Cardiac-Related Death' From Vaccine, Then Makes A Huge Reversal - 10/9/2022

Read The Florida Surgeon General's Tweet About Men's Post-Covid Vaxx Death Risk Twitter Tried To Hide - 10/10/2022