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Transgenderism: Gender Affirming Care

'Gender-Affirming Care' Is The Opposite Of Gender-Affirming And Caring - 8/19/2022

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Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgener Clinic Terminates 'Gender-Affirming Care' Before Tennessee Law Takes Effect: Report - 6/14/2023

American Medical Association Says BMI Metric Caused 'Historical Harm' By Being Used For 'Racists Exclusion,' Vows To Protect 'Gender-Affirming Care' For Transgenders - 6/18/2023

St. Louis Clinic Ditches 'Transgender Care' For Minors Over Law Exposing Doctors To Lawsuits - 9/12/2023

Judges Skeptical That HHS Won't Punish Religious Doctors For Refusing 'Gender Affirming Care' - 12/9/2023

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Viral Video Of Mother Having Healthy Boy Transitioned Into Sterile Neuter Prompts Renewed Outrage - 2/2/2024

New York Times Warns Of 'Ideological Extremism' By Transgender Activists, Stresses Detransitioners' Nightmare Of 'Gender-Affirming Care' As Children - 2/3/2024

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