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Democratic Party: Congress: Dress Code

After 181 Years Of No Hats In Congress, Dems Eye Exception For Religious Garb - 11/16/2018

After A 181-Year Ban, House Democrats Aim To Allow Religious Headwear On The Floor - 11/19/2018

Democrats Seek Rule Change To Formally Allow Hijabs, Yarmulkes On House Floor - 11/19/2018

New Somali-American Congresswoman Pushes For Religious Freedom Rules Change - 1/3/2019

Dear Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats: A Hijab Is Not A Hat - 1/3/2019

Congressional Rule Change Allows Head Scarves, Religious Headwear On House Floor - 1/5/2019

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The Senators Have No Cloths - 9/20/2023

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Slob Fetterman Backs Down On Senate Dress Code: Report - 9/27/2023

Senate Unanimously Votes To Restore Dress Code In Humiliating Rebuke To Chuck Schumer And Slob Fetterman - 9/27/2023

Senate Unanimously Moves To Reverse 'Fetterman Rule,' Restoring Formal Dress Code After Massive Blowback - 9/27/2023