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Transgenderism: Mental Illness & Science

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Is 'Mental Disorder;' Sex Change 'Biologically Impossible' - 5/13/2016

Being Transgener No Longer Classified As Mental Illness. Here's Why - 6/20/2018

Progressives Blast Bill Maher As 'Transphobic' For Saying It's 'Trendy' To Be LGBTQ, Declaring Children Transitioning To Transgender Is Not Science-Based - 5/21/2022

Former Patients Of 'Dr. Teetus Deletus' - The Miami Surgeon Who Mutilates Transsexuals - Speak Out About Post-Op Problems - 1/6/2023

'Morally And Medically Appalling': Transgender Clinic Whistleblower Says Medical System Is 'Permanently Harming' Children - 2/10/2023

Transsexuals Pen Leter Asking U.S.-Based Medical Organizations To Reject Ideology In Favor Of Evidence - 2/24/2023

Washington Post Poll Inadvertently Finds Vast Majority Of 'Trans' People Aren't Really Transgender - 3/23/2023

Social Contagion Is Making Teen Girls Depressed - And Trans - 3/27/2023

Parents Report Child's 'Mental Health Deteriorated Considerably' After Transitioning: Study - 4/3/2023

Megyn Kelly Says She Needs To 'Atone' For Her Past Reporting On NBC About Gender Dysphoria, Calling For Tolerance - 4/14/2023

John Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Is 'Mental Disorder'; Sex Reassignment 'Biologically Impossible' - 4/23/2023

Study Reveals SHOCKING Link Between Trans Boys And Mothers - 4/27/2023

Unhinged Trans Activist Shrieks For Almost A Minute At San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Meeting "I Hate You!" - 5/5/2023

Transgender Suicide Deaths 3.5 Times Higher Than General Population, Landmark Study Shows - 6/27/2023

UK Study Finds Puberty Blockers Exacerbated Mental Anguish For Trans-Identified Teens - 9/25/2023

Doctor Admits Research Is 'Severly Lacking' On Impacts of Cross-Sex Hormones And Puberty Blockers, Requests Grant Funding For Study: Report - 10/16/2023