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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Maxine Waters

Congressional Leaders Criticize Maxine Waters For Urging Confrontation - 6/25/2018

'They're Not Welcome Anymore, Anywhere.' Maxine Waters Tells Supporters To Confront Trump Officials - 6/25/2018

FLASHBACK: Rep. Maxine Waters And Sen. Cory Booker Called For Violence Against Elected Leaders And Cabinet Members - 1/13/2021

Maxine Waters Tries Walking Back Violent Rhetoric Against Trump - 2/7/2021

Maxine Waters Tells Protesters To 'Stay In The Street,' Be 'More Confrontational' If Chauvin Aquitted - 4/18/2021

Waters Calls For Protesters To 'Get More Confrtonational' If No Guilty Verdict Is reached In Derek Chauvin Trial - 4/19/2021

Republicans Slam Maxine Waters For Telling Protesters To 'Get More Confrontational' Over Chauvin Trial - 4/19/2021

Judge In Chauvin Trial Calls Waters' Comments 'Abhorrent' - 4/19/2021

Maxine Waters Just Inflamed A Very Volatile Situation - 4/19/2021

Traditional Media Yawns As Maxine Waters Gets Pass On Inciteful Rhetoric - 4/21/2021

Maxine Waters's Long History Of Reckless Rhetoric - 4/23/2021

INCREDIBLE! Dem Rep. Maxine Waters Laughs At Homeless People Trying To Get Sect. 8 Housing...Tells Them To "Go Home!" [VIDEO] - 3/31/2022

Repubican Gets Dem Rep. Maxine Waters to Denounce Her Own Words In Tense Confrontation On Socialism - 2/2/2023

MUST WATCH: Mad Maxine Waters Denies She's A Socialist But Chip Roy Delivers The BRUTAL Truth By Quoting Her Own Words (VIDEO) - 2/2/2023

Filings Show Maxine Waters And Her Daughter Made Millions In Campaign Cash - 2/4/2023

Maxine Waters Caught In Corrupt Act: The Depth Of Her Wrongdoing Exposed - 2/9/2023