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2020 Elections: Dominion & Voting Machines

- FoxNews Lawsuit

Georgia Lkely To Plow Ahead With Buying Insecure Voting Machines - 3/28/2019

Georgia Leaders Losing Battles To Hide Their Dominion Connections - 11/21/2020

Big News: Judge Orders Forensic Audit Of 22 Dominion Machines In Michigan, Trump Lawyers Celebrate - 12/7/2020

MI Attorney Matthew DePerno: Dominion CEO Did Not Tell The Truth About "Sealed And Locked Ballot" Machines In Antrium CO...Photos Taken During Inspection Reveal Missing Seal - 12/16/2020

Revealed: Former Kemp Staffer Helped Dominion Land $107 Million Contract With Georgia - QUITE The Deal! - 12/18/2020

FORENSIC EVIDENCE: Dominion Voting Machines Had Unauthorized "Implant" - 5/5/2021

Georgia Plot Thickens For Raffensperger, Kemp, RunBeck, Dominion And China Connections - 6/20/2021

Flashback: Democrats Railed Against Voting Machines, Admitted They Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

Flashback: Democrats Said Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

BOOM! New Report Claims Massive Amount Of Election Data Was "Deleted" And "Destroyed" By SOS's Office And Dominion - 9/25/2021

Ex-Dominion Director Admits To Being Anti-Trump Radical Lewftist In Deposition (VIDEO) - 10/13/2021

BOMBSHELL VIDEOS: Fmr DOMINION Director Deposition Leaked! Verifies Devastating TRUTHS - 10/12/2021

What Are You Hiding, Joe? Biden Admin Begs Court To Bury Bombshell Report On Dominion Voting Machines - 2/15/2022

So Much For Secure: Dems Tell Biden He 'Must' Spend Huge Amount To Stop Hacking Of Voting Machines - 2/18/2022

Democrats And Dominion Now Trying To Stop 2020 Election Audit In New Mexico - US House Oversight Committee Getting Involved - 3/20/2022

BREAKING..."It's Over!" Mike Lindell To Steve Bannon: Part III Of Independent Mesa Co., CO Forensic Exam Report FINALLY Provides Evidence His Team's Been Waiting For [VIDEO] - 3/22/2022

Bombshell Admission - Biden FEC Nominee ADMITS Filing Legal Document Attesting Voting Machines Illegally Switched Vote From One Candidate To Another - 4/6/2022

BOMBSHELL: Biden FEC Nominee ADMITS Her Name Is On Legal Document Attesting Voting Machines Used In GA ILLEGALLY SWITCHED VOTES From One Candidate To Another [VIDEO] - 4/6/2022

REMINDER: Voting Machine Systems Include A 'Weighted Race' Feature That Allows For Vote Transfers Between Candidates - 4/24/2022

New Mexico Audit Identifies Feature In Dominion Voting Machines That Allows Ballots To Be Filled Out By Machine Itself - 5/10/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Based On A Thorough Review Of Election Regulations, Not A Single Voting System Testing Lab Used In The 2020 Election Was Accredited Based On The Law (Part 1) - 5/15/2022

HUGE! CNN Admits Dominion Voting Software Has Flaws That Can Be Exploited - THEN WHY ARE WE USING THEM? - 5/29/2022

Missouri Secretary Of State John R. Ashcroft Issues Statement On Vulnerabilities Of Dominion Voting Systems - 6/5/2022

Dominion Voting Machine Bought For $7.99 At Goodwill And Sold On eBay For $1,200 - 9/4/2022

Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems Over Alleged 'Severe Anomalies' In 2020 Voter Data - 9/22/2022

When A 'Conspiracy Theory' Turns Out To Be...Not A Theory - 10/5/2022

LACAG: Louisiana's SOS Kyle Ardoin Is For The Third Time Pushing Dominion Voting Machines For The State's Elections - 2/15/2023

UPDATED: Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Labeled "Made In China", A Pallet Of Ballots Unsealed, Passwords And Flashdrives Laying Around tabulation Room - 2/19/2023

EXPLOSIVE: Halderman Report Released In Georgia - Confirms VOTES CAN BE ALTERED Through Defective Dominion Voting Machines - Rafensperger Hid This From Public - Garland Favorito Weighs In - 6/15/2023

BIG: Halderman Report Reveals Georgia's Dominion Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Changed, Elections Can Be Altered! - SOS Raffensperger Hid The Report And Now Will Not Install Security Patches For 2024 Election - 6/15/2023

Georgia Won't Update Dominion Voting Machines Before 2024, Despite Cybersecurity Expert Warnings - 6/21/2023

The Kennesaw State University Election Hacks In Georgia: Another FBI Cover Up, Attacks Whistleblowers Instead - 8/21/2023

Hunter Biden Listed As Creditor On Rudy Giuliani's Bankruptcy Filing - 12/21/2023  

Georgia Secretary Of State Refuses To Testify Under Oath About Security Of State's Voting Machines - 12/27/2023