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Following Biden's Lead, More Democrats Begin Spreading Fears 2022 Midterms Could Be 'Illegitimate' - 1/24/2022

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Facebook Joins Twitter And Announces Its Plans To Influence 2022 Midterm Elections - 8/22/2022

Historically Black Mississippi Churches Set Aflame On Election Day.  Democrat Candidate Calls It 'Terrorism' To 'Suppress Our Right To Vote' - Then Suspect Is Arrested. - 11/10/2022

Democrat Operatives Are Running Swing-State PR Campaigns Disguised As Local News - 10/7/2022

Veterans, Law Enforcement Team Up To Volunteer As Poll Workers In Election Integrity Initiative - 10/7/2022

China Conducting Influence Campaigns To Interfere In US Midterm Elections: Report - 10/14/2022

Whistleblower: FBI Election-Meddles Again By Targeting Info Democrats Don't Like Under 'Election Crimes' - 10/28/2022

Congressional Republicans Deploy Election Observers To Tight Races, Investigate Irregularities - 10/31/2022

GOP Activists: Thousands Of Poll Watchers May Be Deployed For 2022 Midterms - 10/31/2022

Bullet Enters Home Just Feet Away From Where GOP Candidate's Children Were Sleeping; Investigation Ongoing - 11/4/2022

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