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Weaponization Committee Hearing: Government Agencies  

House Representative Warns Twitter Execs They Could Go To Jail; FBI Responds To Allegations Of Censorship - 2/8/2023

GOP Senators Testify On FBI In First 'Weaponization' Panel Hearing - 2/9/2023

NASTY Rep. Jamie Raskin Who Is Part Of Gang Criminally Persecuting Jan 6 Prisoners Complains About Imprisoning Political Enemies - 2/10/2023

Congress Takes First Shot At Federal Censorship: A Moratorium On DOJ Payments To Social Media - 2/18/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Former Head Of Disinformation Governance Board Nina Jankowicz - 3/6/2023

'Weaponization' Subcommittee Alleges FTC 'Harassment' Of Musk-Owned Twitter - 3/8/2023

Feds Weaponized War On Terror's 'Psychological Manipulation' Against Americans, Congress Told - 3/9/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas FTC Because It "Harassed" Twitter After Elon's Takeover - "Abuse" Of Authority - 4/13/2023

Top Biden Agencies Hit With Subpoenas Over Social Media 'Censorship' Coordination - 4/28/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Three Federal Agencies For Docs On Censorship - 4/28/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas CDC Diretor Rochelle Walensky, Other Top Agencies For Documents Related To Social Media Censorship - 4/28/2023

Amid Attacks On Lawmakers, Captiol Police Chief Says Force Now Nationwide 'Protective Agency' - 5/16/2023

BREAKING: Rep Anna Paulina Luna Says The FBI Is Afraid Their Biden Informant Will Be Killed If Unmasked - 6/5/2023

Rep. Jim Jordan Accuses Federal Agency Of 'Partisan' Regulation Of 'Elon Musks' Twtitter' - 6/8/2023

Biden Administration 'Colluded' With Big Tech To Censor Americans, House Lawmakers Report Says - 6/26/2023

DHS Outsourced Censorship To Third Parties, Then Tried To Cover It Up: House Judiciary GOP Report - 2/26/2023

Biden Admin Grew Censorship Complex To Silence True But Inconvenient 'Malinformation,' House Committee Shows - 6/27/2023

House Lawmakers Demand Transparency From DOJ Investigator Reviewing IRS Whistleblower Allegations - 8/22/2023

Cyber Agency Tried To Hide 'Unconstitutional Outsourcing' Of Censorship Amid Backlash: GOP Report - 7/1/2023