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2020 Elections: Paused & Late Night Counting

Americans Suspicious And Outraged After Key Dem-Run Cities STOP Counting Votes On Election Day - 11/4/2020

Why Did Georgia, Pennsylvania Centers Pause Vote Counting? - 11/4/2020

The Great Election Night 'Pause' In Vote Counting - 11/4/2020

SUSPICIOUS: Biden Got 100% Of Votes In Wisconsin, Michigan During Late Night Vote Counting - 11/4/2020

BREAKING: Trump Campaign Files Suit In Michigan After Massive Dump Of Ballots For Biden Suddenly Appear Overnight - 11/4/2020

When The Vote Counting Stopped On Election Night, These Were The Numbers - 11/9/2020

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Analysis Of Election Night Data From All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched From President Trump To Biden Or Were Lost - 11/10/2020

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Reversals And Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia On Election Night After 11PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred In This State Too - 11/15/2020

WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 7: Wisconsin, Like MI, GA, PA And VA, Caught Doing The 'Drop And Roll' Too - Once Biden Gained Lead With MASSIVE Vote Dumps, The Rest Of Votes All Possessed Same Biden To Trump Vote Ratio - THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! - 11/18/2020

Video Evidence Shows Georgia Poll Workers Pulling Out Suitcases Of Ballots (VIDEO) - 12/3/2020

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Election Workers Pull Out SUITCASES Full Of  Ballots In Georgia (VIDEO) - 12/4/2020

BREAKING: Georgia Poll Worker At Center Of Ballot Controversy Abruptly Cancels Interview, Lawyers Up - 12/7/2020

Joe Biden Awards Infamous 2020 Election Workers With Presidential Citizens Medals - 1/6/2023