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2020 Elections: Georgia: Fraudulent Votes

Giuliani Presents Video 'Evidence' Of Ballot Fraud From Atlanta To Senate Judiciary Subcommittee That Shows 'Georgia Official Clear The Room And Then Unload And Count Votes Without A Supervisor' - 12/4/2020

It's Happening Again - Total Vote Counts In Georgia Senate Race Reported At 79% Then Suddenly Reduced To 76% - 1/6/2021

Breaking News: Thousands Of Fraudulent Ballots Found In Georgia - 7/14/2021

Chairman Of GA GOP: Fulton County Told Observers To Leave, 'Continued To Count Ballots In Secret' - 11/4/2020

Georgia Republican Poll Watcher Discovered Recount Error Of By More Than 9,000 Votes For Biden - 11/18/2020

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Georgia Poll Workers Pull Out And Count Suitcases Of Secret Ballots -- 12/3/2020

Video Evidence Shows Georgia Poll Workers Pulling Out Suitcases Of Ballots - 12/3/2020

BREAKING: Georgia Poll Worker At Center Of Ballot Controversy Abruptly Cancels Interview, Lawyers Up - 12/7/2020

[VIDEO] Georgia Election Worker Cancels TV Interviews And Lawyers Up - 12/7/2020

Shocking New Data From 2020 Election Show Mind-Boggling Number Of Fraudulent Votes - 2/16/2022

More Than 300,000 Votes Unverified In Georgia's Fulton County In 2020, New Complaint Alleges - 4/20/2022

Georgia Appeals Court Feinstates Fulton County 2020 Election Case - 1/12/2023

"We Had Witnesses" - UPDATE: Amistad Attorney Phill Kline Reacts To The USPS Investigation On Oct. 2020 ballot Deliveries Vindicating Driver Jesse Morgan - 6/5/2023

Part 4: Nothing Adds Up In Fulton County... 17K Missing Ballot Images, 10 "Phantom" Tabulators That Account For 20K Votes, And More - 9/13/2023

BREAKING: Fulton County, Georgia Attorneys Resign - Reportedly Related To Conflicts - 11/12/2023

Georgia's Ruby Freeman Says She Doesn't Want To Talk With "WHITE GUYS" - 11/14/2023

Giuliani Ordered To Pay $148 Milion To Former Georgia Elections Workers - 12/15/2023

Rudy Giuliani To Newsmax: D.C. Verdict Only Proved It's 'A Fascist Court' - 12/18/2023

Hunter Biden Listed As Creditor On Rudy Giuliani's Bankruptcy Filing - 12/21/2023  

Rudy Giuliani Files For Bankruptcy, Citing Liabilities Of Up To $500 Million: Court Filing - 12/21/2023