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Transgenderism: Hospitals & Clinics

Governor Calls For Investigation Of Prestigious Hospital After Conservative Commentator's Exposé Of Pediatric Transgender Clinic - 9/21/2022

Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Blast Vanderbilt For Mutilating Children, Threatening Doctors Who Objected - 9/29/2022

We Have The Video: Children's Hospital Deleted Outrageous Footage Of Doctor Dealing With 'Transgender' Babies - 10/11/2022

Trans Biden Official Sought Justification For Performing Kids' Sex Changes From Children's Hospital - 11/21/2022

'Morally And Medically Appalling': Transgender Clinic Whistleblower Says Medical System Is 'Permanently Harming' Children - 2/10/2023

Boston Children's Hospital Co-Director Of Gender Surgery Center Calls For More 'Gender-Affirming Care' Clinics, Predicts 'Increased Flux' Of Minor Patients - 4/3/2023

Here's What A Children's Hospital Quietly Scrubbed From The Internet Amid Public Backlash Over Gender Transitions - 4/17/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Lawmakers Look To Investigate Gender Clinic's Use Of Taxpayer Dollars On Trans Training - 4/22/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Children's Hospital Offers Consultations On Transgender Treatments To Kids Younger Than 10 - 4/27/2023

'Appalling': Unearthed Documents Reveal How Hospital Pushes Medical Transitions On Children - 4/27/2023

Hospital Video Series Features Adults Talking To Young Kids About Transgenderism, 'Exploring' Their Bodies Before Sex - 4/30/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Child Gender Clinic Trained Teachers To Help Transition Elementary School Kids - 4/30/2023

Texas AG Ken Paxton To Investigate Dell Children's Medical Center For Potentially illegal Gender Transitioning Procedures - 5/6/2023

Largest US Children's Hospital Will No Longer Offer Transgender Medical Procedures: CEO - 5/26/2023

Children's Hospital Gives 'Health Hero' Award To Dem Author Of Bill Promoting Child Sex Changes - 5/27/2023

Some Of Nation's Largest Pediatric Hospitals Will No Longer Offer Children Gender Modification - 6/6/2023

Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgener Clinic Terminates 'Gender-Affirming Care' Before Tennessee Law Takes Effect: Report - 6/14/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Children's Hospital Pilots Sex-Ed Program Where Students Are Teachers - 7/15/2023

Chicago Children's Hospital Paid Employee For Drag Show In Front Of Children At Public School Event - 7/16/2023

Colorado Children's Hospital Stops Transgender Sugeries - 8/2/2023

Hospital Threatens To Stop CANCER TREATMENT When Patient Questions Trans Flag - 8/7/2023

A Doctor Blew The Whistle On His Hospital's Transgender Clinic. Now The Feds Are Trying To Ruin His Life. - 1/10/2024

'It Does Harm': Dr. Phil Slams Major Medical Associations For 'Pushing' Child Transgender Care - 1/20/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Top Gender Doctor Bemoans How 'White' The Sex Change Industry Is In Unearthed Video - 1/22/2024

Dr. Phil Tells Joe Rogan The Cold, Hard Truth About The Medical Industry Pushing Transgender Ideology On Children - 2/21/2024

Children's Gender Clinic Whistleblower Tells Dr Phil Patients Were Begging 'To Have Breasts Put Back On' And Bosses Told Medics To 'Keep Silent' On De-Transitioners - 4/18/2024