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Hillary's Claim That Russia Interfered In Election Allowed, But Social Media Shuts Down Trump's Voter Fraud Claim - 11/11/2020

Capitol Police Chief Fires Back After US Attorney Refuses To Charge Stephen Colbert Staffers Arrested At Capitol Office Building - 7/20/2022

How Broken Is The FBI? Guess Whose Bedroom They Rifled Through Looking For Criminal Evidence, Hunter Biden Or Barron Trump? - 9/4/2022

The Brief: It Was Okay For Bill Clinton to Keep Presidential Records, But Not Trump? - 9/28/2022

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Asks Joe Biden's Asst. AG, Delaware AG And IRS To Go After Individuals Close To President Trump Who Shared Information From His Laptop - 2/1/2023

Democrat Rep's Trans Adult Child Assaults Police, The Outcome Will Make Your Blood Boil - 5/7/2023

Durham Report: FBI Displayed 'Markedly Different' Treatment Of Clinton, Trump Campaigns - 5/15/2023

Don't Miss The Most Damning Durham Finding - 5/17/2023

Second Trump Indictment Is Proof Of Two-Tiered Justice System - 6/9/2023

CNN Reporter Tries To Slam McCarthy Over Trump's Handling Of Classified Docs - But McCarthy Turns The Tables On The Liberal Cable Network - 6/13/2023

'Kodak Was Charged For The Same Crime': Hip Hop Star's Lawyer Condemns Hunter Biden Plea Deal - 6/21/2023

Hunter Biden Case Uncovers New, Unequal Justice In America - 6/21/2023

With New Evidence, Congress Unmasks A Multi-Year Government Plot To Protect Biden, Sully Trump - 6/26/2023

Millions More Spent On Trump Investigations Than On Biden Document Probe, Records Show - 7/8/2023

Hunter Biden's Lawyers Demand Donald Trump Alter His Language On Social Media - 7/14/2023

Hours After Secret Service Closes Investigation - McCarthy Delivers A Scathing Truth Bomb - 7/14/2023

More On Dirty Chris Wray: FBI Chief Used Agent Brian Auten To Investigate Mar-A-Lago After He Suppressed Hunter Laptop Info And Participated In Crossfire Hurricane Attempted Coup Of Presdient Trump (Video) - 7/14/2023

Nets Spend 527 Minutes On Trump Indictment, 9 Seconds On Biden Burisma Bribery - 7/18/2023

Priorities: CNN, MSNBC Hit Trump With 9x More Coverage Than IRS Whistleblowers - 7/20/2023

'The FBI Has Nothing To Stand On': Rep. Byron Donalds Calls Out DOJ For 'Obstructing Justice' - 7/21/2023

Nets Spend ZERO Seconds On Biden Burisma Bribery - 6/22/2023

Hunter Biden Prosecutor Once Demanded Jail Time For Tax Cheat With Similar Charges - 7/30/2023

MSNBC Trashes Trump Raisiug Biden-Ukraine Connection, Fails to Mention Devon Archer - 7/31/2023

CNN & MSNBC Barely Mention Archer, Instead Bring Up Trump 759 Times - 7/31/2023

'Two Standards Of Justice': DeSantis Says Hunter Biden 'Would Be In Jail By Now' If He Was A Republican - 7/31/2023

Man Who Did Jail Time Over Illegal Donations Criticizes DOJ's Treatment Of Hunter Biden - 8/2/2023

Blinken Roasted Over Statement Condemning Russia Convictig Opposition Leader Navalny On "Politically Motivated Charges" While Biden Admin Persecutes Trump - 8/5/2023

While Trump Faces Host Of Charges, None Filed In Biden Special Counsel Probe On Classified Memos - 8/6/2023

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Same DOJ Attorney Prosecuting President Trump, Declined To Prosecute Andrew McCabe For Lying Under Oath, Gave Imran Awan Sweetheart Deal, And More - 8/6/2023

VENTRY: The Problematic Prosecutors In The Case Against Trump - 8/7/2023

Two-Tiered Justice System: Stewart Rhodes Stood Outside US Capitol On Jan. 6 - Gets 18 Years In Prison ...Leftist Patricia Enguino Stood Outside US Capitol On Jan 6 - Gets Elected Commissioner - 8/7/2023

The Ruling Class's Two-Tier System Will Drive Ordinary People To Radicalization - 8/10/2023

The Select Few Who Can Make Presidential Death Threats & Not Get Slain By FBI - 8/11/2023

D.C. Authoritied 'Selectively Enforced' Defacement Rules Against Pro-Life Groups Over BLM Protestors, Court Rules - 8/15/2023

Washington DC 'Selectively Enforced' Ordinance Against Pro-Life Group While Ignoring BLM Protesters: Federal Appeals Court - 8/16/2023

'Blind Eye To Corruption': Comer Rips DOJ For Allegedly Obstructing IG Investigation Into Hunter Biden Probe - 8/23/2023

DOJ Prosecutor Who Allegedly Refused To Charge Hunter Biden Made His Career Going After Financial Crimes - 8/24/2023

Clinton Judge Refused To Hear Pro-Life Rescuers' First Amendment Defenses, Then Locked Them Up Immediately After DC Jury Found Them Guilty Of Protesting At Infamous Late-Term Abortion Clinic - 8/30/2023

Female Migrant Accused Of Slapping NYPD Cop Gets Released Without Bail - 9/4/2023

J6ers Get Domestic Terrorist Treatment From Two-Tiered Justice System After 'Summer Of Love' Terrorists Get Slapped On The Wrist - 9/5/2023

Welcome To Liberal Justice: Run Over A Teen Boy And Kill Him For Being A Republican, 5 Years... Get Convicted For A Riot In Washington When You Were In Baltimore, 22 Years - 9/10/2023

Can't Make This Up: FBI Agent In Hunter Biden Investigation Who Disputes IRS Whistleblower Over Key Meeting With Weiss Warned Gun Criminals Last Year: "Gun Crime Equals Federal Time. Which Means No Paraole" - 9/12/2023

Trump On Hunter Biden Being Indicted: His Plea Agreement Was 'The Deal Of The Century' - 9/17/2023

Democrats' Double Standard On Judical Impartiality Is Obvious From Wisconsin To Washington - 9/18/2023

Ray Epps Charged With A Misdemeanor For His Alleged Role In January 6th Riot - 9/19/2023

On The Darkest Day In Amerian History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal - 9/19/2023

Under Our Civil Rights Regime, Fake Murderes Are Punished And Real Murders Aren't Worth Mentioning - 9/19/2023

'Unequal Application Of The Law': Jim Jordan Previews Plans To Grill Merrick Garland During Testimony - 9/19/2023

Biden, Whose Son Presently Faces Felony Gun Charges, To Announce Creation Of A Federal Gun Control Office Ahead Of 2024 Election: Report - 9/20/2023

'Would Have Sent Hunter Biden A Subpoena By Now': Matt Gaetz Blasts McCarthy On Impeachment, Says He's 'Not Serious' - 9/24/2023

As Biden Allows Illegals To Pour Over The Border, Homeschooling Family Faces Deportation - 9/25/2023

OUTRAGEOUS! Brothers Who Killed Ethan Liming, Stomped On His Chest, Broke His Neck And Took His Car Aquitted Of Involuntary Manslaughter Charges - 9/25/2023

Polls Show Democrat Campaign Strategy Of Indicting Political Opponents Has Backfired Horrifically - 9/25/2023

ProPublica Smear Of Justice Thomas Reveals A Partisan Double Standard For SCOTUS - 9/28/2023

IRS Contractor Charged With Single Criminal Count For Leaking Trump's Tax Records And 'Thousands' Of Others - 9/30/2023

Biden DOJ's Response To Pregnancy Center Attacks Shows 'Double Standard,' Pro-Life Advocates And Legal Experts Say - 10/1/2023

Guest Schools Bill Maher, Sam Harris Over Double Standard Media Give Biden After Speaking Truth About Trump-Russia Lie - 10/2/2023

IRS Contractor Charged With One Count For Allegedly Leaking Tax Info Of 'High-Ranking' Official - Believed To Be Trump - And 'Thousands' Of Wealthiest Americans - 10/2/2023

Leftist NYC Professor Caught On Camera Holding Machete To Reporter's Neck Avoids Jail Time With Plea Deal - 10/3/2023

After Ignoring Violent BLM Riots, FBI Targets Trump Supporters For Breaking Anti-Riot Laws - 10/4/2023

Corrupt Media Declared Trevor Bauer Guilty Until Proven Innocent - And Ruined His Life - 10/4/2023

Far-Left Philly DA Actually Says Suspected Looters Who Are 'Fundamentally Law-Abiding People' Will Be Prosecuted Differently Than 'Criminals' - 10/10/2023

Outrageous. Sheriff's Deputy Colton McAbee Found Guilty Of Five Felonies In DC Kangaroo Court After He Attempted To Rescue And Revive Rosanne Boyland On Jan. 6 - Media Ignores His Heroic Actions - 10/11/2023

BREAKING: Police Rush To Contain Hundreds Of Pro-Palestinian 'Insurrectionists' Occupying U.S. Capitol Office Building - 10/18/2023

Pro-Ceasefire Protestors Overrun Capitol Hill Demanding end To Israel-Hamas Conflict, Arrests Made - 10/18/2023

Viral Meme-Maker Who Joked About Hillary Clinton Sentenced to 7 Months In Prison For 'Election Interference' - 10/18/2023

Rep Rashida Tlaib Incites Protesters To Riot And Take Over The Capitol: When Will She Be Indicted? - 10/19/2023

He's Going To Prison For Twitter Trolling. That's Not Justice. - 10/20/2023

IRS Leaker Who Stole Trump's Tax Returns Gets 'Slap On The Wrist' From Biden DOJ - 10/27/2023

Media Has 'Tip-Toed Around' Murder Of White Man By Black Suspects Because Of Race, Writer Claims - 11/16/2023

Special Counsel Lets Biden Off Scot-Free In Classified Docs Case While DOJ Tries To Imprison Trump For The Same Thing - 11/16/2023

Pedophile Knocked Out In Courtroom By His Victim After Judge Hands Down No Jail Time Sentence - 11/23/2023

Constitution Scholar: Lawfare Punishing Me For Advising Trump Will Cost Me $3 Million - 11/27/2023

German Judge Lets 8 Men Who Gang-Raped Girl Walk Free - 12/4/2023

Four Times-Deported Illegal Immigrant Wanted For Rape Released From Jail Before ICE Nabbed Him - 12/4/2023

Duo Plead Guilty To Burning Down Atlanta Wendy's During BLM Riot; Face No Jail Time And A $500 Fine - 12/4/2023

New House Report Asserts Special Treatment For Hunter Biden By DOJ And FBI - 12/5/2023

Secret Service Probing John Schneider After 'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star Said Bidens Should Be 'Publicly Hung' - 12/22/2023

Tim Pool Breaks Democratic Activist's Brain With Question About Derek Chauvin Trial - 12/27/2023

'Racial Justice' And 'Equity' Equal Death In George Floyd Country - 1/2/2024

Joe Biden Apparently Helped Hunter Defy A Subpoena, So Why Is Trump The One Charged With Obstructing Justice? - 1/3/2024

BLM Protesters Who Participated In 2020 Riots Will Receive $10 Million From Seattle - 1/25/2024

Trump Tax Leaker Gets The Hunter Biden Treatment With 'Sweetheart Deal' From DOJ - 1/26/2024

Christian Navy Veteran Charged With Hate Crime For Beheading Demon Statue At Iowa Capitol - 1/31/2024

Jim Jordan Rips DOJ For Indicting Biden FBI Informant While Letting Steele Dossier Author Off The Hook - 2/21/2024