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Global Warming

NASA Has More Evidence Volcanic Activity Is Heating Up Antarctica's Ice Sheets

97% Of Scientists Agree Global Warning Is Real And Man-Made?  Yeah, Not So Much...

People’s Climate March Wants To Change The System, Not the Weather

More Man-Caused Disaster in The Golden State

Climate Change Skeptics Call Out Marchers’ ‘Hypocrisies’

Quick Once Nation Rally vs. Restore Honor Rally Comparison

Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic

California Water Crisis is a Man-Made Disaster

The Scientific Method

Obama’s Alternative Energy Bankruptcies

Robert F Kennedy Jr loses his cool and grabs mic from reporter pushing him about his own carbon footprint

Reason If You Will: “Settled Science” = Oxymoron

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Global Warming Scare

New Study Crushes Global Warming Data Claims

Global Temperature Data Falsified For Years To Show "Warming”

Congratulations On 25 Years Of Global Warming Hysteria!

Debunking The Myth Of Man-Made Global Warming

Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming A $22 Billion Scam”

Global Warming Data Is Mostly Made Up

Arctic Sea Ice Too Thick For Icebreakers

Prominent Liberal Physicist: GOP On The "Right Side" Of Global Warming

Greenpeace Founder Says The Earth Is Experiencing Extreme Cooling!

Is Global Warming Science Falsifiable? If No, Then It's Not Science

Climate Scientists Dismantle Manmade Theory Of Global Warming

Even Warmed Up Satellite Temperature Data Isn't Close To What Climate Models Predicted

Author Of Anti-Fracking Study Had Financial Ties To Green Activists

The Inconvenient Facts The Media Ignore About Climate Change

Weather Channel Founder Slams Bill Nye: Calls Him 'A Pretend Scientist In A Bow Tie'

After 10 Years Al Gore's "An Invonvenient Truth" Is Still Startlingly Innacurate

Al Gore's Prediction For December 2017 Was Way, WAY Off The Mark

Remember When The Founder Of Earth Day Composted His Girlfriend?

If Not Man & Carbon Dioxide CO2, What Is The Driver Of Climate Change?

Scientists Caught Scamming taxpayers Out Of $11 MILLION!

New Report About Antarctica Is Horrible News For Global Warming Alarmists

A Meteorologist Responds To The Claim That Winter Storms Mean Climate Change

Science Writer Points Out What We're All Thinking About Climate Change Experts

NYT Columnist Stephens Says There Are Still Questions About Global Warming Predictions.  The Left Loses Its Mind.  Here's Why They're Full Of It.

FLASHBACK: Earth Day Founder Was So Into Recycling, He Composted His Girlfriend

Evironmentalism: The Four-Part Series

New Study: Global Warming Is 'Not As Bad As We Thought'

Scientists Reveal That We're Not Going To Die From Climate Change Anytime Soon

Florida Schools Break Law By Pushing Lies About Evolution & Climate Change

WALSH: Quit The Hysterics.  America Is Responsible For Almost None Of The Plastic In The Ocean.

Uh-Oh For Environmentalists: U.N. Climate Change Group Implicitly Admits Extreme Weather Events Not Increasing, Not Caused By Greenhouse Gases

Math Error: Scientists Admit 'Mistakes' Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study

BBC Finally Admits Ocean Warming Study Had Huge Error