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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Donors & Donations

Donations to Black Lives Matter are Funneled Through a Democratic Fundraising Group - 6/12/2020

Democratic Mega-Donor Ed Buck Sentenced To 30 Years For Injecting Gay Black Men With Meth That Killed Them - 4/15/2022

Bombshell Evidence: Alvin Bragg Fundraised On Donald Trump Investigation With Future Democrat Lawmaker - 4/9/2023

Congress Probing Whether Democrats Improperly Using Nonprofits, Foreign Money To Win Elections - 8/16/2023

Goldman Sachs Millionaire Bankrolling Virginia's Democrats - 9/22/2023

Vulnerable Dems Have Been Taking Buckets Of Cash From Anti-Israel 'Squad' Lawmakers - 10/31/2023

NJ Governor Phil Murphy Used Thousands In Taxpayer Dollars For Food And Drinks At Taylor Swift Concert And Others Events At MetLife Stadium - 10/31/2023

Dem-Aligned Dark Money Network Spent Almost $1 Billion On Liberal Causes in 2022 - 11/23/2023

Steven Spielbergy, Rob Reiner To Co-Host Hollywood Fundraiser For President Biden At Up To $500,000 Per Ticket - 11/24/2023

Swiss Billionaire's Nonprofit Sent $35 Million To Dark Money Group Propping Up Dems - 2/19/2024

BREAKING: RINO Anti-Trump Candidate Who Donated To Letitia James Wins Nomination For US Senate Race In New York State - 2/22/2024

Left-Wing Dark Money Network Quietly Added New Arm To Move Millions In Anonymous Funds - 2/22/2024

PAC Running 'Republican Voters Against Trump' Campaign Primarily Funded By Major Democratic Donors - 3/17/2024

Never-Trump Group Paid Millions To Firm Run By Its Executive Director, Records Show - 3/20/2024