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Sen. Grassley, Rep. Comer Demand FBI Record Alleging 'Criminal Scheme' Involving Then-VP Biden - 5/3/2023

House Leak Tries To Pin Biden Classified Docs On Ex-Aide Kathy Chung - 5/3/2023

Whistleblower's Claims Against Biden Could Be Biggest US Scandal Ever - 5/4/2023

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer To The DOJ: "Do Not Indict Hunter Biden Before Wednesday" (VIDEO) - 5/7/2023

House Chairman Urges DOJ To Delay Hunter Biden Indictment Until He Releases New Evidence Wednesday - 5/7/2023

Rep. James Comer To Release Memo On Biden Family Probe, Reveal 'Next Investigative Actions' - 5/8/2023

House Probe Unveils Fresh Evidence Contradicting Joe Biden Claims About Family's Foreign Deals - 5/10/2023

Bidens Made Millions Exchanging Political Favors For Foreign Money, Then Tried To Cover It Up: Oversight Report - 5/10/2023

Comer Says Fresh Evidence Warrants Investigation Of Joe Biden 'For Public Corruption' - 5/11/2023

House Oversight Committee Says Reports Untrue Panel Subpoenaed Records For Biden Phone - 5/19/2023

IRS Whistleblower Identified, Will Testify Friday To Congress - 5/24/2023

Republicans Investigating $200 Million Biden Admin Grant To CCP-Controlled Energy Company - 5/25/2023

Yet More Evidence Contradicts Biden's Claim He Knew Nothing About Hunter's Foreign Business Deals - 6/22/2023

House Oversight Committee Releases Timeline On Biden Family's Alleged Influence-Peddling Schemes - 7/18/2023

Jim Jordan Has Big Questions About Hunter Biden Probe, Wants Answers From 11 DOJ Officials - 8/4/2023

Biden Probe Shifts To National Archives With Discovery Of Private Emails Between Joe And Hunter - 8/17/2023

House Committees Demand DOJ Turn Over Documents Releated To David Weiss' Special Counsel Appointment - 8/28/2023

Comer Accuses Biden Of Abusing Power By Letting Son Travel On Foreign Trips, Demands Flight Records - 8/30/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Online watchdog For Docs On Biden Admin-Big Tech Collusion - 8/30/2023

Oversight Committee Seeks Flight Logs For Every Time Hunter Biden Used Air Force Two To Further The Family Business - 8/30/2023

House Oversight Demands Records Of Joe Biden's Push To Remove Ukrainian Prosecutor Going After Burisma - 9/12/2023

'Unequal Application Of The Law': Jim Jordan Previews Plans To Grill Merrick Garland During Testimony - 9/19/2023

'Zero Evidence Of Wrongdoing': White House Dismisses Latest Trove Of Hunter Biden Documents - 9/27/2023

Comer Says He's Preparing Biden Family Subpoenas After Finding 2 Payments To Joe Biden - 11/3/2023

Biden Crime Family Facing Two Dozen Subpoenas Over Shady Foreign Business Deals - 11/6/2023

House Subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden And Business Associate Rob Walker - 11/8/2023

Joe The Rainmaker? Payments, Deals Followed Key Biden Meetings With Son's Foreign Associates - 2/17/2024