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'World's Largest Paedophile Ring' Uncovered - 3/16/2011

While Mainstream Media Obsesses Over Russia, Trump's FBI Out Catching Pedophiles - 2/28/2017

Bombshell UN Dossier: UN Aid Workers Raped 60,000 People As It's Claimed Organization Employs 3,300 Pedophiles - 2/12/2018

Average Of One Alleged Pedophile Busted Each Day In Our School System - 5/24/2022

Doctors Give Kids Drugs That Can Chemically Castrate Them - Just Like Pedophiles - 6/6/2022

School Supervisor Knows Something Is Terribly Wrong When He Sees A Strange Man Leaves Girls' Restroom - 8/24/2022

Theater Director Dies Days After Sexual Assault Allegations Surface: 'He Has Groomed, Abused, And Assaulted Numerous Young Men' - 12/28/2022

California School District Shuts Down Library App After 2nd-Graders Obtain Books That Feature Sexual Assault And Pedophile Animals - 2/2/2023

'Not Tolerated': Musk Nukes Pedophile Pride Flag Creator Off Twitter - 4/26/2023

DeSantis Signs New 'Law-And-Order' Bills That Allows The Death Penalty For Pedophiles - 5/1/2023

Dads' 'Toxic Masculinity' Protects Kids From Pedophiles - 6/9/2023

'My Prayerful Support': How The New Orleans Archbishop Hid 'Credibly Accused' Abusers - 8/8/2023

300 New Orleans Priests Were Reported For Sexual Abuse - Only 25% Are On Archdiocese's Credibly Accused List - 8/9/2023

'Boopac Shakur,' Known For Exposing Pedophiles Online, Fatally Shot In Michigan After Confronting Two Teens - 10/2/2023

Leftist Journalist Had Years-Long Sexual Relationship With Teen Accused Of Killing HIm, Threatened To Post Explicit Photos, Teen's Family Says - 10/12/2023

At Least Seven Men In Texas Filmed Themselves Gang Raping Two Toddlers In A Mall Bathroom In Houston - 1/12/2024

12-Year-Old Boy Missing For Nearly 4 Years Found Dead In Attic Of New York Home Where Sex Offender Reportedly Lived - 4/18/2024

People Are Saying Bill Maher's Monologue Rebuking Pedophilia In Hollywood, Gender Identity Politics Might Be His Best Takedown Ever - 4/20/2024