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Joe & Hunter Biden: Administrative Policies Resembling Fascism: Targeting Opposition

- See: Trump/MAGA: Mar-A-Lago Raid

Biden Says Gun Owners Would Need F-15s And Nukes To Take On The US Gov't - 6/24/2021

REVEALED: National School Board Association Coordinated With Biden Regime Before Garland Classified Parents "Comestic Terrorists" -  10/21/2021

Emails Show Frustration Within NSBA, Resistance To White House Letter Comparing Parents To Domestic Terrorits - 11/12/2021

Explosive Docs: AG Garland Lied To Congress, Whistleblower Shows FBI Flagging Parents As Possible Terrorists - 11/16/2021

Liberal Media Deafeningly Silent On Report Indicating Biden Admin Was Behind Letter Describing Parents As Domestic Terrorists - 1/12/2022

J-6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks: Joe Biden's Democratic Regime Could Set America's Race Relations Back One Hundred Years - 2/21/2022

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill To Use The FBI To Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them (VIDEO) - 5/19/2022

Army Suspends Retired 3-Star General For Tweet Criticizing Jill Biden - 7/13/2022

Biden's America: Trans Soldiers Given Special Privileges In US Military While Christian Soldiers Are Persecuted - 7/17/2022

Under Biden's DOJ, The Rule Of Law In America Has Become A Farce - 8/10/2022

Congresswoman Who Grew Up Under Communism Likens FBI Raid On Trump To 'KGB-Style Tactis' - 8/10/2022

Border Agents Falsely Accused Of Whipping Had Careers 'Ruined' By Biden: Union Chief - 7/10/2022

Biden Admin. Threatens Chirstian School's Lunch Money Over Bible-LGBT Issue: Suit - 7/28/2022

Biden Administration Asked National Archives To Let FBI Access Boxes From Mar-A-Lago: Letter - 8/23/2022

Video: Biden Warns Gun Owners: 'You Need An F-15 To Fight The Gov't' - 8/30/2022

Reporters Highlight How WH Lied About Nature Of Biden's Controversial Speech - But WH Doesn't Like The Accountability - 9/2/2022

Darren Beattie On Biden's Moloch Speech: "He Doesn't Talk That Way About Any Foreign Adversary - His Number One Enemy Is The American People" (VIDEO) - 9/2/2022

Biden's Speech Tied To New Threats And Calls For Violence - 9/3/2022

UPDATE: Biden DOJ Picks Same Special Master Candidate Who Was Behind Giuliani And Toensing Home Raids - Michael Cohen Case - AND DONATES TO DEMOCRATS! - 9/10/2022

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans, Even Most Democrats, Say Biden's Attacks On 'MAGA Republicans' Are Dividing The Country: Survey - 9/13/2022

Trump Declares 'We Are Now Officially Living In A Weaponized Police State' After FBI Executes Warrant Against Mike Lindell In Drive-Thru Line - 9/14/2022

'Never Had FBI Agents Show Up On The Sidewalk Before': Pro-Life Group Claims FBI Questioned Volunteer By Planned Parenthood - 9/28/2022

Conservatives, Pro-Lifers Face Political Violence After Biden Called Trump Supporters 'Threat' - 10/2/2022

Biden's DOJ Threatening Pro-Life Protesters With 11 Years In Jail For Civil Disobedience - 10/6/2022

Congressional Republicans Outraged By Biden Admin Using FBI To Wage 'Open War On Pro-Life Activists' - 10/13/2022

Joe Biden Quietly Created Task Force In July To Target Pro-Life Americans - 10/14/2022

Biden Goes Full Monarch, Erupts On Governors Who Dare To Oppose His Plan - 10/26/2022

Biden Takes Swipe At Second Amendment Supporters: 'You Need F-15s' To Take On The Federal Government - 1/16/2023

'If You Want To Take On The Federal Government, You Need Some F15s. You Don't Need An AR-15': Biden's Message To His 'Right-Wing Friends' As He Again Promises To Ban Assault Weapons That Have 'No Social Redeeming Quality' - 1/16/2023

Soldiers Fired Over Vaccine Refusal Must Pay Back Bonuses - 1/25/2023

Biden Admin Looking To Remove Religious Student Groups' Protections On Campus - 2/21/2023

Biden Administration Prevents World's Top Tennis Player From Entering Country Becuase He Refuses To Take COVID Vaccine - 3/6/2023

House Judiciary Committee: 'No Legitimate Basis' For Biden Administration To Target Parents Protesting School Boards - 3/22/2023

Biden DOJ Throttled Arrests Of Violent Abortion Mob Surrounding Supreme Court Justices' Homes - 3/30/2023

Report: Joe Biden's White House Involved In Raid On Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Residence - 4/10/2023

Biden Admin Could Yank Federal Aid Over Catholic Hospital's Candle - 5/4/2023

Biden Administration Claims Full-Time Mothers Hurt The Economy - 5/10/2023

Biden Admin Weighs Keeping US Space Command Headquarters In Colorado Over Alabama's Abortion Laws: Report - 5/15/2023

Joe Biden Wants To Keep U.S. Space Command Out Of Alabama Because It's Pro-Life - 5/16/2023

New DHS Training Videos Reveal How Far The Biden Administration WIll Go To Eliminate Opposition - 5/16/2023

Progressive Pro-Lifer's Mom Gets A Home Visit From FBi Karens - 5/18/2023

'You Need An F-16': Biden Mocks Second Amendment Supporters Wary Of A Tyrannical Government - 6/22/2023

THE COMPANY YOU KEEP: White House Logs Show Biden Meeting With Far-Left Smear Factory Tied To Terrorism - 7/5/2023

SPLC Labels Parents As Perpetrators Of Hate, Gets White House Welcome - 7/6/2023

Biden And Other Obama Officials Sought To 'Torpedo' Incoming Trump Admin. Docs Show - 7/10/2023

Biden's FTC Pressured Analysts To Give Negative Report On Elon Musk's Twitter: Lawsuit - 7/13/2023

White House Threatens African Reporter Simon Ateba AGAIN - "Comply Or Lose Press Pass" - 7/14/2023

School Archery, Hunting Programs Blocked By Biden Admin From Receiving Federal Funding - 7/31/2023

Mainstream Media Silent As Biden Purges 442 Reporters From White House - 8/6/2023

Two Old New York Times Stories Are Raising New Questions About Biden's Role In Newest Trump Indictment - 8/8/2023

'A Monolithic Bully Pulpit': Biden Warned On 'Filtering Out' Reporters - 8/10/2023

JUST IN: Biden Staffers Met With Jack Smith's Office Just Weeks Before First Trump Indictment - 8/26/2023

Majority: Harsh Jan. 6 Sentences A Cruel 'Message' From Biden To Critics - 9/14/2023

Federal Appeals Court Further Curbs Biden Administration's Ability To Police And Censor America's Speech Online - 10/6/2023

Biden Campaign Released Guide Of How To Respond To 'Crazy MAGA Nonsense' From Relatives During The Holidays - 11/23/2023

Biden Says Trump Threatens Electoral 'Right To Choose' After Biden's Official's Group Gets Trump Taken Off Ballot In Colorado - 12/21/2023

How Christians Should Respond To PERSECUTION From Biden AND Their Own Church - 1/1/2024

Joe Biden Loves 'Democracy' As Long As His Enemies Sit Behind Bars - 1/10/2024

Biden's New Campaign Chair Previously Called Republicans A 'Bunch Of F---ers' - 1/24/2024

The Feds Spied On American Bank Transactions With The Words 'Trump' Or 'MAGA' - 2/14/2024

New York Times Publisher Says White House 'Extremely Upset' With Coverage Of Biden - 2/19/2024

Biden Says He Prefers His Segregationist Peers Of Yesteryear To House Republicans: 'These Guys Are Worse' - 2/22/2024