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Transgenderism: Gender Surgeries

Boston Children's Hospital Creates Bizarre Video Promoting 'Gender Affirming' Hysteretomies For Kids - 8/14/2022

Tennessee House GOP Requests Vanderbilt Medical Stop Performing Gender Surgeries On Children, Refer To It As 'Abuse' - 9/28/2022

Study: Gender Transition Surgeries On Minors Accelerate - 10/20/2022

New Report Details Growing Trend Of Transgender People Seeking Surgeries To Have Both Male AND Female Genitalia - 11/17/2022

'Groomed And Preyed Upon': Young Woman Was Pressured Into Mastectomy, Testosterone As A Child - Now She Regreats It - 11/20/2022

As US Goes All-In On Child Sex Changes, These Countries Are Having Second Thoughts - 1/1/2023

TikTok Doc's Trans Patients Post More Gruesome Stories Of Post-Op Complications - 1/4/2023

Former Patients Of 'Dr. Teetus Deletus' - The Miami Surgeon Who Mutilates Transsexuals - Speak Out About Post-Op Problems - 1/6/2023

Biological Male Applies For Medically Assisted Suicide Over Complications From Vaginoplasty - 1/19/2023

Boston Kids Doc Urges Blue States To Prepare For Gender Surgery Boom - 4/3/2023

Surgeon Castrating 'Gender-Diverse' Eunuchs Manifests The Evil Of Transgenderism - 4/18/2023

Trans Teen Died From Vaginoplasty Complications During Landmark Dutch Study Used To Justify Child Sex Changes - 4/24/2023

He Went Undercover To Expose 'Rubber-Stamping' Of Trans Surgeries - 6/7/2023

Matt Walsh Undercover Investigation Catches Trans Health Care Providers 'Rubber-Stamping' Sex-Change Surgeries - 6/7/2023

Woman Sues Doctors For Removing Her 'Healthy Breasts' At Age 18 - 7/22/2023

Colorado Children's Hospital Stops Transgender Sugeries - 8/2/2023

California Expands State Health Insurance To Include Sex Change Surgeries For Illegal Immigrants - 1/8/2024

Canadaian Conservatives Slam Trudeau For Opposing Alberta's Ban On Children's Sex-Change Surgeries And Puberty Blockers, For Inviting Nazi To Parliament And Lying About It (VIDEOS) - 2/7/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent Trans Surgeon Admits In Unearthed Video That Complications Of Genital Surgery 'Can Be Pretty Bad' - 2/15/2024

LGBT Activists Tout Survey On 'Satisfaction' After Gender Transitions. There's Just One Problem - 2/18/2024

Rates Of Suicide Attempts Doubled After Gender-Reassignment Surgery: Study - 4/1/2024

Man Who Identifies An Nonbinary Wants To Keep Penis, Have Ontario Taxpayers Pay For Vagina - 4/3/2024

Children's Gender Clinic Whistleblower Tells Dr Phil Patients Were Begging 'To Have Breasts Put Back On' And Bosses Told Medics To 'Keep Silent' On De-Transitioners - 4/18/2024