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Woke's Most Poisonous Twist Yet: The Return Of Segregation As One American University Hires 82 Diversity Officers - Costing £7.5 Million - 10/2/2021

Report: University Of Florida College Of Medicine Is 'Indoctrinating' Its Students With 'Destructive' Diversity Initiatives - 11/22/2022

Med School Accreditor Finds Diversity Effort 'Unsatisfactory,' Pressures School To Implement DEI Programs - 2/2/2023

Get Woke, Go Broke - Companies Are Laying Off Useless DEI Workers - 2/17/2023

Free Speech Advocacy Groups Propose Model Legislation To Counter Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Classrooms - 4/3/2023

NASA Hires 'Diversity Champions' To Advance DEI Initiatives 'For The Benefit Of All Humanity' - 4/4/2023

'I Identigy As An American': Black Republican Lawmaker Recieves Applause For Calling Out Woke 'Race-Baiting' Democratic Colleague During DEI Debate - 4/14/2023

Anheuser-Busch Loses Perfect LGBTQ Equity Score By Missing 'Key Moment' To Stand Up For Mulvaney - 5/20/2023

Ohio Hospital Sets 'Leadership Diversity' Hiring Quotas - Partners With Racial Equity Group To Meet DEI Goals After Failling Short Of Last Year's Target - 6/6/2023

WATCH: GOP Congressman Stuns Woke Chief "Diversity" Officer After Asking Her A Question About His Ethnicity - 6/14/2023

Top Disney Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Officer Leaving The Company - 6/21/2023

How Elites Will Use ESG, AI, & CBDCs To Seize TOTAL CONTROL - 7/13/2023

Biden's Top Pick For Cyber Security Czar Champions Diversity Quotas And Unconscious Bias Training - 7/17/2023

Thousands Of Diversity And Equity Officers Have Been Laid Off, And Left-Wing Activists Are Panicking, WSJ Reports - 7/21/2023

DEI Positions Dwindling Amid Company Layoffs, Republican Political Pressure, And Court Decision - 8/3/2023

Hallmark Media CEO Who Prioritized 'Diverse And Inclusive' Movies Stepping Down - 8/9/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Air Force System Exists Just To Track 'Progess' In Diversity - 9/7/2023

Mads Mikkelsen And Danish Director Deliver Perfect Response To Concern-Mongering About 'Lack Of Diversity' In New Film About 18th-Century Nordic Soldier - 9/8/2023

Biden's Air Force Nominee Believes It's 'Naive' For Service Members To Doubt The Military's 'Institutional Racism' - 9/13/2023

Dove Partners With Morbidly Obese BLM Activist Who Destroyed A White Student's Life Over A Misheard Comment To Promote 'Fat Liberation' - 9/14/2023

Department Of Commerce Says AI Can Advance 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion' - 11/1/2023

90-Year-Old Volunteer For MS Society Told To 'Step Down' Because She 'Did Not Understand Pronouns' - 2/15/2024

DEI Monsters Take Down 90-Year-Old Disability Volunteer For not Understanding Pronouns - 2/18/2024

MS Society Finally Apologizes for Firing 90-Year-Old Volunteer For Not Using Pronouns while Celbrating DEI - 2/21/2024

After Backlash, National MS Society Issues Tepid Apology To 90-Year-Old Volunteer Fired For Asking What Pronouns Meant - 2/22/2024