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Schools & Mass Shootings: Allen, Texas Mall Shoooting

Update: Police Investigating Mass Shooting At Texas Premuim Outlet Mall, 8 People Killed, Shooter 'Neutralized' By Officer - 5/6/2023

UPDATE: NINE DEAD Including Shotter At Allen Premium Mall In Allen, Texas - At Least Three More IN Critical Condition - 5/6/2023

BREAKING: Texas State Law Enforcement Identifies Shooter Responsible For Killing Eight People At Allen Premium Mall In Allen, Texas - 5/7/2023

Far Left Washington Post Clings To Political Narrative-Claims Texas Mall Shooter May Have Had Neo-Nazi Beliefs - 5/7/2023

Allen Outlet Mall Shooter: Male, Dressed In Black, Wearing Tactical Gear With Likely Tattoo On HIs Hand - The Allen Mall Is A Gun-Free Zone - 5/7/2023

Feds Investigating Whether Hispanic Texas Mall Mass Shooter Mauricio Garcia Expressed Interest In White Supremacy - 5/8/2023

'White Supremacy' In Hispanic Shooter But Not Trans Murderer's Anti-Christian Hate? - 5/8/2023

Texas Mall Shooter Mauricio Garcia Was Tossed From Army Over 'Mental Health Concerns' - 5/8/2023

Suspected Texas Shooter Was Kicked Out Of US Army - 5/8/2023

Officials Investigating Russian Social Media Account For Potential Links To Texas, Mall Shooter - 5/8/2023

New Evidence Reveals Deep State Behind "Hispanic Nazi Mass Shooter" Conspiracy - Photos Came From Previously Unrelated NY Post Article - COMPLETE LIES! - 5/9/2023

Hero Police Officer Who Took Down TX Mall Shooter And Ran Into Rifle Fire As Everyone Else Ran Away Is Requesting Privacy As He "Processes This Life-Altering Tragedy" - 5/9/2023

Elon Musk Calls The Allen Texas Mall Shooter Narrative "A Very Bad Psyop" - 5/9/2023

Ana Navarro Of 'The View' Says Blacks/Hispanics Not 'Immune' From Being 'White Supremacist' (VIDEO) - 5/9/2023

Texas Police Department Directly Calls Out Mass Shooting WItness Who Used Tragedy To Push Gun Control - 5/16/2023

Elon Musk Hits Back At CNBC Reporter Over Claims That Hispanic Texas Mall Shooter Was A 'White Supremacist': 'Bull****' - 5/17/2023